Future Kicks || CTH & LRH

We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.


5. Chapter 5


The next morning, we woke the kids up, and went out to explore Nashville. We drove to Opry Mills mall, which I was shocked was still standing, and walked around there for a while. We came across an old store that I used to love shopping at. Hot Topic.

"Oh wow. Can't believe this is still here.." I laughed, tempted to walk in. Luke slightly pushed me towards the store, allowing me to fangirl again. The kids walked in behind me, and Paige gasped. 

"They have SO MANY band tees!" She exclaimed. She walked over to the wall of shirts, and started picking some up. "You used to shop here?"

"Yeah, all the time... They used to sell 5 Seconds of Summer merch..." I smiled thinking of the memories.

"We actually have some old band things back as a throwback..." A worked told us. "It's in the back corner..."

I looked at Luke and smirked. We walked back to the corner, and I giggled. "Sounds Good Feels Good..." I said, picking up the album.

"I didn't know that they had Above Skylight Merch..." Luke said. In the middle of Above Skylight and 5SOS Merch, there was tees of Luke and I and tees of Calum and Jade. I didn't know that they were even selling these.. And they have Ashton and Gracie, and Michael and Tegan. What is this? I grabbed a Lulie shirt, and laughed. "I'm totally buying this..."

"No, you're not..." Luke said, scrunching his nose.

"Who's gonna stop me?" I smirked. "Like you're gonna do anything..."

Luke chuckled, and pulled me to him. He slightly kissed my lips, and whispered, "Watch me."  He let me go, and walked off.

Paige walked over to me, and watched as I put the shirt up. "I didn't know you were in a band, mum."

I nodded. "Me, Jade, Gracie, and Tegan were all in a band together.. That was before I got pregnant with you. But after your were born, we released two new albums and went on tour, but then the dream was over. And I settled down with your father after 5SOS broke up."

She smiled, picking up an Above Skylight shirt and a 5 Seconds of Summer shirt. "Can I get them, mum?"

"Really? You're willing to get shirts of your parents old bands? Might as well get the one with me and Luke on it!" I laughed. She nodded. "I guess you can get them..."

We paid for the shirts, and left the store.


"I need to run to my mom's house.. You okay watching the kids?" I asked Luke. He nodded, and kissed my cheek. I called Jade, and asked if she wanted to come with me. After we hung up, I got a call from my dad.

"Rylie? You need to meet me at the hospital. Your mother isn't doing well at all." Dad said.

"I'll be there as soon as I can." I said and hung up. I drove to pick Jade up from her parent's house, and we drove to the hospital.

Please let my mom still be alive, please let her be alive...


Decent ending? Idk lol. Have y'all listened to Made In The A.M.? Its so gooooood



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