"So how did this all begin?"

"I liked her flannel."


4. 4.

February 1, 2012

Harry's birthday was today. She wished him a happy birthday when we passed through the library where she sat reading a book. Harry told me she was in there, but I knew. She always was at the library or the courtyard. She went to her dorm late at night every night. I wonder why. 

When she stood to greet him I hid behind a shelf and waited for her to sit back down. They carried on a quiet conversation while I watched her eyes light up from a small space between two books. She was so beautiful. 

I could watch her smile forever. Butterflies erupted in my stomach when I could actually hear those wonderful giggles. I wanted to pass out. I do now, the memory alone makes my knees weak. 

Her hand ran through her hair, getting caught on a few strands before tugging them through. Then, I saw her silver bracelet fall the the floor. She didn't even notice. Neither did Harry. My helpless waves in the air were useless, he didn't see me. What if it got stolen? She would be upset and I don't want her upset. 

When he cleared his throat and thanked her, she placed her hand on his shoulder and I nearly fell. That should've been me, but there I was crouching behind a bookshelf.

I watched her long hair and over-sized blue flannel sit back down and quickly left my hiding position. Harry shook his head at me in disappointment while I dipped my hand to the floor and scooped the bracelet up, putting it into my pocket. 

I heard her voice ring out, "Harry, call me some time." Then the librarian scolded her for being too loud. 


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