Triple Mates

Hazel is 16, meaning it's time for her to find her mate. The only thing is, she hasn't had the best experience with boys, and she doesn't want a mate. Their's just one thing she had never bet on; the fact that she's the mate of not one, but three Alpha's. . .


2. 2.

Moving. My new death word. I stare out the window as raindrops roll down, seeming to be having a little mini race. I shift under the blanket, pulling it higher and tucking it up under my chin, ignoring the whines of my wolf. 'I can't do this! What about our friends? What about the pack?' She sobs. 'They will be fine. At least this pack is letting us in.' I tell her. She scoffs. 'Of course! Dad is an omega. Who in their right mind would reject an omega?' she ask's. I shrug. 'They only excepted dad because their omega died. They only have one omega, so they need another, remember?' I remind her. 'And how exactly did this omega die?' Her voice is a little scratchy from her wailing, but I can sense the hint of fear. 'Their last omega was killed by one of the sons of the Alpha. At least that's what I heard.' And at that, my wolf starts shaking.


Which is annoying because when she shakes, I shake. My dad shoots me a worried look from the drivers seat. " Are you cold? I'm sorry. If I had known the cars heater would break down, I would have got us a new one before we left. " He seems worried, so I shake my head. " It's just my wolf." I say, my voice still a little icy from earlier. I guess you could say I was a little mad at my parents for deciding to move. My breath comes out in a cloud because of how cold it is. Way to go dad, for moving us in the middle of winter. I think. He smiled. " Tell her to settle down, because we're almost there. Just five more minutes." And, as if on cue, we see our first house after four hours of driving. This must mean we're on the outskirts of the pack. 


I glance at my twin sister. Her name is Hanna, and she's a real bitch. She has blonde hair, big blue eye's, and she's a total drama queen. The fact that she's actually been quiet for the past half hour is a miracle, though I guess it's because she's sleeping. 'She whines to much.' Say's my cat. Oh! Are you confused? Okay, so when I was seven I accidentally got bit by a werecat. I think I startled her while she was in cat form, because the next thing I knew I was lying in a hospital bed with a new voice in my head, which was driving my wolf crazy. She's gotten used to the smell of cat by now, but she's still a little wary even now. Wow, a lot to take in with one paragraph isn't it?


We pass a couple of kids playing in a little tent covered area. I see a little brown haired girl running around, her little green dress shimmering under a street light. The little yellow polka-dots on her dress remind me of what me and my friends look like after finishing a paint gun fight. We would fill up water guns with paint, and by the time we were done with our paint war, we would be covered with little blotches of red, purple, blue, pink, and green. 'Their so cute!' Said my wolf, which was the probably the most positive thing she's said in, like, three days. 'Though I hate to, I have to agree.' Say's my cat. 'Wouldn't it be great to have pups?' My wolves thought startled me, earning me another worried look from my parents. Since when had she started thinking about things like that? I didn't want a mate, much less to have pups. I'm probably going to reject him. Hannah would think differently, since she's a total slut and has already gone through, like, fifty boyfriends.


I didn't have time to finish the train of thought that was coming on my because my dad pulled into a driveway. It wasn't a house though. It looked like a little shop, and it had some brochures in the window. " I'm going to have a talk with the real estate agent and the alpha." My dad said, and my sister stirred in her sleep. I nodded, and when my mom waved her hand meaning she was staying in the car, I got out and followed him. A bell rang when my dad open the door and we walked in. The Alpha, I was told by scent, was leaning against the counter near the back. A man came out the door behind the alpha, and smiled when he noticed us. He walked up to dad and held out his hand, which my dad shook.


" Hello. My name is Drake, and I'll be your real estate agent. My brother, Derek, was supposed to take care of things for you, but he's out sick." He said. My dad shook his head and clicked his tongue. " The middle of winter." He said, " I'm Jack Burredge." He looked back at me and grinned. " And this is my daughter, Hazel." He said. I forced a smile, still not happy about moving here, and nodded. Then the Alpha shook my dad's hand and they started talking about boring adult stuff, like how happy they are that we moved here and how they have only the best schools, which, honestly, I couldn't care less about. I do a 360 degree angle of the tiny store, looking for something interesting to do while I wait. It was pretty small, and mostly white, though it looked almost black because of all the shadow's bouncing off the walls. Being the middle of winter, everything was dark, making the store look even smaller than it really was. The smell of coffee took over my senses.


