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We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.


1. Chapter 1

Before I start writing this chapter, I am going to give you guys some information on the families. This book is set 15 years in the future after Luke and Rylie got married.

Luke and Rylie's Life:

They have 5 children- Maddison Paige, age 15.

                                    Braxton Fletcher, age 13

                                    Athena Jade, age 13 (Braxton and Athena are twins)

                                    Hudson Thomas, age 9

                                    Nicolas Gordon, age 6

They have been married for 14 years. Their relationship has been the same since they've gotten together for the first time. They fight, and then they make up. But never once have they thought about divorcing.


Calum and Jade's life:

They have 2 children- Kol Dean, age 15

                                   Rebecca Marie, age 12

They have been married for 15 years. They have an absolute perfect relationship. No fighting, nothing.


Michael and Tegan's life:

They have 2 children- Tristan Shayla, age 11 (girl)

                                    Alix Sara, age 5

They have their ups and downs, and have thought about divorcing a lot. But once they get around to it, they say that they don't want to divorce.


Ashton and Gracie's life:

They have 1 child- Charlie Robert, age 6.

They have your everyday relationship, they rarely fight. And when they do, it doesn't last very long.






"Paige, you can't go out with Kol tonight. Stop asking!" I said to my teenage daughter. She has been "talking" to Mr. Kol Hood. She kept on asking and asking if they could go to a movie tonight, knowing that her father would say no.

"Ugh, mum! Why can't you just treat me like a normal kid?" Paige screamed, running up the stairs. She slammed her bedroom door, and I cringed.

"Maddison Paige Hemmings, get your angry ass down here!" I yelled.

"Mum said a bad word!" Nicolas said to Luke.

I sighed, rubbing my temples. Why did we decide to have 5 kids again? Oh yeah, I'm married to Luke Hemmings, and I can't say no to him... Paige stomped down the stairs, and when she got to the bottom, she put her hands on her hips.

"What?" she spat.

"Don't get that tone with me, missy. I was going to let you go, but I guess not now." I smirked.

"What? That's no fair, mum!" she threw her hands up.

I smiled. "Life isn't fair..." She stood there for a minute, neither of us saying anything. "You and Kol can go to the movie, but on one condition..."

Paige smiled, dropping her hands from her hips. "And that is? I'll do anything, I swear!"

"Your dad has to go with you..."

Luke's and Paige's jaws dropped. "No way!" they said in unison.

"Luke, don't argue with me. I don't wanna hear it! And Paige, you said you would do anything."


After they left, I dropped Hudson off at Liz's house. She always loves watching her grandkids, so we take advantage of it.

Athena went to Jade and Calum's to stay with Rebecca, Nicolas is with Michael and Tegan, and Braxton is staying at Liz's as well.


Since all the kids are gone, I decided to take a shower. I walked upstairs, and turned the water on. I stepped into the shower after it hit the right temperature, and stood under the water, letting my muscles relax. A few minutes later, I heard a door shut. I quickly stepped out of the shower, not turning the water off, and wrapped myself in a towel.

"Luke?" I called.

"Yeah, it's me babe." I heard his thick Australian accent. He walked to the bathroom door, and pushed past me. I dropped my towel, and stepped back in the water. "How do you still have a body like that after 5 kids? Most girls would be jealous..." he chuckled.

I smiled to myself as I grabbed the shampoo.  "How was the date?"

"It was okay... Paige is staying at Olivia's house with Diana. She couldn't wait to tell them all about it." he told me. "He kissed her cheek when I dropped him off. They both walked up to the door, and he kissed her right in front of me. It took everything I had not to go knock some sense into him."

"Luke, you knew that it was going to be like this.. She's not going to be daddy's little girl forever. You still have 4 other kids to worry about as well."  I explained.

"I know, but I just didn't want it to happen so soon..."

I shut the water off, and grabbed my towel from the floor. I wrapped it around me, and shivered as I stepped out. I walked into the bedroom, and looked for something to wear to sleep.

"Here... wear this." Luke said from behind me. I turned around, and he was holding one of his old nirvana tees. I slipped it on, and threw some sweatpants on. I put my hair up into a bun, and fell onto the bed. Luke slowly climbed on top of me, reaching down to kiss the tip of my nose.

"Ew, guys. Couldn't you have at least locked the door?" Paige asked.

"Couldn't you have knocked?" Luke smarted off.

I hit his arm, and he sighed. "Are you leaving?" I asked.

She nodded. "I'll be home sometime tomorrow. Bye, love you."

"Bye, love you. Text me when you get there, okay?" I called.

"Yeah, I will!" she yelled, and we heard the front door shut.

"Now, where were we?" Luke chuckled.

I shook my head. "Nah, I'm not in the mood anymore..." I sighed, and got out of the bed. I walked downstairs, into the kitchen.

"Ry, what's wrong?" Luke asked, walking in behind me.

I shook my head. "Nothing..." We stood in silence, and I spoke back up. "Actually, I got a call from my dad today. My mom's cancer is getting worse and they don't know how much longer she's gonna be here. He wants us to fly to America, and I know you don't want to take the kids, but I need to go."

"Calm down, babe. We'll take the kids. This is serious family business..." Luke said.   

I felt tears swelling up in my eyes. "I don't want to lose her..." I said, then laughed. "I can't believe that I'm 34 years old, and crying for my mom. I'm going to buy plane tickets..." I said, and grabbed my laptop, and sat at the kitchen table. I pulled out my phone and called Jade. "Hey, um, we are going to fly to Nashville on Friday... My mom is just getting worse and worse... And I think that I need to go before it's too late. Would you like to go?"

"Of course... My mom wants us to come visit anyway..." she agreed.

We talked for a few more minutes as I bought the tickets. We leave in 3 days. I'll have to tell the kids about the trip when they get home tomorrow...

"Okay, kids! I need everyone in the living room, now!" I called.

Within minutes, all 5 kids and Luke were sitting on the couches.

"So, we have to make an emergency trip to Nashville.." I said.

"We're going to America?" Paige asked.

"Yes, and you need to go pack. We leave on Friday. And Paige, help Nicolas pack please?"

She nodded, and they all went upstairs. Luke went to help Hudson pack as I pulled out our old suitcases. I unzipped mine, and I gasped. I pulled out the old jacket that said Hemmings 96, and smiled. I remember the day I bought this. Man, that was such a long time ago...

"Are you packing?" Luke asked, putting his hands on my waist. "Is that what I think it is?"

I nodded, and noticed more things in the suitcase. The two albums that Above Skylight released, 5sos albums, everything. All the memories were just stored away.

I took everything out of the suitcase, and started packing.



awe the first chapter is finished! What do you guys think so far?


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