Not Over

When Love and hate proves to be more than just that and things will never be Over not even in a million years the memories run deeper.


2. Drum Roll...

meet me after school at the library, its important, 

It wasn’t a shock to get a letter from her, though the fact that she wants to actually talk to me face to face did make me wonder that she could be cool. Thought she is…(sighs) its just I cant trust her with deep shit. I know she wants me to open up with her, its just impossible because I know she’ll probably tell that crew of girls that obviously have beef with me. The one that jumped a girl over talking to me. Pathetic I know. 
I walked to the library listening to music, then I felt a hand on my shoulder I jerked back then saw it was just Darnell. Odd? 
    “Fuck, you scared me, what are you doing here, should you be going to practice or I don’t know…work, Kelly’s house” I said knowing this dude don’t ever stay here unless its practice…bastketball. 
    “I was but then I remember I was engible because of chemistry…damn him, luckily I saw you walking here and thought I could “copy” you…oh and Izzy’s brother gave me this, he looked pretty irriated…I know I would if I was in his position” Darnell answered he showed me the letter, it read the same just like mine, I frowned. 
    “Hey, that’s the same like mine, its why I’m here, but I could stay a while I’m in no rush, moms at keith’s house of course, dads working late, I’m free until about 11:30, 12:00 is the latest” I told him he laughed, knowing how much my mom loves being around newborns, Keith is Darnell oldest cousin and he just had a baby girl, so mom is like overwhelming herself by being a mommy again. Darnell wrapped his arm around my shoulder, it felt like home when he does this, Darnell is the only one who can do this it feels odd when Chris does it, I’m use to him kissing me or him coming up behind me and picking me up. I would die from laughter when he does it I don’t know why I love it, maybe because no guy was that rough but gentle with me, it was always one or the other never both. Darnell he’s confusing extremely confusing, I can never know when he’s hurt or sad, or anything it all just happens out of nowhere. I remember when he told I’am a challenge when it came to trying see without saying anything just observing. That’s how it is with him too, then when we start talking it’s a whole other story sometimes. When we made it to the library, Izzy was there with Orlando, my gut twisted, it didn’t feel right being there, I whipped out my phone and texted Chris were I was and for him to come. Chris is a big guy, no one believes me until they see him because every time I tell someone my boyfriend is Christopher Heggins, every one thinks its the other one the one that’s cute and tall but then when they see me with a big buff tall football type Christopher. They’re like WOAH and I’am like FUCK YEAH. We walked up like whatever, it wasn’t a big deal. Izzy looks at me with confusion written all over her face. 
    “I thought you weren’t dating him?” she said her eyes blazing with anger and hurt
“We’re not,” we both spoke at the same time, 
    “Then why were you two all up on each other at lunch today? I seen you sitting on him” Orlando said I wanted to hit him, he is so irrelevant at this point 
    “No I wasn’t, that was Kelly, I was with Chris the whole lunch period…Why does it matter anyways, what point was this because we got more important things than argue with you guys” I told them, they cringed I can see Orlando balling his hands into a fist, I know he cant stand that I’m with Chris and I can see why he doesn’t like him, Chris can be an asshole, and he doesn’t like to be told what to do and wont listen if pissed off. Then he saids fucked up shit as a joke sometimes. Its pretty much the few things that turns me off but I love him to much and I’m the only one that can tolerate it and buckle him down. He knows I’m not the one to be fucking around like that because I can say shit he don’t like too. Orlando and Izzy spoke about all kinds of things that made seem like they’re stalking Darnell and me. I mean how did they know about us talking about sex in history class last week. On top of it they’re threatening to tell our lovers about “us”


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