I walked over to the little coffee machine that was gurgling away, and made my self a cup. The only noise I heard was the three adults talking, so I was able to think with out being interrupted. I lean against the wall and sip at my coffee as I look out the window, watching the rain slide down the glass. I can see the outline of our car in the window, but I can't see my mom or sister. I hear shuffling after about five minutes, and someone saying, " Mine." Actually, it sounded like three voices in sync. I spin around, but no ones their except my dad coming out of the office in the back. " You ready to go sweetheart?" He ask's, and I think I hear faint growling as I nod my head and walk out the door into the cold night air.


Okay. . . That was weird.




The big wooden door flew open and We were greeted with a musky, dark smell that sent shivers down my spine and left a weird taste on my tongue. No, it wasn't the smell of mate, but I heard that's kind of like what it feels like when you meet your mate. You get this warm, shivery feeling that makes you feel like you floating on a cloud, embraced in big, warm blankets. No, that wasn't the feeling at all. When we stepped inside the new house, the musty air made it hard for me to breathe. " I can't breathe in here! It's so dank and dirty and why did we have to move and-" My dad cut off my sister by lifting up his hand. " Hanna, that's enough." He says, causing her to pout. He sighs. "Well, this is just great- the movers should have been here. . ." I didn't hear the rest of what my dad said, because my wolf started panicking.


'I'm trapped, oh my god, I'm trapped! It's so small in here, and oh my god, I can't breathe! The air's too heavy, somebody help me, I can't breath!' She shouted, causing me to wince. My parents didn't notice because they've moved into the kitchen. ' Your acting just like Hanna.' My cat purrs from my wolves distress, causing my wolf to growl. 'Calm yourself. I'm sure it will be better upstairs.' I tell her, and I take the steps two at a time. The second we reach the top of the stairs, I know I'm right. The air is so much better. I walk into the first room I come to and look around. It has a stooped ceiling, and it's pretty dark, making me feel like I'm in a cave. Perfect. I hate large spaces because, for some reason, they make me feel empty. The walls are this light silver color, and their's a brown bed in the middle.  I don't have a bed, because in our old house we couldn't fit one in my tiny room. We used a long couch instead, which worked just fine.  


I close the door behind me and sit on the bed, then I trace the spiral pattern on the gray sheets before gently sliding my fingers over the hard, smooth brown wood of the bed. Then I hear stomping. Hannah. Only Hannah and I can stomp like that, though Hannah does it more. The fact is, when I look at Hannah, I don't feel like I'm looking in the mirror. She has long blonde hair. I have short brown hair. She has big blue eyes. I have dark, intense brown eyes. She has white skin that always look a little red and sun burned. I look like I have a permanent tan, though it looks darker when I'm not in direct light. Her face is more round and puffy while my features are more sharp and dark looking. It's because I take from my dad's side completely, while she takes from moms side, so we look nothing like sisters. If you look at the two of us, we don't even look related. 


The door flew open and my sister stood their with a scowl on her face, until she saw the room. She looked around and smirked. " What?" I ask, and she gives a little giggle. " I guess this just goes to show your bad taste for pretty things. Oh well, I guess I get the biggest room!" She said, dragging 'room' a little. I shrug. " I couldn't care less." I tell her, and her scowl returns. She turns on her heel and leaves in search of the biggest room. ' At least this room is big enough for a bed.' Says my wolf, and my cat gives a tiny purr in agreement. " Hanna! Hazel! Come on! We're going out to eat!" Calls my mom. I sigh and push myself off the bed, making it to the bottom of the stairs just before Hanna. In the car, I worked hard at ignoring my sister's complaints on how the rooms aren't big enough and how we should get a bigger house.




I'm exhausted by the time we get back to the house,  but for some reason I can't sleep. My minds too busy. I lay their, not even bothering to change out of my clothes. The empty closet and walls make me feel a little homesick, and the moon shining through the one window gives off an eerie glow. But that's not what's keeping me up. No, that's not it at all. All through dinner, and even now, I feel as if a pair- no, three pairs- of eye's are staring at me. I just can't get it out of my head. Finally, I just turn away from the window and let my cat's purrs lull me to sleep. . .





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