someone's choice

someone's choice is determine on their lifestyle situation. Whether the fact of being in love is right or not, just to endure the struggles of being in a relationship with a specific partner. But in this world, choice is always corrupted with emotional feelings, being tricked by greed, jealous, lust and more can lead to a lot of drama in one's life.

= In this story, there will be many persons with different lives that are going through the same problem, this will tell how their choice might be beneficial or bad within life.


6. eposide: Park Chunhee




office, break up girlfriend



It's late, Chunhee I can't sleep hugging onto her pillow thinking about when her parents warned her about having a boyfriend and relationship struggles. Only if I had listen back then, instead on ignoring them, Chunhee thought, clenching her fist together and pounding her pillow hardly then threw across the room.

"Why did he do this to me?" Chunhee uttered, with a tear streaming downwards her right cheek as she recaps the old scene within her mind.


9: 15 am

"Ah, Chunhee you're late again," manager Lin scolded, "Here, get a move on and bring this to Daniel."

Chunhee nod, grabbing the folder and turn to the corner entering the library area where her boyfriend, 'Daniel' office was located there once she arrived she twisted the door knob and notice it was lock and wondered, why is this lock? Isn't he there? Chunhee began knocking onto the door and called out her boyfriend.

"Daniel, are you there? If you're playing games to frightened best you stop it," Chunhee said, "Lin, sent to bring these folders to finish up the business deal agreement project." Then Chunhee thought, Why is he taking so long to answer me? she frowned, feeling bit annoyed and kept knocking and suddenly the door slightly door poking a half of Daniel's face.

Chunhee signed, "What are you doing Daniel?" she placed her heads onto her hips, "Haven't you heard how long I have been knocking your door."

"Chunhee, Chun baby, I didn't hear what is it?" Daniel awkwardly smiled, when Chunhee push and came in she realize that her boyfriend's suit weren't properly fixed on his body and with that was sweating he ran a marathon across the world.

"What happen to you is there printer giving troubles again?" Chunhee asked, with such concern soon her sight was corrupted by a half naked girl,  who's exactly the his newly hired assistant Rena was sitting on the research table tacking her skirt button up, "Daniel, what the hell is going? You better have a good reason why I shouldn't murder Rena?"

Daniel bit his lower lip, "Cause, I realize she was the only one worth spending time with Chun rather than you, always being a control by your parents when we graduated together and they still didn't like me that much, why have a girlfriend with hateful parents against me being with their daughter?"

  I didn't know he felt that way, Chunhee mouth parted in shock tearing up shaking her head, "Daniel, you shouldn't have done this because of my parents, I loved you I didn't want my folks think about you the only thing I knew is that you were worth trusting." Daniel stood there speechless, as Rena came down the table all dress with a worried expression.

"Chunhee didn't you knew Daniel was with you, if I did I wouldn't have done it," Rena admitted.

But in Chunhee's mind, Rena voice was so distant only focus on Daniel face, "Then why didn't you break up with me in the first place?" she hissed, before Daniel could response she continued, " You know what, tell me take privilege to say; screw off you jerk face we're through." Chunhee was about to walk out on him, soon he held her wrist and yelled.

"Wait Chun, this was all a mistake, trust me," Daniel said and with that being said, Rena fist alongside Chunhee palm came clashing on his facial cheeks.

Rena smirked, "Mistake huh, you weren't complaining though the second you open that door, asshole," meanwhile Chunhee left running out the staff room with tears in her eyes, crying nor stop.

+ spoiler alert: "I didn't put your wrecker as your ex-boyfriend in this story, cause he might show off as someone close to you in friendship."


= Plotline wanted: Office, break up girlfriend

+Full Name: Park Chunhee


 Chun - my friends thought of a nickname for me so they decided that my nickname will be this.

+Birthdate: July 24, 1996

+Age: 18

+Nationality: Korean

+Ethnicity: half american

+Birthplace: Busan, Korea

+Languages: Chinese, Korean, English.

+Height: 50 kg

+Weight: 161 cm

+Blood type: A

+Background: Chunhee is 18 years old. She has a boyfriend. even though she is young. She kept it as a secret from her parents. One time, Her parents saw text messages in her phone from a boy. Her boyfriend. She told everything to her parents. They were disappointed because she has boyfriend at a young age. She promised she can have a boyfriend when she graduates. Her parents started to ignore her. one day. She was walking to work. minutes later. She arrived at her office. when she walked to her boyfriend's office. The door was locked. She wandered. She kept on knocking then few seconds later. Her boyfriend opened the door. Sweaty and his clothes were not worn properly. She saw a girl sitting on top of the table. Her boyfriend cheated on her and told her that they should break up. Chunhee ran away and cried.









-Shoescolor pink, purple, yellow, turquoise, starbucks, sports, food;cake


- dishonesty; people who keeps secrets from people they are close to.

- Backstabbers


-Dancing, Singing, Playing badminton, Reading


-panics and face turns red when gets nervous.

-Doesn't look at the person at the person she is talking to for a very long time.

+Love interest: byun baekhyun

+nicknames:  baek, bacon

+his personality:

-A very good cook.


- He likes Disney princess, Entertaining

- Handsome

+his age: 21

+short trivia:

-Likes:the color pink the number 4, cooking, eating, looking at photographs and recipes

-dislikes:haters bad people

+how you met/ are you meeting him for the first time?: we met after She broke up with her boyfriend. ( the other parts re up to you. )

+ wrecker: Park Jiyoung [Got7 Jr]

+ interview question: why did you join this fiction?its my first time applying. so I thought that maybe if i apply. I finally became apart of something.its nice to apply these kinds of fic because its nice and cool and you get to know other people too.

I agreed, anyways fun reading and getting everyone here hope you make cool friends in the story.

+message to author: I hope i get accepted. I will approve your decision whatever the result will be.

Welcome to, someone's choice enjoy the story whoo!

+ password: Girl's Generation's Lion Heart

Accepted/Congrats/ Yes

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