Let Them Burn

// DISCLAIMER: This story is written more in the style of a screenplay and is purposely not up to my usual writing standards. // Another harsh Winter dawns upon Firehouse 51 and the Intelligence Unit at Chicago P.D. They must fight against the roaring flames to save countless lives, they must regrettably sacrifice their own and continue to protect Chicago from drug gangs and serial killers that threaten their people. Between wrestling with their careers and personal lives, two new Candidates arrive at the Firehouse, one of which is the daughter of Antonio Dawson, the skilled Detective in CPD's Intelligence. Sergeant Voight and his Intelligence team is headed for corruption, meanwhile the love is in the air back at Firehouse 51. // Amazing cover by @Bia


3. Three





Entering the 21st District to be greeted by an overly kind Sergeant Platt was the weirdest experience Chrisie had ever had. Trudy Platt was, ordinarily, a grumpy character every time she went in to see her father Antonio and her friends who worked with him. But this time, it was like you could see a moonbeam across her face.

"Dawson, you have a lovely visitor." She said as she walked Chrisie up to CPD's Intelligence unit. Antonio was standing at the end of the room, near Voight's office, in front of the board with pictures of victims and criminals plastered onto it. His co-workers, sat at their desks listening to him speak about the State Attorneys Office when Chrisie came into view.

"Chrisie!" Jay Halstead practically sprinted up to her and pulled her into a bear hug. "Missed ya girl." 

"Haha, hey guys." She said as she gave a hug to Erin and her father. "How's the investigation going?"

"Not bad," Antonio said, "No suspects yet but we have tied a connection between the two Maple Street fires." 

Chrisie sighed discreetly. "So it is arson?"

"We think," Jay chimed in, "We won't know for definite until we do a professional inspection of the building, check for burn patterns and any other sign of matches, melted rubber etc, but it's looking probable."

"And... ahem, what's with the kid's dolls?"

"Arsonists usually leave some kind of evidence tying them to the fire. Almost like a personal connection to their lives. We think whoever started these fires had a young daughter, or niece, or another family member who possibly died and-"

"And this is revenge?"

"Exactly." Jay said, "A rape-murderer we once put away always used to use green nail polish-"

Erin cut him off quickly. "Jay, don't go there." Her voice sounded definitely like a warning and Jay instantly got the death stare. Chrisie locked eyes with him and gave him a teasing look that said, 'Oooh, death stare from the girlfriend, can't be good.' He pulled a sarcastic face in retaliation.

"I second that." Sergeant Voight added and gave Jay another, meaner, death stare.

"Moving swiftly on," Antonio continued, "while my daughter is here, I have an important announcement."

Chrisie stepped forward, as did Rusek and Olinski, obviously interested. Folding her arms, Chrisie looking directly into her father's eyes. She knew that look. This couldn't be good.

"Last month I received a request from MI5 to fly over to London to take part in a major drug bust investigation. I took up their offer, I'm leaving in two days."

"London?" Chrisie was almost speechless.

Antonio looked into her eyes with regret. "Yeah, yeah. They wanted one of Chicago's best detectives to help. I'll be out there for six months."

"Six months?!"

"Chrisie, my sorry, I-"

"Dad you can't leave Eva, Diego and me here for six months without a mother or a father!"

Antonio moved closer to his daughter and tried to reach out, but she pushed him away. Tears rolling down her blushed cheeks she backed away and headed out,shaking her head in disgust. 

"Hey, no, Chrisie!" Antonio cursed under his breath and slammed a fist into the nearest desk. Feeling bad about the whole thing, Jay started after Chrisie, only to be stopped by Erin. "Let me handle it. Woman to woman."

"Happens all the time with Lexi, you get used to it." Olinski added.

"Somehow, Al, I don't think that helps."


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