Not Over

When Love and hate proves to be more than just that and things will never be Over not even in a million years the memories run deeper.


1. Good Morning...Not!

I never had been in a group fights before never thought it was me or believe it’s the right thing to do. I’ve heard of girls jumping one girl I knew or talked too. It was over the fact that she was talking to me and didn’t tell her what we were talking about which wasn’t all that. Because I miss a few days of school and I asked to barrow her notes for math and history. That was it and sometimes we talk at lunch but again its not like we are buddy-buddy lets go take a shower together. I only do that with my BEST friend Kelly. I’ve know her since kindergarten and her boyfriend and my boyfriend too. We grown up together so seeing them naked for me is nothing to me. Unless I’m with my boyfriend and its something else. However, my crew are known to be the popular ones only because we are very good looking I guess and work out. Pretty hair and everything I guess. Can fight but don’t like too and rather talk. I hate being mad it drains me out and causes me to be very emotional and I’ll start crying because of the harsh things I want to do to that one person. Today I’m just at home getting my homework done online and crap. Then that weird face pops up, tells me I have a Im message from Izzysweets. Its some girl that’s in my government class.    Well I heard you hooked up wit Darnell..iz that true? I made a face at the message it was really odd. Darnell is one of my BEST friend. That just pure gross if I was dating that man. He is Fine and all but just no he is meant for Kelly.   No..its not true? I sent back I continued to do my essay on econmics and whatnot. Then Darnell Im me  I hate women!  I laughed at it knowing that’s what he would say  She asked you too? Wow I nearly vomited when she asked me..what’s up with her? I sent him back it took him awhile but he answered  Girl I don’t know, we hung out for while yesterday, kelly was there. She brought a guy and all then he left then Kelly’s mom came so I was stuck with her..and that’s when she started to be a little weird and confessed about she felt about me I was uncomfortable and told her how I felt about the whole thing…she got mad and left then called me asking question she don’t really need to know.I hung up…and that’s it  This is the reason why I love him he can never lie its just not in his nature…same for me and I guess that’s why Izzy assumed we are dating.  Wow, she couldn’t handle the rejection or the fact that she knows Kelly got you hooked..that’s how Orlando reacted too kind of he was more aggressive and abusive towards me. Darnell and Chris were heated when they saw what Orlando did to my face 2yrs ago. I’ve never seen Darnell pissed off before and now that I do know how mad he can get. I don’t ever want to see that side of him ever again. Darnell and I have been mad at each other billions of times. The only way we can solve it if we just let it out right then. Yelling, crying, then hugging and laughing its just how it is. Since me and him are an only child lots of people see that we only see each other has a sibblings. I’ve always wanted a brother or sister so meeting Darnell and how he called me his little sister I just died and ever since he was my big brother. Well ever since that message from Izzy things were getting worse I felt the tension when I entered the class room. Izzy’s “friends” were looking at me with narrowed eyes as if they were mentally shooting bullets through my body. I went to my seat which is just a concidence that I am sitting next too Heidie Izzy’s number one bitch. Whatever I say to her or do Heidie is like a walking cell phone for Izzy instantly telling her everything....

pretty much my every day life so far...So I don’t understand why anyone talks to her or talks to Izzy I mean both of can never be trusted since that mouth of theirs never shuts up. Probably 10mins after I walked in and class begins, Heidie taps my shoulder, I looked at her she points to the floor. I looked to see a folded piece of paper on the floor near me. I picked it up and unfolded it read : ....


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