The Woods (Or The InExplicable Murder Mystery That Happened Over The Course of a Few Days)

Ella Bismol lives in Overthebrook, a very small town. When A string of strange deaths start to happen it sets the town on edge, and Ella realizes that all the deaths circulated around the woods. She sets it upon herself, with the help of a local newspaper reporter-Ezrah Stone to find out how and why they died.

(the dates of when the chapters were written is because its for the nanowrimo competition where you write something and have a chapter a day with 100 words per day)


5. 4: The Cake -written 11/06/15

Elizabeth raced upstairs first and threw the door open. She screamed when she saw Vinnie and leaned against the wall when she saw her wrist. Ella's mother then vaulted into the room and carefully knelt by Vinnie, keeping calm the way a teacher must when bad things happen. 

"I'm going to hold your wrist like this," Ella's mother said, lightly picking up Vinnie's limp wrist and holding it straight. "Then, You're going to stand up." He voice was light and slightly hypnotic. Elizabeth joined Ella on the bed, clutching the sheets, pale as a ghost. "And we are going to walk down the stairs and outside. To my car. Tell me if you feel uneasy. We can stop and take a break." As Vinnie was getting up a breeze blew in through the window, and blew the door shut. Ella jumped up, bothered by being useless and held it open, as feebly Vinnie walked out the room, her eyes wide. Ella watched as her mother guided Vinnie down the stairs, and out the front door, by the fish, where her mother opened it and guided Vinnie out to the car. 

Once the door closed, Ella went back into her room and fell onto her bed next to Elizabeth who seemed to of melted down next to Ella. Both their legs were on the ground and on the bed were their backs and heads, pressed against the wall. Ella sighed. Elizabeth wasn't very good with injuries. Ella stiffened a small smile. Her mother and Elizabeth were very different but together they were a power team. 


A little bit later, Elizabeth stood up, pulled her blonde hair back and left to her room, where she probably would go call Ella's mother to check on Vinnie. Ella forced herself to get up and she went down to feed all the fish, a task most likely forgotten by Vinnie. Ella carefully, made sure she got each of their 7 tanks, a precarious job since new tanks always seemed to pop up. Once she had done that she walked into the small kitchen and decided to bake a cake. She felt like a cake and icing would do her feelings justice so she took a box of mix and carefully followed the instructions on the back, cracking three eggs into a moderately sized bowl. A glass of water. Some vegetable oil and then she shoveled it into the square pan and set it into the oven. She took the little white timer and turned the knob for 45 minutes, and then looked around the kitchen at the mess she made and Ella decided that she wasn't done creating her own chaos. 

She took the ingredients she knew by heart out of their respective homes and poured them into a smaller bowls, waiting until her frosting looked creamy and smooth and she divvied them up into a few smaller bowls before she put some food dye in each and mixed them. Then she put them aside and started to clean up which took the rest of the 45 minutes that wasn't used for icing. 

Then she took her cake out of the over and started humming to herself as she absentmindedly  frosted the cake. When she looked down, Ella gasped and dropped the knife full of frosting and stepped away. What she had frosted onto the cake was a blue background, what looked like a body covered in blood and hole through the chest. Like Ilana McHaven. She thought before she picked up her knife and smeared the entire frosting so you couldn't see the drawing.  

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