New Beginnings

Erin's life was normal. Then it all changed. Follow her story as she falls in love and goes on new adventures... while going to college


1. Chapter One

The sun rose and with that began a brand new day. A new day that brought with it endless possibilities. Erin woke up to her alarm, her new favourite song at the moment, Hello, by her new favourite band. She didn’t wake with a smile on her face but dread at the thought of getting out of bed. It was mid-November in  Dublin which meant the days were getting shorter and the nights longer. Oh and it was cold. Erin had a lecture at 9am and the thought of having to get up and go outside into the cold air made her want to stay in bed a lot more.

Erin was in her second year of college studying business at the University College Dublin. She has dreams of opening her own café and figured a business degree would help her. What she really wanted to do was work and save to open her own café but the economy was bad which meant that opening a business right now might not be the best decision. So she decided to do a college degree.

After ten minutes lying in bed, Erin figured she should get up and make herself presentable for her day. It takes her 7 minutes to walk to college so she had to hurry if she wanted to look presentable today.


Her phone vibrated with a new message. It was from Sarah, a friend doing the same course.

‘Meet you outside the lecture room beforehand? Please tell me you’re awake!!! If you don’t reply within five minutes I’m calling you’

This has happened before, Erin was supposed to meet Sarah before a lecture but slept through her alarm or some other excuse Erin used so Sarah is used to it.

I’ll be there. Erin x’

Sarah was one of Erin’s best friend and this weekend the two friends were boarding a flight to London for the weekend. Erin has always wanted to go and thought it’d be a good way to celebrate her twenty first birthday.

Erin eventually finished getting ready and made it to meet Sarah outside the lecture room just before the lecturer walked up the hallway. Truth be told, Erin ran past him on the stairs. Erin spent the whole hour of the lecture day dreaming of London. A childhood dream finally coming to reality.

The rest of day went by how it should. Erin went to her other three lectures and when she was finished by 2 o clock, Erin decided to head to the shops to do some shopping. A bus ride later and she was in Abercrombie & Fitch immersed in jeans, jumpers, shirts and shoes.

After an hour and a half, Erin walked out of the store armed with shopping bags. She didn’t know she missed a step on the stairs coming out until she was falling. Her shopping bags being thrown in the air and her brand new clothes scattered everywhere. A hand grabbed her arm keeping her from hitting the ground. Erin was so thankful for the person who had caught her, she turned around so fast her handbag collided straight with the kind stranger’s face.

“I am so sorry” Erin said as she finally looked at the man’s face. His gorgeous, perfectly aligned face. Erin didn’t know what else to say.

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