Six Date?

Six famous guys!
Six dates!
One normal girl!
Six days!
Would she fell in love with only one of the guys and love to go out with him or not?
Would she pick the right man?


1. Prologue

I walk my bed to the wall so quickly and repeat my word...

This is what I say...

'It'll never happen.'

I never make it because I made a huge mistake to write on the website and ask six famous guys to hang out with me...

And I made a mistake that I give them a phone number. 

It might be a prank that I agree with you and...

It wasn't.

You will find out about me later.

This is what happening when I met them and...

How is it possible?


How's my Six Date going well?

Do you want to find about that so badly? 


I'm not telling you!


Here's my story!





Welcome to my famous people love story.

I believe that you look confused.

Six Guys is...

Harry Styles, Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, Jake T. Austin, David Henrie, and Jai Brooks.


Enjoy it!

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