Clans of the wild

Sun brisk, a young tom has to figure out the secrets and mysterious of blood clans plot. They say they want peace but do they? As the book unfolds laughs, romance and adventure will unravel. If you like warrior read this fun filled adventure!
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( also it takes awhile for it to be really dramtic and stuff so just check for updates, and if you want to help write, just tell me :3


5. Ancestors of mystery

Maple paws perspective
I padded into camp alongside with sun brisk, i waved my tail goodbye as i headed towards my den. I hope sun brisk is ok, I did get a bit carried away. I curled into my moss nest, it feels a bit lonely in here. I let sleep take me as my breath became a small snooze. I woke up into a dream, a vast meadow full of bright yellow flowers. The sun gleamed and glowed upon my pelt. A cat stared at me from a distance, examining me. " Who are you ", I snarled. The cat didn't answer, it jumped of the rock and padded to me," Im badger strike, I am here to show you something". 
" alright ", I growled. The cat was calm and confident, he was a brown and black striped tom. " come ", he gestured to me. I followed cautiously, keeping my ears perked and claws ready. He went threw a small bramble tunnel leading to a abandoned two leg home." Come on ", he mewed. Whats ruffled his fur? He lead me along a white picket fence, a small hole was made from cats, looking at the claw marks anyways. The smell of cats over welmed me. Cats began to poke there heads out cracks, windows and holes. " greetings clan mates, no need to be scared. I have invited a guest ". They looked hostile, one stepped out of the shadows. " These cats are huge ", I remarked. He nodded and lead me through another hole. A cat sat on a rock surrounded my bones. " Greetings scar ", he dipped his head and sat down. " I have chosen, this is my choice ". What is he talking about? The white scared tom examined me also," Shes a new apprentice ", he growled.
" Shes young, she will know our ways before she uses her clans, like i said before, she doesn't even know most of her clans rules ". He nodded knowing this was true, I became mad," What is this all about, are you calling me mouse brained", I snarled suddenly," what do you want". My pelt began to bristle, scar smirked," she's feisty, I need that ", he looked at me, seeming pleased. " let me talk to her badger strike". Badger strike dipped his head and padded off. " Your confused I'm assuming, am I correct "?
I nodded. " Alright, well Welcome to blood clan ".
" what , your not blood clan "!
" We all were at one time, we are their ancestors. We need cats to help blood clan to bring peace to the land like it was when I was a kit. No borders just one big clan."
"  There not wanting peace, last time they almost destroyed my clan ", I hissed furiously. He shook his head," That was red star, this is Dark stride. He is the son of red star, the light, the way ". I glared at him, he rlly thinks i will believe him, what does he mean, dark stride cant be the way!? 
" I need you to help my clan, I want to help yours ".
" Why "? He seemed to be getting impatient " I want you to convince your leader you have a dream that held peace in all the clans. This is your leaders dream, she didn't want her mate to die in vain, Do this for Amber star. Do you trust me"?
Well I do want to help Amber star, I would do anything for her.
" Promise me you wont harm my clan ", I hissed.
" I promise, let your training began ".

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