The Woods (Or The InExplicable Murder Mystery That Happened Over The Course of a Few Days)

Ella Bismol lives in Overthebrook, a very small town. When A string of strange deaths start to happen it sets the town on edge, and Ella realizes that all the deaths circulated around the woods. She sets it upon herself, with the help of a local newspaper reporter-Ezrah Stone to find out how and why they died.

(the dates of when the chapters were written is because its for the nanowrimo competition where you write something and have a chapter a day with 100 words per day)


23. 22: The Gate -written 11/24/15

Erzah parked his car right outside the menacing gate and Ella hopped out, surprisingly eager and heart racing with adrenaline and she went to the fence and tried to push it open. It wouldn't budge. She tried again and again. It wouldn't move. With a frustrated cry she kicked the fence, sending it shaking. Ella groaned and pushed her hair back. She turned back to Ezrah who was leaning on the hood of his car, arms crossed and smiling amused. 

"It's locked." Ezrah pushed himself off of the red car hood and flawlessly and smoothly pulled the gates'  door open. Ella scowled at him. 

"Did you know the entire time?" She asked. He nodded mutely and started walking up to the door. Ella considered, for a brief moments, stealing his car and leaving him, but instead she simply ran to catch up to him as he walked up the broken stone path.


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