Six Date?

Six famous guys!
Six dates!
One normal girl!
Six days!
Would she fell in love with only one of the guys and love to go out with him or not?
Would she pick the right man?


2. one

I log in my computer after I got home and log in the famous website, it called Web Blog.

This is where a lot of famous people goes in there.

Of course not, I'm not famous!

I just put the fake picture of Cara Delevingne on my username!

I'm Jenny Delevingne, younger sister of Cara...

But it isn't true!

My real name is Kimberly Jennings.

I'm 18, but I'm soon-to-be 19.

I want to be Cara's sissy, but I can't.

Because of my real name, that's why you should know.


I love this blog because a lot of famous people follow me.

Most of them is boys and men.

Some are girls and female.

They want to become friend with me!


I got bullied by every day and I want to get more social...

So, I sign up in Movellas and Web Blog...

I write a Mumble and Web Mumble to say...

"I'm bored! Who want to hang out with me in real life? - Jenny"

I can't believe it!

That I have six message from one second that I just sign in and I check it out.


I check the first message that a famous man goes to...

My mouth goes wider than what you'd think.

"Oh. My. God!" I say as I was speechless.

For a while, I close my mouth and snap it out.


I look at my laptop quickly and get forward to it so close.

I sigh happily.






Hey, guys!

Sorry for short chapter.

I promise for next chapter will be longer!

Who goes first, she say that, not me?


Remember only one each person who want to go out with her...

If I were her, I would like to go out with Jake T. Austin or Luke Hemmings.

Take care!

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