In The Hand Of Hell


2. Bone Deep

I ran down the corridors and suddenly bumped into Jack, the school bully who picked on me more than anyone else. 

"Hey, emo! Emotional much?"

He laughed as he and his friends shoved me into the dark room,

"You like it in the DARK room don't ya?"

He laughed again and locked the door with a lock pick, it was too dark for me to see and I couldn't get out do I just sat down and contemplated my life. 

Bullied every day, stuck in the dark room lots, bone deep cuts, really hot teacher who unfortunately didn't like me in that way. Yup. I had one of the crapest lives ever! 

I heard a bang sound against the door and the voice of Miss Edwards, the really hot teacher, 

"Jack James Hawthorne! Unlock this door immediately or I'll give you a detention!"

"Hey, if you wanted to be fucked then you should've just asked baby and I'd love a detention with you!"

I have a feeling he winked at her too cause that something you'd expect him to do. Jack had a crush on her too and most likely stood more of a chance with her, until I heard what she said next,

"That is inappropriate Jack, cause I don't want to fuck you or any other student for that matter! If I had to choose though I would probably choose Ashley!"

I was overwhelmed because I didn't know she was a Lesbian but it made me blush. 

"Why that emo babe? Don't you want my dick? It's nice and hard right now girl!"

I heard a slap and a gasp then the door unlock. I stepped into the shadow as light filled the room. 

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