Unknown: A fight for love

Luke and Austin are fighting over Haley and Haley is falling in love with both.


3. The True Chapter.

Sorry I haven't been updating! I still love you!

My name is Hannah Austin Jonas, I am a sister to Nick Jonas. I am currently going to Alexander High School and this is my last year there. I have one brother as you know and one step-sister and her name is Maggie Beer (Yes I know it's not Maggie it's supposed to be Madison) and she is really nice. As my brother, I have a singing album too. I have sang with Shawn Mendes with he was also nice and man he was an adorable singer.

I once lived in London, and no I'm not a Pom I hate when people ask that. Anyways, it's quite funny I lived in London but I have an accent like I was German but I guess that's how it was men to be. I moved to America 4 years ago and I have many more friends her than I ever had in London. My step sister has meet 5 seconds of summer. I don't know who they are but when I looked them up one time, I found Luke and he goes to my school. Today was Friday so I had a whole weekend to think about my sons and why Luke is at my school if he is famous. I am not that famous. I post my songs and covers on YouTube and Vine.

If you didn't know now, I kinda like Lucas but I don't think he likes me because he seems quiet and more serious than I am. He is a really good singer, the only time I heard him sing in person was when I was sneaking to the Music room and saw him playing the guitar.

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