someone's choice

someone's choice is determine on their lifestyle situation. Whether the fact of being in love is right or not, just to endure the struggles of being in a relationship with a specific partner. But in this world, choice is always corrupted with emotional feelings, being tricked by greed, jealous, lust and more can lead to a lot of drama in one's life.

= In this story, there will be many persons with different lives that are going through the same problem, this will tell how their choice might be beneficial or bad within life.


1. eposide: Taeyeon Cho






innocent/clubbing little sister


             "What time is it?" Taeyeon yawns, as her sight met the ceiling. Won't be like any other day, hopefully. she signs in thought, rising her from the bed stretching her arms up lazily waving from side to side, Wait, something is strange this morning. Did dad come home last night? Taeyeon got up walking over to her dresser and pick up her phone where she realize that she got eighteen messages from her father, Jaehum Cho. His a nightclub owner, while her older brother Jiho Cho works full time being DJ there. Taeyeon presses the main button which accesses the mail box as she clicks one text and begins to read out loud.

'Taeyeon Cho, when I reach home you're are ground for life.'

"Eh," Taeyeon uttered, obviously confuse about last night, What did I do? she raises her eye brows in thought curiously hoping to remember, unfortunately working as the bartender on the weekend nights do comes with a price as she reads the second message.

'Ya, Taeyeon couldn't you have solve fight rather then jumping into it, the club is busted with cops charging me with a super experience  fee which I'll take out of your pay.'

"Wait!" Taeyeon surprisingly exclaimed, "Cops, fight, I'm confuse."

Suddenly a memory flash appears, That's me, she said in thought, observing the scene apparently she sees herself on top against a drunken man's break, It's the same idiot that didn't wanted to pay for his drinks on his tab, she mutters, realizing that took her his inexperience wig flying across the room which landed in someone's else drink and with that another came nearby to stop the commotion, somehow she manage to find her converse high in his mouth, Did that really happen? she titled her head to aside and thought off the memory. When she heard a beep vibrated from her phone noticing it two miss calls for her best friends Yejin Lee and Haji Won.

"I did, mess up big time, ah! What I am going to do?," Taeyeon frowned, "When he gets here, I'm screwed, shit," she turns and faces the clock above her front bedroom entrance it was already eight minutes past seven o'clock, "Not only that, I'm for work!"

Just my favorite day for me to be panicking, this morning, I hate Mondays, and the smell of coffee makes me sick, Taeyeon sucks in a deep breath rampaging through her closet grabbing out a ton of clothes throwing it onto her bed picking out the prefect to wear, since she a barista at a coffee shop she needs something that won't get stain easily. Afterward she runs out of the door with her bath towel into the hallway turning the corner into the bathroom, which revealed a half naked Jiho dipping in water.

"Ya, what the hell aren't you going to get out of here!" Taeyeon hissed.

"Why should I?" Jiho smirked, "You're the one who got up late and even left dad with a load of crap last night to deal with."

"Wait a second, dad's home," Taeyeon freaked out, "Jiho, where is he?"

"Making breakfast, of course, duh," Jiho replied, walking pass by me and I close the door from behind and took a five minute shower, brushed my teeth and ran out entering and briefly change into cut up denim skinny jeans, cute edgy tank top along with the leather black jacket and converse highs.


= plotline wanted: innocent / clubbing little sister

+ full name: Taeyeon Cho

+ nicknames:

TaeTae - close friends when they want something

+ birth date: 9th March, 1996

+ age: 20

+ nationality: American

+ ethnicity: Korean

+ birthplace: Los Angeles, California

+ languages: English, Korean, Spanish

+ height: 160cm

+ weight: 44kg

+ blood type: O

+ background: Taeyeon Cho grew up in Los Angeles, California with her father, Jaebum Cho, and her older brother, Jiho Cho. Her father is the owner of a nightclub while her brother worked as a DJ there. In the morning, while her brother and father slept, Taeyeon serves coffee as a barista in a coffee shop a little far from her father's nightclub. As the sun sets however, she works as the bartender on weekend nights. Taeyeon usually attends other nearby clubs on week nights instead. Her close friends, Yejin Lee and Haji Won, would always get discounts at Taeyeon's father's nightclub. The topic of her mother was always avoided by the Cho siblings after they were told by their father that their mother had abandoned the family. Overall, Taeyeon's life growing up with her brother and father wasn't too bad.

+ personality: with a job as a bartender on weekend nights, she has heard almost every pick up line and have quickly grown to be immune to it. She can't be wooed easily, instead she slyly offers pricy drinks to customers with a flirty smile. Although Taeyeon seems like a very experienced girl, truthfully, she has not been introduced to the things that normally happen in the small rooms of the nightclub and is actually still pretty innocent. She has quite the kind heart and treats everyone with fair respect.

+ trivias:

Ironically, she works as a barista at a coffee shop yet hates the taste of coffee

Taeyeon loves to watch horror films and play scary games, she says it gives her the adrenaline rush feeling

When at home, she usually lays around her brother or keeps her head on his lap while feeding him snacks as he plays around with his remixes

She's quite protective of her older brother, Jiho, as he is very protective over her as well.

Taeyeon fears loosing her father and brother

The Cho family are surpringsly Buddhists, however, they aren't too religious

Taeyeon absolutely hates aegyo

+ love interest: Jimin Park

+ nickname: Jiminnie, Dooly

+ his personality/ traits:

Self conscious of his looks

Very bright and cute

Trustworthy, kind, gentle

Quite stubborn

+ his age: 20

+ short trivias: list some of his dislikes, likes, and other things to know about him.

His favorite food is meat

Charms others with his eyes

Eyeliner is his life yet her can't put on eyeliner himself

Can hit very impressive high notes

He would dance wherever music plays

Finds joy in achieving gold one by one

He has a father, mother and younger brother

Jimin was born 13th October, 1995

He's teased by his friends because he is shorter than them at 175cm

Has a lot of knowledge about skin care

+how you met/are you meeting him for the first time?: Taeyeon's friendship with Jimin began when he and his friends came by the nightclub Taeyeon was working in on the weekend. Instead of dropping pick up lines at Taeyeon, Jimin quickly caught her interest with his eye smile and dance skills.

+ wrecker: Kim Taehyung

+ interview question: why did you join this fiction?: [ I applied because the storyline caught me I sternest quickly. When I read the introduction, I liked the idea since it very well stated how the world really is. By the time I read up to 'innocent / clubbing little sister', I felt like I just had to apply because of the interestingly new plot line character.

Nice, awesome yay! Glad to hear that.

+ message to author: *cries* are you sure you aren't bombarded?! I'm worried if you get bombarded and yet here I am still applying.. I'm a hypocrite.

Nah, you're not. I'm fine for your concern sis I'll do my best of course.

+ password: You Think by Girls' Generation / Dope by Bulletproof Boys / Heart Attack by AOA

Accepted/ Congrats/ Yes

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