"So how did this all begin?"

"I liked her flannel."


2. 2.

January 18, 2012

Her image ghosted over my complete existence. I couldn't speak a sentence without it relating to her in some way. I can barely focus in any of my classes because she is always there, in the back of my mind. Her hair frizzy near the ends as if she didn't care, but I knew she did. A mirror always peeks out of her bright pink backpack along with a tube of mascara and lipstick.

She rejected a blonde footy player who has girls basically lined up for his attention. He nearly choked on air the minute she declined his offer to dinner. I sat on a bench not far from their position snickering to myself. He glanced my way as he stormed past sending me a glare that could kill. 

I understand his frustration really, except I am too afraid to make eye contact with this girl that consumes every piece of my being. 

Wow, it's only been four days and I'm already forgetting life before her. 


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