Sleeping With Atlases

"It's hard isn't it?" Ethan replied. "Not everyone has a perfection of life Peyton, Now you can either relate to my world, or you may leave and cry upon pondering your decision," He edged sharply while staring darkly into my eyes. "Or you would sit there telling yourself how ironic it was to infuse your mistake, You don't know the real world yet Peyton. But I can show you if you ask me this.

Define Darkness,"

When young Peyton Stone leaves Ashville Oregon to visit her sister Analia who's suffering from paralysis agitans in Boulogne Paris. She soon realizes she would need to stay to help Analia get by the disease. Candace, (A friend of Analia), Invites Peyton to the (Le Restaurant) in downtown Paris. Where she meets Opulent Ethan Bellarke, Ethan is a far-fetched and eccentric guy who likes his ways and money. Ethan However, prefers to stay open to more women, and is more devotee to his surroundings. Peyton though falls deeply in love with him, And Ethan was able to see that. But even


2. The Perfect Morning


   Chapter 1: The Perfect Morning

Peyton: POV


      "Peyton it's cold!" Riann exclaimed downside the sidewalk shivering her fragile little body. "Then where a coat!" I replied smiling at her response. "Run!, Peyton is coming!" Joy exclaimed to Riann. "Yes I'am!," Riann smiled and started running back to Havilah's house as I forwarded up the steps.

       I walked in her tight little cozy house that sits right on the border of Lithia park in Ashland Oregon. "Hey Riann," I asked aloud. But instead of replying she ran up and down the stairs. "Hey Riann!," I inquired again as she ran to the dining room. "Hey Riann!, You better quit your jogging and sit down in your chair!," Havilah distinctly exclaimed to Riann. Riann fell heftily in her chair and started gobbling in the rest of her pancakes. "Good, ready for school I seem?," Havilah forwarded to Riann. "Mhmm!" Riann astounded leading up to last bit of her breakfast. "Good, now no more running. You'll miss the bus!." 

         "Well I can't seem to say just how happy I'am today," I replied to Havilah who was washing up her hands from the last set of dishes. "Really?, what happened?" She responded as I snatched up a spot next to Riann. "Well you know that broken down shop at the old Herrons  just across from Darex?," I admitted. "Yeah?,"She indulged as she turn to focus her gaze on me. I smiled and nodded back. "You got it!?" She shouted back. "Yes! now I don't have to wash cars!," I lightened as I picked up the leftover plates that Riann had not washed. "Oh you don't have to do that" Havilah assured. "Nah I got it." 

"Thanks Peyton, well anyways that's exciting!" Havilah proclaimed.

"Yes it is," I agreed. 

"So you headed to Enterprise any time soon?." "Oh no, I realized it was to far out of the way to visit her before I left to Paris," I assured to Havilah's response. "Well you are leaving soon, to Paris right?," I cleaned up the counter tops and paced toward the front kitchen door. "Next week," I replied.

I continued my morning jog down the road towards the old Herrons for a late pickup bag that was waiting in front line of the house. I had realized I had left the bag after I wen't to Jims birthday party last night. I grabbed the suitcase that lied on the front porch and managed to make my way in the old house. Click, The light flickered on and off as I set my bag down on the counter tops. I hope this place runs well when I get back from Paris. I thoughtI brushed off each table barely able to see with the dim flickering light. And with a sudden jump, An old book fell off the table and rested firmly on the dusty floor. Oh, I thought to myself as I grabbed the book and lured myself to the nearest chair. "Old notes" The cover read as I blew off the dust. I was just about to open the title until a knock assured on the back door step slider. "Hello?," I heard a man speak from a-far. Without fortifying a word. "jacklyn?," The man asked. "Peyton," I replied as I walked toward the back door. I stood there when I saw an older man dressed in old Levi's and a button up red old vintage sweater.

"Can I help you," I asked politely. He continued to gaze at me as he stood there. And seconds later he forwarded his gaze towards my abdomen where the book lay in my hands. "You own this stead?," He asked. I took in his words as if I was still looking for a literal response without having to reply with simply yes. But figures never bothered me, so I replied as any other person would reply to. "Yes," I acknowledged taken in my assert. He smiled at me while he paced his way to the slider. "What are you doing here exactly?" I asked. But ignoring my question he opened the door and found himself a soft seat next to the table I had been washing in this wooden house. 

"Seven years," He conceded with his response. "Seven years this house has been empty for," I grinned at his response as I laced my dirty blonde hair. "I'am aware of the shops age," I replied. He nodded back heavily and quickly as he slammed his hand on the table tops. I startled at his move, offsetting me in an uncomfortable position. "You know the difference between a book and novel?," He asked. Unsure of his meaning behind his question I replied with simple. "Yes," I resided taking in his question. "What is it?," I breathed in, Still unsure of why this man is here. "A book is a story, And a novel is-," But he stopped me right there, letting me drown in my response to his question. "A book, Peyton, is a set of blank sheets, A novel is sensationalism between the narratives and events," He coincided coughing in his response. "What do you mean?," 

