Sleeping With Atlases

"It's hard isn't it?" Ethan replied. "Not everyone has a perfection of life Peyton, Now you can either relate to my world, or you may leave and cry upon pondering your decision," He edged sharply while staring darkly into my eyes. "Or you would sit there telling yourself how ironic it was to infuse your mistake, You don't know the real world yet Peyton. But I can show you if you ask me this.

Define Darkness,"

When young Peyton Stone leaves Ashville Oregon to visit her sister Analia who's suffering from paralysis agitans in Boulogne Paris. She soon realizes she would need to stay to help Analia get by the disease. Candace, (A friend of Analia), Invites Peyton to the (Le Restaurant) in downtown Paris. Where she meets Opulent Ethan Bellarke, Ethan is a far-fetched and eccentric guy who likes his ways and money. Ethan However, prefers to stay open to more women, and is more devotee to his surroundings. Peyton though falls deeply in love with him, And Ethan was able to see that. But even


1. Prologue



Candace, POV


iPhone notes, February 1st 2016, DE Paris Boulonge. Her, and her ignorant tastes in religion. It makes me sick. Remind me to exchange my account when she gets here. Remind me to, place her in a senseless position to where she has never belonged in before.


"I hate it," Analia whispered softly to me from across the room. I edged back at the wall for a moment re-reading my note. "She won't need to know about it," I exclaimed. "She would never even seem to understand what she's doing down here," My eyes drenched from the device to the cold tiled floor. "But if you can seem to make her understand, maybe she would have an idea" Analia pronounced. I shook my head back and forth. As if it was me that was suffering from Analia's disease, Unsure. I slowly managed to pace forth to the chair in front of me. I took a deep breath, drowning in her words. "Mormons, they don't seem to recognize the outside world, they just walk through it, ignoring everyone's replies," I said, configuring the understanding of my speech. Analia softly lay in the ICU Bed surrounding the hospital room around us. "I'm young and dying Candace. I need my sister with me here, and the last thing I want is quarrel," Analia sure arrested. She lay there. Expecting everything would be alright. But Peyton I thought. Would be surely be in-trouble when she gets back to me.

(First Chapter tonight!)(: -Elijah

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