The Woods (Or The InExplicable Murder Mystery That Happened Over The Course of a Few Days)

Ella Bismol lives in Overthebrook, a very small town. When A string of strange deaths start to happen it sets the town on edge, and Ella realizes that all the deaths circulated around the woods. She sets it upon herself, with the help of a local newspaper reporter-Ezrah Stone to find out how and why they died.

(the dates of when the chapters were written is because its for the nanowrimo competition where you write something and have a chapter a day with 100 words per day)


15. 14: The Emails part 2 -written 11/16/15

At lunch after her first class- U.S. History, she sat outside at a bright red table and checked her emails. 19 of them. 

bet ud lyk to no hoo ded it.

Ella looked at the email address. She gulped. 

i no

u dot

Ella gulped. Who on earth could send those? And who got her email address? And who wrote actual words like that!

i no

du u wan 2?

pruvv urslf frst

It took Ella few moments to decipher the emails. She had gone through 6. She had 13 left. Ella took a bite of her cheese and turkey sandwich and read on. 

fynd hoo ded it

or thre wyl b unuthr wun.

i tuld u sew

dunt u beleev me?

u shud

I no what goig on.

chek the wuds

ol Wilhelm prubublee

talk w/ ur man frend

dunt u ulwys?

gud luq

ur goig 2 neid t


Ella slammed her laptop shut as quickly as possible, it closed with a loud noise that made people stare at her. She held her chin up and pretended to act as if she was whole when instead, on the inside she was falling apart.

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