In The Hand Of Hell


4. Lunchtime Rush Hour

I walked down the hall and out the front doors, then headed to the train tracks for lunch. I had bought a burger and some soda pop. I sat down and opened my burger, taking a big bite of it and washing it down with some soda pop. 

I was about halfway through my lunch when Miss Edwards walked up to me with a poker straight face. 

"Ashley! I am holding some good news and some bad news!"

"What?" I had a mouth full of burger and pop. 

"Well, the good news is that Timmhas agreed to stop bullying you! The bad news however is that your family are experiencing some troubles with your sister!"

As she said that I jumped up and thanked her, started running home and thinking about what could be wrong. When I arrived home there was police and ambulances outside, I ran up to the police tape but got held back by my neighbour. 

"Don't go into your house Ashley. Don't!"

"Why? What the hell is happening?"

As I spoke a couple of paramedics came out of the house with a stretcher. Then two police officers came out with my sister handcuffed. Nothing had happened to my sister but she had obviously killed someone. 

I started to walk away, mad and humiliated at my sister. I stopped suddenly and thought for a moment... My sister was going to be in jail or prison so I would have the house to myself almost every day! Finally! But why did she do it? Who did she kill?

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