In The Hand Of Hell


5. Visiting

"Hey!" I say to my sister when we sit down at the police station. 

"Hi Ashley!" She replies with a glum face. 

"So what happened? Who did you kill? Please tell me, J!" I ask very eagerly. 

"Well, you remember Louisa don't you?" I nod. "Well, she came over and since I had a bone to pick with her, we stayed to argue." I lean forward in anticipation. "She chucked a lamp at me and I chucked a glass ornament at her. We kept throwing this at each other until she picked up a knife. I picked up one too and things got a bit, out of control!" She stares into my eyes a I can tell that she is relishing her revenge. 

Our time is up so we say goodbye, parting to go out ways. Me to go home and her to go back to her cell. 

Louisa and Jordan go way back, right back to Kindergarten. I know this because there are videos and photos of them. As they got older, they grew apart, until about first grade when they both started to like this same guy. His name was Jay. Thy started to hang about together again, to learn about weaknesses and strengths, all so they could get Jay. After a while they decided that they couldn't handle each other anymore and they walked away, again. Turns out that Louisa got Jay about a week later and kept shoving it in Jordan's face. 

I'm guessing that Louisa and Jay broke up because I hadn't heard anything new of their relationship, if they hadn't then they have now. 


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