Endless Love

A girl name Rain who Her and Her grandma were close together but her grandmother lives in the Country side and Rain lives in the City and so had no contact together anymore. But After she finds out about her grandma diagnosed with cancer she want to stay with her grandma for a month. Her parents let her stay with her grandma for a month, while she stayed with her grandma, in the hospital that her grandma. She meets someone his name is Akiro . He so depressed because he also has cancer but is only going to live one year


1. Chapter 1!

~I packed my stuff fast in my luggage , I wanted to see my Grandma it almost been a year since I seen her. When I found out that she was diagnosed with Cancer I was scared and started to cry. You see me and my Grandma are really close. She taught me a lot of stuff. Me and her just got along very well. When I was done packing my cloths and all the thing in the I needed for a month into my luggage, I ran done stairs were I saw my mom and dad waiting for me. When I reached to the end of the stairs I stopped. My mom said looking at me with a worry face " You promise you'll be okay". I nodded she went up to me and hugged me tightly and let go with a smile I smiled back. Then my dad hugged me tight too, he looked at me in the eye and said "Be careful out there, there's a lot of bad people" I replied " I know dad" I smiled and he smiled back but a worried face still went back after he had smiled. I open the door to out of the house. To be honest I was worried too, I lived in the city all my life and going to the country by myself for the first time worried me more. The taxi polled up in front of the house, I walked to the taxi. The driver came out and help me open the trunk and put my Luggage in side the trunk. I got in the taxi and when the car began to move a saw my mom and dad wave goodbye, I waved goodbye hoping they saw me.

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