Let Them Burn

// DISCLAIMER: This story is written more in the style of a screenplay and is purposely not up to my usual writing standards. // Another harsh Winter dawns upon Firehouse 51 and the Intelligence Unit at Chicago P.D. They must fight against the roaring flames to save countless lives, they must regrettably sacrifice their own and continue to protect Chicago from drug gangs and serial killers that threaten their people. Between wrestling with their careers and personal lives, two new Candidates arrive at the Firehouse, one of which is the daughter of Antonio Dawson, the skilled Detective in CPD's Intelligence. Sergeant Voight and his Intelligence team is headed for corruption, meanwhile the love is in the air back at Firehouse 51. // Amazing cover by @Bia


7. Seven





"H-h-Herrmann, Dawson, I think you should read this..." said Otis nervously pulling out a news article in this week's paper. Everyone gathered round as Dawson took the paper from him, Herrmann looking over her shoulder.


"Ah, ya gotta be kidding me," Dawson said, "Main headline for November 23rd: 'Molly's bar of West Cortland Street is claimed to have sold out-of-date beer to a customer, who was later referred to the I.C.U for unknown causes. Critical condition'."

"That's absolute bull! What evidence do they have? What proof?!" Herrmann cried, snatching the paper off Dawson and ripping it into little bits and stamping on them angrily, then to be joined by Pouch the firehouse dog munching on the pieces of torn newspaper.

"I check the sell-by date of every single bottle by myself," Dawson said, "this guy is insane."

"Well, any press is good press, right?" 

"Cruz! This is my bar they're slagging off. Mine."

"Dawson and I own it too remember." Otis added.

Herrmann just about exploded. "That damn article basically reads that Molly's is responsible for the death of Jesus, again. I swear, this bar is cursed."

"Okay, okay, I'll get Antonio to look into it before he goes to London tomorrow. Happy?"

"That's my girl!" Casey said teasingly.

"Don't push it, or the wedding's off." She said with a sparkle in her eye.


Chief opened the door into his office as the Truck Candidate followed him in. "Sit down." He told her, walking over to the other side of his desk. 

"Look, Chief, if this is about coming into work with a bad hangover the other morning, I-"

"We'll talk about that later. You're doing well on Truck by the way. I've heard great reports from Lieutenant Casey and his team. I know you've only been in this position for a few days but from now on, you will be taking part in the rescues we are called out for and will be expected to execute orders with precision and fight these fires like a true Chicago firefighter."

"Thank you Chief, I will do my absolute best. I want this. This is what I was meant for."

"Good to hear. Uh, you were also called in here because someone was looking for you last shift, when you went to Maple Street with Lieutenant Severide."


"Someone who goes by the name of Gale." Chrisie turned pale at the sound of his name. She remembered him. How could she ever forget him? She always wanted to forget, every day of her life she wanted to destroy the memories of her past once and for all. But she couldn't. And that had almost cost her her life. "Who is this Gale person, Candidate?"

"Uh, um, j-just someone... someone I know from high school." She said nervously. Only her Dad and Erin knew about what had happened when she was in 11th and 12th Grade at high school. She'd finally got her life sorted out and then Gale is back in town looking for her. Great, she thought, now what?

"You sure, Candidate?" Chief said, not sounding very convinced by Chrisie's effort to hide her unforgiving past.

"Uh-" The alarm bell sounded just in time, luckily for Chrisie.

"Firehouse 51, Truck 81, Ambulance 61. Three car collision, Quay Crescent junction, South side."

"C'mon Candidate, it's time."


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