someone's choice

someone's choice is determine on their lifestyle situation. Whether the fact of being in love is right or not, just to endure the struggles of being in a relationship with a specific partner. But in this world, choice is always corrupted with emotional feelings, being tricked by greed, jealous, lust and more can lead to a lot of drama in one's life.

= In this story, there will be many persons with different lives that are going through the same problem, this will tell how their choice might be beneficial or bad within life.


3. eposide: Seolhyun Rose Kwon





Arranged Marriage


Impatiently, Seolhyun waited by the dining table alongside her siblings; older sister Dasom and younger brother Vernon who was talking with their mom about the parent's meeting that will be held on Thursday in the school's auditorium. Suddenly their dad enters with his parents also Seolhyun's grandparents, their dad didn't look please. This isn't going to be good, Seolhyun thought. Immediately, she attentively faced her dad and mouthed, "What's happening, is something wrong or what?"

"Just listen," her father told her and then announced, "Your grandparents have an important topic to discuss with the three of you."

"Grandpa Jae, are you getting your appendix remove," Vernon joked.

"No, you rascal," Grandpa clicked his tough, rolling his eyes, instantly my grandma Min glared at Vernon who busy chuckling and said, "We want the three of you to get into an arrange marriage and your parents have also agreed to choose the best suitable partner for you all."

With that said, instantly Seolhyun's mouth parted in surprise, What! Like heck no, there's no way I'm getting married, I don't want this, she thought gulping, shaking her head as she look at her siblings apparently they had the same expression, "Why all of this so suddenly?"

"Your grandmother and I, don't have much time on this earth as you think, all we is to our grandkids happy with their love ones," Grandpa Jae explained, "And also we went to see our grandchildren before we live this earth."

"Like that, will happen." Dasom frowned.

"You two old hags are tougher than razor sharp stone," Vernon teased, which earned himself a smack by his mother in his head, "Ouch mom, but it's true."

"Here's the agreement we talk about, honey," my mom said, referring to continue on her behalf and so he did, "If the two does not get along or cannot find a connection in three months, the marriage does not happen at all."

That doesn't seem so bad, I like it. Whoever they choose I'll much sure we don't last, Seolhyun mischievously smiled in thought, soon Dasom voice snap her out of thought, "Who's the lucky people you're arranging us with?"

"They will be arriving this afternoon to have dinner with us," Grandma mentioned and it didn't take a second for the door bell to ring twice, "Better prepare, yourself pumpkin pies it's about to get cute," she smirked, out of the blue two handsome guys in their early twenties appear beside a pretty girl in a sunflower blouse and white short pants with vans smiling.

"Mr. and Mrs. Kwon and grandfather Jae and grandmother Min in law," the girl greeted, "It's good to see you again, all well."

"Aw, Yuri, don't be so formal with us come here and have a seat with us," Grandpa invited them to join beside the dinning table and immediately Seolhyun thought, Doesn't that guy look familiar? Finally she recognizes the face of her archenemy from school Jeonghan Yoon, the other standing beside him was his best friend Jun Wen.

Yoon smirked, "Mr. Kwon, you didn't mention that your second youngest daughter Seolhyun was so beautiful."

What's that jerk saying? Has he lost his mind? Seolhyun blinked angrily, gritting her teeth and wrinkle her nose at him, as he just smiles, "No matter, if I'm beautiful or not. I'm marrying you even though you're in your grave piss off, Yoon."

"Seolhyun language," my mother scolded.

"Right on sis," Vernon agreed, wrapping his arm behind my neck hugging me closely at his side, "I'm not letting my sister marry that idiot."

"Hi Wen," Dasom politely blushed at Jun Wen who smile, "So I'm guessing you're the one for me?"

Wen flirted, "There's no other than me, princess," she smiled approached her and kissed the surface of her right hand which lead Seolhyun's grandmother and mom into a cute adorable moment of first love sight.

"Just forget about it, Yoon isn't kissing my hand," Seolhyun warned, "Cause, I don't like his head so much."


=Plotline wanted: Arranged Marriage

+Full Name: Seolhyun Rose Kwon


Rosie- my family calls me this

.●Miss Sporty -my friends call me this

+Birthdate: December 9,1995

+Age: 20

+Nationality: Chinese

+Ethnicity: Chinese, half korean, partial american

+Birthplace: Shanghai, China

+Languages: Chinese, Korean, English, Thai

+Height: 170cm

+Weight: 42kg

+Blood Type: AB

+Background: Seolhyun was born in Shanghai but her and her family is currently living in Seoul. She has an older sister Dasom, 22, and younger brother Vernon, 18. Her bffs are Mina and Yoona. Her parents are loving and caring and wants nothing but the best for them. Things are very good in the familu, expcept with her grandparents on their dad's side. Her grandparents wants all three of them to get in an arrange marrige and have the parents choose the best partner. Non of them liked this but the agreement is:"If the two does not get along or cannot find a connection in three months, the marriage does not happen at all." Seolhyun really hates this because the person who she is paired with was her rival in high school, Jeonghan Yoon.



Sports Minded

Caring and Dedicated to the people she cares about

Competitive: She plays: -Girl's hockey, soccer, tennis, volleyball



:●Bubble Tea




Martial Arts for example: Wushu, Taekwondo and Hapkido.





●Sometimes hiding herself from the truth

●Putting a smile on her face when angry or upset. Not showing her true emotions at times

+Love Interest: Jeonghan Yoon

+Age: 20 (D.O.B October 10, 1995)


Angel Yoon

Mr. Classic


Like Seolhyun, very sports minded and competitive.

He is nice, a gentleman. He's nice to Seolhyun, but kinda different since the rivalry in high school.-

Short trivia:








Untrustworthy people


● Hiding his true feelings

+ how you met/are you meeting him for the first time?: We were captains of the different sports we played (Lacrosse, soccer, etc)-Then saw each other again when finding out about the arrange marriage.

+ wrecker: Jun Wen

+interview question: why did you join this fiction?: My wattpad timeline!

That's normal, :) our timelines is so full of interesting stuff! I love you it yay!

+Message to author: I hope this story becomes really successful!

Aw, thank you so much, I'll work hard on it as well.

+Password: Adore u,(Song of 2015)


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