"So how did this all begin?"

"I liked her flannel."


1. 1.


This story will talk about depression, self-harm, suicide, and include descriptive details about different things that may be disturbing to some readers. If you don't feel comfortable reading anything involving the topics above do not read this book. -a.h



January 14, 2012

Her long brown hair fell upon her shoulders in such a way that each and every boy stared simply admiring her beauty. Those green eyes widened when she heard her friend say something funny. I don't remember what her friend even looked like. She was all I could see. The crinkles that formed around those captivating irises took my breath away. She took my breath away. That tan skin that would feel so soft beneath my fingertips, the bright green eyes that I longed for her to look at me with, the pink lips that released each word I wanted to hear, but I was standing too far away. I wanted to know her name. I wanted to know everything about her. Knowing her favourite color would be enough information to send me into a frenzy that could only be stopped by her touch. I wanted to hold her while she slept, making sure no nightmares would wake her in her most peaceful slumber. But most of all, I wanted her to be mine. 

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