Triple Mates

Hazel is 16, meaning it's time for her to find her mate. The only thing is, she hasn't had the best experience with boys, and she doesn't want a mate. Their's just one thing she had never bet on; the fact that she's the mate of not one, but three Alpha's. . .


1. 1.

Meet the characters!





Hazel's wolf, Frosty:


Hazel's cat, Smokey:


Hazels sister, Hanna



Hanna's wolf, Glitter:




Hazel's mate, Dylan



Dylan's wolf, Drake:



Hazel's mate, Zach:



Zach's wolf, Maximus:



Hazel's mate, Dale:



Dale's wolf, Ax:


Hazel's best friend, Amy:




Amy's wolf, Star:




Amy's mate, Nathan:



Nathan's wolf, Jill:



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