The Woods (Or The InExplicable Murder Mystery That Happened Over The Course of a Few Days)

Ella Bismol lives in Overthebrook, a very small town. When A string of strange deaths start to happen it sets the town on edge, and Ella realizes that all the deaths circulated around the woods. She sets it upon herself, with the help of a local newspaper reporter-Ezrah Stone to find out how and why they died.

(the dates of when the chapters were written is because its for the nanowrimo competition where you write something and have a chapter a day with 100 words per day)


18. 17: The Dream -written 11/19/15

Ella sat up straight in her bed, her face slick with sweat and she slid off into the eerily quiet house. She walked down the strangely and suddenly treacherous stairs, her fingers gliding on the dark wooden rail that was smooth and cold to the touch. She walked towards the front door and without hesitation she opened the door and then stepped into the doorway, her bare feet suddenly cold. Outside, was not her street, comforting and normal. Outside were the woods. The Wilhelm Woods. She walked unwaveringly into them, the ground pressing into her feet with pebbles and pinecones. Suddenly something snatched at her pale nightgown, which she was wearing for what appeared to be dramatic effect, and more and more things snatched at her, pulling her in circles and finally she saw. The woods were alive. The branches and roots were grabbing at her, tearing her apart, the leaves were falling in a perfect circle around her, and the rocks seemed to throw themselves at her. It stopped for a moment before something her her squarely in the back. Ella looked down at herself. A branch had stuck itself through her heart, evenly through her chest. 

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