Clans of the wild

Sun brisk, a young tom has to figure out the secrets and mysterious of blood clans plot. They say they want peace but do they? As the book unfolds laughs, romance and adventure will unravel. If you like warrior read this fun filled adventure!
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2. Amber stars back story

" Amber star ", i called. She peeked out of her cave then trotted out. " yes, what is it"? 
" its blood clan, perhaps we should speak in your den".
She nodded and beckoned me with her tail. " so "?
" like i said its blood clan, they did a raid on my patrol but didn't accede thanks to fire pelts patrol. Anyways red star had a son named dark paw and made him deputy"! She shifted her paws and looked at me with memories in her eyes," My sister ", she mumbled sadly. " what"? She shook her head " Go on".
I nodded," Dark paw is deputy and he is only a apprentice and what's worse then that is he told me Red star is off doing business and making the true blood clan ". Her eyes widen with fear but her green eyes regained her confidence once again," We must keep watch, i will mention the raid at the gathering ". I nodded" why did you mumbled about your sister", i blurted. She looked at me fiercely then flicked her tail at her ear like she was punishing her self like a mother would do with her kit," My sister is Red stars mate, only me, you ,the medicine cat and few others but not many know", she sighed" when i first became leader she was my medicine cat but when we visited blood clan camp, She was all moony over him, i warned her if he didn't like her he would kill her on the spot."
" Did he kill her"?
" obliviously he didn't or they wouldn't have had Dark paw, What did he look like"?
" like his father but blue eyes ". She nodded ", lily cloud was such a innocent cat until she had to love him"! She dug her claws into the soil." We where also there alliances once until they did a attack upon us along with Mist clan, Fire clan didn't help us until there deputy finally just lead volunteers to us. Fire star was a noble leader until he grew older, He tried to kill me, he took the life of my mate", Her eyes grew cold and her lip quivered trying to hold back the tears" You'll have to hear the rest from River mist, it hurts to much to say the rest", she mumbled half crying. I looked at her with sympathetic eyes and waved goodbye with my tail. As a walked out of the den, Jay foot, my brothers son trotted up to me", I heard you defeated the nasty blood clan", he squeaked like a excited kit.
I nodded solemnly like Amber stars problems were mine, She has it worse then i do. He tilted his head slightly," what's wrong "? He looked concerned almost as much as a mother would do for her kit. " Nothing you should be worrying about ", I turned around and headed to River mist's den. When I went threw the vine passage way she was assorting herbs, she turned her head when I walked in. Her beautiful blue eyes sparkled and gleamed even with a dark cave she was in. " Greetings Sun brisk may I help you"? 
I shifted my paws as i told her what Amber star said," oh ", she muttered." Yes i was a kit then, i Remember the death of fire heart. Such a brave and noble cat". She paused then warm memories appeared in her eyes," Amber star always grumbled about when fire heart fussed over her", she chuckled lightly," Such a cute couple, one of the best in my time so far," she halted her sentence suddenly then mewed", have you had a she-cat in mind"?  My eyes widened with her question why is she so curious?
" uh, no not really", i lied. 
" oh, sorry i blurted such a uncomfortable question".
I nodded as i thought about willow pelt,  only if my best friend didn't like her as much as I did. " Anything else ", she mewed calmly." Oh yes, could you say how fire heart died and how lily cloud ended up". She nodded reluctantly," i suppose i can,  Amber star has approved it seems. Alright well it was just about time for new-leaf to come, Amber stars kits were just out of the nursery and apprenticed. Oh such a happy day for our leader until fire star came trotting in like it was his clan and went up to Amber star and her kits. Fire heart just came back from a patrol and started to approach fire star. Fire heart greeted him and asked why he was here and then fire star leaped onto Amber star and bit her neck, and the only reason was is because our leader didn't have enough time to react if your wondering how her skill was. His weight was to great for her and fire heart turned into a tiger practically, he ripped fire star like a piece off fresh kill from Amber star.  And said,' Do you have bees in your brain', he screeched and fire star said' you betrayer  its time for you to go', fire heart killed him but died from wounds". River mist had great sorrow coming off in waves" Such a noble cat and deputy", she whispered. 
" I'm so sorry i had to bring that up, I was just curious". I shifted my paws as she stared at me with her sorrowful eyes," Some times its good that things are unburied to reveal the old treasures ", she remarked. 
" I guess, but what about lily cloud"?
"Oh yes her, well she is now known as red claw. It has been so for many moons, I was not born yet, Amber star noticed her sister had been gone for a long while and decided to find her. So she followed her sent and ended up on the blood clan border. But what was more weird is that her sent went across the border, Amber star reluctantly went across the border and followed the sent. Once she got a to a birch tree she heard her sisters voice matched with another she knew. She automatically climbed up the tree, but fell from being scared by a crow. Her sister threatened her to never come back or she will have no Mercy. Blood clan wanted to ally with forest clan but had to force it upon them, red claw lied that she wanted peace just like her sister. Star clan warned her in a dream that something was going to happen but didn't understand at the time.  All blood clan wanted was to gain forest clans trust and brake them again to get there territory like the first time." She whipped her head around once she was done with the story," oh it's just bramble fang, I suppose your needed". She started arranging her herbs again as a padded out, my paws where some-what numb from sitting there, the story gave me chills of the betrayal, imagining the horror of my brother going to a different clan and tricking us

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