Let Them Burn

// DISCLAIMER: This story is written more in the style of a screenplay and is purposely not up to my usual writing standards. // Another harsh Winter dawns upon Firehouse 51 and the Intelligence Unit at Chicago P.D. They must fight against the roaring flames to save countless lives, they must regrettably sacrifice their own and continue to protect Chicago from drug gangs and serial killers that threaten their people. Between wrestling with their careers and personal lives, two new Candidates arrive at the Firehouse, one of which is the daughter of Antonio Dawson, the skilled Detective in CPD's Intelligence. Sergeant Voight and his Intelligence team is headed for corruption, meanwhile the love is in the air back at Firehouse 51. // Amazing cover by @Bia


6. Six





"Another cold day at Firehouse 51..." Herrmann sighed, as he and Otis headed for the shower room. "Night shift, always a pain in the ass."

"Well, unless you happen to have a hot as hell girl in-"

"Otis, dude, we've been through this, you can't-"

Otis suddenly stopped in his tracks, just as they got to the showers. "You hear that?" he whispered. 

Herrmann frowned and listened carefully, speculating whether Otis was being serious or not. And it seemed he was. Over the noise of running water, he heard a female voice singing a soft melody. "Is that... Chrisie?" he whispered.

The singing continued. "I'd like to make myself believe, that planet earth turns slowly, it's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep, cause everything it never as it seems..."

Otis backed up slowly and stifled a laugh. He pulled Herrmann with him, who raised his eyebrows and smirked. Whatever they were planning, it couldn't be good.


With his feet up and reading a newspaper, Herrmann sipped at his black coffee in the common room. "Hey, Herrmann?"

"Yes, Lieutenant Casey?"

"What are the chances you and Cindy having another kid? Or is five enough? " He said teasingly.

"Hey, you don't get to joke about that, you and Dawson are not doing bad yourselves."

"How many months?" Sylvie asked.

Dawson's head poked up from below the tabletop above the kettle. "8 months, hardly a bump yet."

"I'm proud that you get to experience the-" Herrmann was cut off suddenly.

"the 'Miracle of Life'." Everyone said in unison, like they heard it millions of times before.

"That is the last time I give anyone any kind words about their kids."

"What have you guys done to Herrmann now?" As if just on cue, Chrisie walked in, her hair still damp from her shower. Otis crossed looks with Herrmann, who got out of his seat, walked up to Chrisie and looked her directly in the eye.

"Why don't you tell these guys the truth, Candidate? C'mon, they deserve to hear it." He said with a lop sided smile.

"What truth?"

"You know what truth. What else were you doing in the shower not half an hour ago?"

"I don't know what you're talking about." She side-stepped passed him, heading for a coffee in the pot.

"Yeah, what is this about Herrmann?" Casey asked suspiciously.

"Did you know our young Candidate here has the most beautiful voice I have ever heard?" 

Chrisie slammed the empty jug down, having just poured herself a hot mug of black coffee. "Herrmann..." Her voice sounded like a warning.

"Otis and I heard you! It's amazing!"

Casey turned to her and raised an eyebrow. "Is that true?" 

"She did it at karaoke the other night too," Herrmann continued, "I'm telling ya, this kid is really something."

"Yeah, I was also drunk."

"But-" Again, Herrmann was cut off. But this time, by Chief Boden.

"Candidate, my office. Now." His face was as serious as sausages and ice-cream. This could not be good.

Putting her coffee down, Chrisie nervously strode towards Chief, the rest of the room in silence. God, she sure hoped this wasn't about what she thought it was about.


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