"So how did this all begin?"

"I liked her flannel."


10. 10.

February 15, 2012

Today I tried to end it all. The pain I feel whenever I see a damn flannel, the look I get when I wear a shortsleeve, the feeling I get when I see her walking with her friends, the jealousy that tore my heart open when I saw her figure in my kitchen. 

My morning ritual of making two cups of tea for me and Harry was interrupted when I saw the familiar long brown hair. The t-shirt she wore was completely foreign to me as I stood in shock. She panicked when the pancakes she was making began to burn, releasing a high pitched squeal and using a spatula to stack the black circles onto a plate. 

She was here. In my house. Cooking pancakes. I took advantage of the beautiful figure standing with her back to me. A t-shirt and underwear were all she wore. Then it hit me. It was Harry's Rolling Stones t-shirt that hung loosely at her thighs. She spent the night with Harry. 

My breath hitched in my throat and a strangled cough escaped my now blue lips. She spun around and stared at me wide eyed. That same curiosity lingered in her stare and this time she didn't look away. Partly because she had to rush to my aid because, well, I couldn't breathe. 

Harry made her leave the room when he caught sight of what was happening. I just remember slowly slipping into black and then waking up and wanting to do it all over again.

So I tried to. This time she saved me. 

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