Clans of the wild

Sun brisk, a young tom has to figure out the secrets and mysterious of blood clans plot. They say they want peace but do they? As the book unfolds laughs, romance and adventure will unravel. If you like warrior read this fun filled adventure!
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( also it takes awhile for it to be really dramtic and stuff so just check for updates, and if you want to help write, just tell me :3


3. Questions

. I was thinking to hard to notice i past bramble fang, I must talk with amber stars kits. I looked around for bright orange pelts or splotched tricolor but couldn't see any of the warriors, red pelt now an elder approached me curiosity was in her eyes," what are seeking for it almost looks like your looking for your brother, have you forgotten". I suddenly put my tail on her mouth to keep her quiet, i hear something. 
She batted away my tail with her fore paw" Do you have bees in your brain", she growled. I payed no attention to her and sniffed the air cautiously" Fire clan",  I meowed. 
" well smelled Sun brisk ", She mewed as  silver star trotted in with two other strong warriors. They looked calm but something wasn't right," We must speak to Amber star immediately".  Fire pelt nodded and padded off to Amber star. Willow pelt walked out of the nursery looking at me, why is she in the nursery? " what's going on ", willow pelt gasped.
" I don't know honestly, maybe blood clan is my best guess". I let out a small shrug as her eyes grew wider as she saw amber star trot out of her den, her eyes glowing" Greetings, whats you excuse for being in my camp". A light orange tom shifted his paws uncomfortably, new warrior probably. Silver star dipped his head in greetings then mewed," We have been sent a message from blood clan, we heard it and now we're suppose to tell you it ". He nodded towards the older tabby she-cat, her pelt was glossy and her eyes were green," Well it was from there deputy dark stride, he was quite small and looked like his leader. We think the leader is his father but We're not sure. He warned us about his leader arranging a new breed of blood clan. I don't know if he his making a cat breed or what, but it's not good." I thought he was dark paw?The smaller tom back shivered a bit, and so did mine. You couldn't tell but I did and willow pelt shook, before she would swipe the smug look off of any-cats face. Now she just all of a sudden shakes? Her face looked determined but still frightened. A patrol along with bramble fang came threw the bramble entrance. The wind ruffled their fur, Bramble fang padded in looking uncomfortable. Willow pelt looked down at her paws,what?
" I bet your wondering why she's in the nursery, i was going to tell you before but you passed right by me". I nodded knowing where he was going. Rage was sparking in my eyes as my pelt felt like it was burning. My claws unsheathed into the sodden earth,why her? " She's my mate", he meowed. My life felt like it was over," Why"? I surged in range," Why her, even knowing i liked her too. The only reason i never asked is because of you bramble fang. Why"? Willow pelt looked crushed and ran into the den" Look what you did", he hissed as he ran after her,oh I'm the bad guy? Amber star glared at me with a shimmer of sympathy. " Sorry about that", she meowed awkwardly." Go on".
" Uh the message sounded like a prophecy they made up, it was beware the weapons of descendent wars, not of ours but something more. Fiercer than claws, sharper then fangs it will come for you someday." Amber star looked puzzled, then meowed" Something that has nothing to do with cats it seems, but what". I heard bramble fang shuffle out of the den with shame and yet anger clinging to his pelt like mud from a stormy day. His shame meant nothing, he was a traitor in my eyes, she could have been mine.
The air was crisp now,  I squinted my eyes trying to see through the fog. A white shape came approaching," Greetings sun brisk ", A white she-cat meowed. She was a beautiful white with brilliant blue eyes, prettier then River mists. She also was quite fluffy," Who are you"?
" I am the leader of star clan, I'm here to tell you something ". She swerved around me sliding her tail across my nose," Well what is it", I muttered spitting out fur. She smirked and whispered," You will find her under your nose, Your to blind to see it but she is ".
" Who "? I was so confused with what she was saying, did she mean my apprentice, I already have maple paw. 
" No it's not a apprentice it's something more ". She faded into the fog, her blue eyes twinkled then disappeared. The dream slowly faded and i was back to the stressed world. It was foggy out, everything looked damp, was it truly a dream?

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