1. Introduction

Many people don't realize what I have been through the stress neither the pain, I had to go through just to make it through daily and frankly I kept everything to myself, but today is different a new story started to unfold in front of me. It all started down here in the filthy streets of Cook County where people stopped appreciating life and it's many great attributes it has to offer. Streets were covered in trash from times who knows how old. It was a normal day for me, and I was casually walking down the street towards home after a long days work, my car was jacked away from me a few nights ago. Coincidence? I think not! I ended up taking a wrong turn back home. Didn't seem much to me then, it looked like a normal day in the ghetto, I only reassured myself by assuming this is what the movies looked like. As I continued to walk down the street I notice a dark figure lurking the shadows of ramshackle and dilapidated buildings. I tend to not pay attention to the crooks and thieves. I simply don't want to get involved in any nonsense or in fact be killed slowly mainly because, I looked at that one guy weirdly. I kept my face straight and maintained no eye contact with anyone since, half of the town residents looked like psychotic maniacs who strive for a bad reputation. I kept walking the same way I started, thinking that I will eventually end up somewhere else besides in a coffin. I went on taking the straight brick laid pathway back home. Looking forward to laying down in bed kicking my feet back and having a blast doing nothing more entertaining than playing video games in my own room. I was your average guy, times were tough, and money was pretty hard to get by to. I was aiming towards the american dream. All I figured out so far living here in america is that you have to dream big, but only expect reality to come in and kick your ass back down daily. I picked up my walking speed up a notch, it was getting pretty dark out and I felt like I was taking longer than I tended to. The streetlights began to flicker and some even completely shut down. To be honest I was pretty frightened. I wasn't in a position were I could simply dial up a buddy of mine to come pick me up at midnight in the middle of a dangerous town. I had a couple of loyal friends I could say, but I was new to all customs and didn't want to be that guy who everyone looks down upon. It wasn't too long before I started to hear voices in my head, it wasn't something human... my vision was slightly getting worse and worse by the second, my balance was off-centered, and it felt like I had the same adrenaline rush as the heroin addict around the corner. Moments later and I blacked out or something like that I assume, since my recollection of events that took place was pretty drowsy. I was injected with a mysterious serum by a masked man it seemed. All jokes aside, I was locked up in a dark cellar with cigar buds and a note, it was the beginning of a bad day.

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