The Woods (Or The InExplicable Murder Mystery That Happened Over The Course of a Few Days)

Ella Bismol lives in Overthebrook, a very small town. When A string of strange deaths start to happen it sets the town on edge, and Ella realizes that all the deaths circulated around the woods. She sets it upon herself, with the help of a local newspaper reporter-Ezrah Stone to find out how and why they died.

(the dates of when the chapters were written is because its for the nanowrimo competition where you write something and have a chapter a day with 100 words per day)


4. 3: Dinner -written 11/05/15

Her eyes blurred over the pristine page filled with math problems a bit later. She heard the front door open and a her mother, who had just entered the house as she yelled "DINNER!" They never ate without everyone there. Happily, Ella tossed her books off her lap and sprinted out of her room and down the stairs, past one of the many large fish tanks and into her chair around the rectangular table, where she was the last one and Ella suspected as she placed across the table at Vinnie that she had snuck down while Ella was immersed the book she was reading for her English class. 

She sat down and reached across the table to get the stack of pancakes on a plate and she shoveled a few onto her plate before she covered them with syrup. Next were some green beans, covered in salt and Ella took some of those also and dug in. The warm deliciousness of pancakes. She finished them moment later after practically inhaling them. 

"How was school?" Ella's mother asked, politely, her perfectly shaped brown eyebrows perched on her forehead questionably and her pretty dark brown eyes warm, a few strand of her brown-grey hair fell into her face from it bun, framing it perfectly.

"Very good." Vinnie said. 

"Me too.'' Ella smiled at her mother . "How was yours?"

"The usual." her mother sighed and Ella knew that meant generally horrible. Her mother worked at a incredibly small school in the town over, which was much larger than Overthebrook, in each grade there was 15-20 students, each class was some sort of trouble. The first graders kept throwing pencils at each other. The second graders was obsessed with paper cranes and kept folding their schoolwork. The eighth graders kept trying to date each other and got in trouble for public canoodling (or trying to and epically failing). The twelfth graders kept publicly canoodling and succeeding, scaring the small third graders who always threw rubber bands at each other and the tenth graders kept doing drugs. Like Vinnie. Except that they went to different schools.

"Did you hear about the Wilhelm woods?" Ella asked her mother, ignoring the quick but scorching glare Elizabeth directed towards her. Forever protective of her daughter. 

"No." Her mother said naïvely. "What happened?" 

"A body was found there yesterday. Ilana McHaven. Iris' niece."

"Oh, I did." Her mother said and then sternly looked across the table at her sister, who was sitting to the right of Ella and then looked at Vinnie and Ella. 

"I don't want either of you in the woods." She said sternly. 

"And you both must be home by 7:00." Aunt Elizabeth added on. "I don't want either of you somehow killed brutally." Vinnie rolled her eyes and dinner was over shortly after that. Ella and Vinnie both went up and an hour later Vinnie crossed into Ella's half of the room, opened the window and started to get out before she looked back at Ella, a finger over her mouth and she dropped to the ground. The window stayed open, blowing slightly chilly air into the room, giving Ella a change to huddle up under blankets. 

She completed her homework. 


A few hours later Vinnie came back, Ella was lying in her bed, trying to close her eyes when she heard Vinnie slowly climb up the bricks on the side of the house, which she had so long ago kicked out bits so she could use them like a ladder. 

Ella turned on her light so Vinnie could see and she saw a hand grasp onto the window sill, then a leg and then the rest of Vinnie, but where Vinnie was usually graceful she fell with a thunk to the ground and let out a splintering cry. Ella threw off her blankets cautiously and saw that one of Vinnie's hand was leaned backwards at an odd angle. Making her wrist look like a twistable eraser and a snake and not like skin. Ella gulped. 

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