Clans of the wild

Sun brisk, a young tom has to figure out the secrets and mysterious of blood clans plot. They say they want peace but do they? As the book unfolds laughs, romance and adventure will unravel. If you like warrior read this fun filled adventure!
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( also it takes awhile for it to be really dramtic and stuff so just check for updates, and if you want to help write, just tell me :3


1. Darkpaw


I woke from my small nap, stretching for my next patrol. Bramble fang was already out of his nest. I padded out of the den and squinted my eyes from the bright shine of the sun. The cold wind suddenly came to me chilling my fur, making me shutter, winter. I saw the deputy approach me," You almost missed the last patrol". He glared at me then pointed his tail towards the patrol I was suppose to lead," oh uh sorry leaf-bare is really getting to me".
" Don't let it happen again", he growled. As he stalked off I calmly approached his patrol," Sorry about the delay", I mewed curtly. They nodded and followed me out the camp entrance. Trees rustled loudly, the wind is growing stronger. I lead the patrol over to the mist clan border, the small creek that was their border was just starting to  freeze."Alright look for anything suspicious and if you do report to me like usual". They nodded and padded of abruptly, sniffing for anything unusual. I went off to look at the creek bank, the water bank was frost and dangerously cold. A fish leaped up right  in front of me almost slapping me with his tail, I swatted it with my claws unsheathed trying to catch it. " Mouse dung", I spat. I curled the tip pf my tail up when I smelled something coming from down wind. It smelled like," Blood clan ", I screeched. The cats stood together in a battle position.  I quickly ran out to them frantically, where probably out numbered. "fern paw go to camp and get more cats ", I commanded urgently. She nodded and ran off like a pack of badgers were at her tail. More rustling from the bushes could be heard, it grew closer and closer. Everyone tensed ready for the attack. A battle screech arose from the trees as cats swarmed us. My pelt bristled as my claws unsheathed, I let out a vicious hiss. Red star came padding out smirking," Your out numbered, surrender or get clawed to pieces", He snarled fiercely.
" Never", I screeched as I flung himself at the leader. He yowled in surprise but regained quickly. Yowls,screeches,hisses and more were echoing the forest. Red star scratched my shoulder, as I whipped around as fast as he could and shot a blow at his flank trying to unbalance him. He staggered a step then launched himself in the air towards me. I thought he was a better fighter then this, I remarked to myself. I nimbly stopped aside as he face planted to the ground. Then i immanently jumped onto him keeping him down, ready to bite his neck," why so unskilled ", i sneered. As a bit down a smell, not of red star but of a nursery. This is a huge but new apprentice! I leaped of him as he staggered up with defiant eyes" Your not red star, yet you look so much like the fox hearted coward ", I growled. 
" I am his son, Dark paw I am his deputy ", he mewed glaring at me. 
" Your worse in battle then my apprentice". He glared at me with cold fire as his claws worked the ground.
" You know your no match for me, why did your father send you and not him, or I'll make you talk ". I let out a hiss, he looked reluctant but mewed " He is gone doing a great importance for our clan, lets just say the true blood clan will arrive". A yowl from fire pelt rang and his fresh patrol sounded like a call from star clan to me. Dark paw pelt bristled then yowled" retreat "!
" Coward ", i snarled lashing my tail, fox dung we could have kept him prisoner. Blood clan ran off snarling but stayed obedient. A apprentice cant be a deputy! 
" That was brave of you sun brisk ", fire pelt mewed. 
" If fern paw wouldn't have gotten you we would have been crow food ". He shrugged and lead me back to camp. 


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