"Your book," He replied as he pointed his finger toward the book in my hand. "Is based on playwrights" The man acknowledged.  "This house is based on events, In which you have no sense of being in," He asserted coughing in more of his response. "I bought it, And, I'm working here in a matter of weeks," I forcefully replied. "And there is-." "But do you know... The history behind the stead your standing in?," He aligned. I nodded but still unsure of his response. "Why do you care?," I asked. Standing in his position. "Do you live here?, work here?, or have friends here?," I spoke out loud. "I do," The man replied. I stopped there for second processing his response. "And I know how you came to buy this shop. Investment," He asserted. "In book selling, Particularly for your religion," He coughed out. "How did you know that?," I replied dropping in my tone. "Elvis.. Yeah he told me, He also said that you were leaving to Paris, for what?.. Your sister huh?," He continued to speak. "Elvis was a good man Peyton..." He formally spoke now. "And he was restless when you bought the shop, All he wanted..," But I stopped him forcing in my response with a loud lucid. "Elvis was a coward!, He only cared about his money!, Which was the only reason why he sold me this shop!, Because he found it useless to his belongings!," I said with a sudden gulp. He stopped there taking in a deep breath. "Now I don't know who you are!, And I don't know why your here and judging me on." - "I'm not judging you Peyton. I'm assuring you the work put in this house, And I'm afraid of who it sells off to. And what will happen to it if it's sold off to someone," I shook my head and ordered him to leave, Still debating whether or not what he was saying was meant for something that I should clarify for myself. He glanced back at me as he rested on his feet from the chair. "I'm just telling you, be carefully for what you wish for," I shook my head still understanding his response but not wanting to infuse it inside of me. "Think about it Peyton," The man said as he paced his way toward the front door. He opened it as he vacated the house. 

I slammed my back against the hard wood wall as I let my self slide to the floor tearing up the rest of the argument. I was overwhelmed by Elvis. And people who think I should give up the house rather then hold on to it. Overwhelmed I was at the ignorant conversation, And the utter-less fact that people judge you on your religion. Everything, not even part of the conversation I just had seemed to devour inside me. I hated it, And all I wanted was a fresh start. Maybe selling it off to someone else was a good idea. 

Later that night I soaked myself in the bath letting the rest of the discussion sink in to me. I was upset, But faith held me higher. I shimmered my way out of the tub and forwarded myself straight to the mirror. I didn't care about other peoples thoughts and ideas when it came to judgment. I just seem to let it float through. I stared at myself in the mirror, The lights seemed to dim as the grey sky seemed to darken.

And when dawn lit, everything seemed moist inside of me. "Peyton?," Havilah replied from the front door. I quickly skimmed my tight jeans on and let myself wonder off towards the door. "Yes" I replied to Havilah. "Hey I know it's a lot, especially cause you have packing to do. But can you watch Riann after school today?, She may want to spend time with you before her 10th birthday party this Saturday when you leave," I smiled still debating. I shook then nodded then shook back. "Well, actually I.., guess I can" I replied. "Would you?, Thank you so much Peyton!, Anyways I gotta date to catch with my hubby today" She replied aloud. I was shocked and held a grip on Havilah's shoulder. "A date?, In the morning?," I replied confused. "Yeah?, People have dates Peyton, you just don't what that's like yet do you?," she replied forcing out a smile and gently moving my hand off her her sweater. I stood there for a moment. Apparently I soaked in a little to much last night.  I thought as I forwarded a glance at my watch. I nodded and spoke to myself. "Then again, it would be nice to soak in a couple of other near by places," I whispered, Then no sooner then I did smacking myself up the head for my selfish act of such a response. 

"Riann!," I replied as I caught up to her before she caught the bus. "Hey Peyton!," She replied aloud. "Why the hell are you dressed like that Peyton?," Young Joy said who was standing next to Riann. "Joy!, What did your mother say about language?," I replied to him. "But I'm not a mormon Peyton," I widened my mouth as took in his reply. "Uh, that was not okay for you to say back at an adult Joy," I replied finding my words. "I'll talk to your mom later, And both of you have a great day at school!, I'll see you after school Riann!," I exclaimed as I hugged the both of them. "Yeah yeah," Joy affirmed. I continued back up to my little one story house that sits heavily on the hillside in Ashland. Then continued to clean up the rest of the mess upstairs. I grabbed my little knitted wedge booties and slipped on my stirrup tights and wrapped myself up in my little soft sweater as I jogged down the streets of Ashland. Thinking of yesterday, and and this morning. I made my way up to Lithia park and found my self on a bench. The sky was turning very grey as I sat there thinking over my day, Reading my book of Mormon in the park. Life was perfect for the most of it, Normal, with no worries. But feeling lonely was common in my life. And I'm thinking it's time to start getting ready to what the world has to offer me.

But tired as I was I continued to take in the thin air. And visioned myself on a boat where the world and it's misery was left behind me, Where I was perfect in my own little world on a boat in the ocean. But as happy as I was, as happy as the world around me was. The sky seemed to darken, It seem to darken more then the night sky had to offer, And I quickly realized that in my vision. I was not the only one on that boat. A shadow seem to lure around, "He" seemed to lure around me, I did not know him. And I felt very unpleasantly uncomfortable in certain ways I was unable to foretell. And I felt that within my dreams, I was no longer part in who I was, Rather. 

I was part of the shadow that lured in my presence. 

S L E E P I N G   W I  T H   A T L A S E S

(Soundtrack 1) (PLUMB, Exhale)



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