Haleb Fanfiction

Pretty Little Liars Fanfiction for Haleb - Hanna Marin and Caleb Rivers


1. Visitor

Hanna hadn’t seen Caleb since the whole Jenna thing went down. And to be honest she didn’t want to, I mean yeah she missed him, but who would do that to a person. He snooped around her house when she was kind enough to let him stay…and she barely even knew the guy! She thought he was different, not just a bad boy but…different like she could trust him, he was the opposite to Sean…and she was glad.

But it back fired. Just like everything else had. A was still being a bitch; the girls were still all on edge every time their phones would buzz. She felt like she was losing her mind, losing control. And Hanna did not like that. She though Caleb would be able to help her forget or at least make her feel safer than what she does now.

Her mom had gone out and she was home alone sat watching a rom-com called the revenge of the bridesmaids. It was strange it reminded her of herself and Emily, Aria, Spencer and Ali, Ali being Caitlin of course. Her phone buzzed again and when she slowly reached across the red cushions of the sofa to get it she heard a knock at the door. She almost dropped the drink she’d been holding as she jumped.

She carefully rose from the sofa to the front door, looking through the key whole to see who was there. Surprised and happy but mostly pissed to who she saw was stood on the other side. Caleb. She opened the door and put her hands on her hips to show she wasn’t backing down and that she wasn’t bothered by his appearance.

“Hey, can we please talk?” Caleb ask her and she tapped her foot lightly on the floor with a scrutinizing look on her face. “How about…No!” she said pretending to think for a second. She went to close the door in his face when a foot shot out and she realised that it was Caleb’s.

“Hanna I just want to explain, as soon as things started between us I stopped, I told Jenna that I didn’t want to do this anymore and I ended it. I wouldn’t do that to you not when things were happening with us!” He pleaded. “You used me! You let me welcome you into my home so that you could snoop around and for what! £30? £50? £100? Or was it less than that. Do you actually enjoy making people believe that your actually a good person when in all honesty you’re not!” Hanna said knowing the tears were going to start falling freely down her cheeks soon. She slammed the door shut, knowing that he wouldn’t have left anytime soon and locked the floor before sliding down onto the floor with her back against it. Why her? Why was it always her?



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