Clans of the wild

Sun brisk, a young tom has to figure out the secrets and mysterious of blood clans plot. They say they want peace but do they? As the book unfolds laughs, romance and adventure will unravel. If you like warrior read this fun filled adventure!
(. Btw love feedback so please respond! )
( also it takes awhile for it to be really dramtic and stuff so just check for updates, and if you want to help write, just tell me :3


4. Mentoring

A light brown head poked around the corner," Sun brisk, where have you been"! Before I could answer she began to blab again," I have a duty here i have to do and without you I cant, so stop being such a mouse brain"!
" I'm not, I also have problems of my own thank you very much". I growled to myself a bit as i got out of my nest. She looked at me irritated that i was taking my time," Hold you paws ", i hissed. She rolled her eyes and her tail lashed with frustration. Why did i have to get a snotty apprentice?
" Alright let's go get some training done". Her eyes brightened as she scampered to the entrance," Race you there ". I'm not a kit and neither are you. I stumbled out, i remember willow pelt when she was a apprentice, she was so....stop it. I pushed the thought out and padded out. I rushed out trying not to make eye contact with any-cat as i passed a hunting patrol. Maple paw turned her head if i was still following," Come on snail who calls himself a cat ", she joked. I rolled my eyes and kept walking," Remember where going to the training meadow". She didn't nod she just kept trudging along, mouse brain!  As her tail tip disappeared behind the last oak tree, a mouse scurried out of the oak hole. I went into my hunters crouch slowly edging towards the prey. My tail was low, my haunches where bunched ready to pounce. My muscles were tense and ready, then a launched, landing square on the mouse. I sank my claws into it and killing it instantly. Happily i dug a quick hole for the mouse and covered it with soft earth. As a padded back to maple paw i was impacted with a furry thing. Maple paw jumped off me and stood tall, looking pleased with herself. " What was that for "!
" well i was wondering where you went and I decided to surprise you ", she squeaked excitedly. I shook my head trying to get the dizziness out of my head, it felt like a badger came and plowed me over. " Well you surprised the fur off my pelt ", I grumbled angrily. Why does she have to get on my nerve all the time? " Well let's go", I meowed dismissively. She nodded and looked unhappy as she padded to a oak tree. " Its not time to sun are selves ".  She grumbled something and walked up to me. " ok ". 
" So I was thinking we could learn defense today". 
" alright ".
" Ok so you have to be fast on this move, faster then fire clan".
"Oh so you compliment fire clan but not me ", she hissed.
" I was just mad you scared me, that's all", I insisted
She didn't look convinced but her glare softened.
"Now I'm going to launch me to you and your going to slip around like a snake and to add to it perhaps slash my ankles so i fall, got it"? 
" yeah ". She mewed.
I lunged at her plowing her over easily." Come on pay attention". She gave me a hard stare and then got into her position. I charged once more, but missed maple paw by a mouse length. She took advantage of the attack and did what i instructed her to do. She curved herself slashing my ankle bone instantly making me face plant. She let a mrrow a laughter," Thats the funniest thing I've done sense, well never "! I spat out some dirt and looked cross but couldn't stop a purr slip from my throat. " You did great maple paw ", I congratulated, trying not to be a sore loser. She looked satisfied with my praise and batted at my head playfully. 
" hey "! I jumped onto her and nipped at her ear. She pushed me off and shook her pelt, looking embarrassed, maybe i was a bit too fast on agreeing to play like a kit. It looked like she thought the same and licked her chest fur embraced by the kit-like actions," Shall we had back ", she suggested suddenly. 
" Alright ". 

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