someone's choice

someone's choice is determine on their lifestyle situation. Whether the fact of being in love is right or not, just to endure the struggles of being in a relationship with a specific partner. But in this world, choice is always corrupted with emotional feelings, being tricked by greed, jealous, lust and more can lead to a lot of drama in one's life.

= In this story, there will be many persons with different lives that are going through the same problem, this will tell how their choice might be beneficial or bad within life.


5. eposide: Lee Nani Simone







divorce wife


The beat up music, blasting throughout downtown caught Nani's attention while shopping with her cousin Gina, for the latest fashion trend in Seoul. Nani began listening to the music and left her cousin following the sound into an entrance which had a sign written,  'AOMG GHOST.' Is this some kind of club, Nani thought entering the place to welcome by the smell of alcohol and individuals that were in the early to late twenties dancing to the rhythm.

"Whoa," Nani uttered, walking furthered into the crowd squirming her way out till she finds the bar and opposite it had another crowd bouncing their heads to rap lyrics sang by many rap artists. If I didn't left, I would be hearing Gina nag my ears off about how she's hungry, Nani chuckled slightly in thought, dancing a little. Instantly lost in the music, Nani was quite amuse to see her favorite rap artist, from Seattle; Jay Park was singing 'Girlfriend' smiling at the screaming female fans, who were busy admiring his chest's abs and lips.

Nani rolled her eyes, "I don't see what they see in that guy, his music is good but his player habits needs to go," she still smiles, listening to sing, Jay's voice will always the same, no matter age I guess I'll always be his fan girl, Nani shrugged. Out of the nowhere she felt a vibration in her jean's back pocket, so she pulls out and phone.

"Hello," Nani answered.

"I can't believe you left me, Nani," Gina whined, " We suppose be shopping. What's that? Is that music, are you at a club?"

"Gina please, my ear is sensitive. And yes I am, this is off the chain girl. The rappers are epic they can flow, trust me," Nani replied.

"That's not, what I want to hear Nani. Where are you exactly?" Gina asked, "Cause I'm coming to get you, right now. Your mom would flip if she knew this, plus your blind date aren't forgetting that."

Nani sighed, "That's the at least of problems, I don't want to attend that stupid date, every guy my mother gets is a total moron, Gina."

"Nani, why, why can't you consider this you're officially twenty years old it's time you get yourself a cutesy boo," Gina told Nani, referring that she needs to get a boyfriend since she's always single.

"I don't want stress, Gina," Nani responded rudely, "You know what, bye." Before Gina could scold Nani more, she hang up quickly. Ah! I hate this, mom is always up to no good always ruining myself with idiots, there's no way I'm going to fall in love with someone I just met, never. Nani frowns, approaching the bar  and sits beside the counter and ordered a three short glasses of Soju alcohol, Nani drank all, and ordered a strawberry cream cocktail  and sips it, then got off turning her heel accidentally slamming her hand that had the drink into someone's face which spilled onto his designed t-shirt.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't see you," Nani apologized, while she panicked grabbing tissues from the paper rack and began wiping his shirt, "Honestly, I'm sorry, really." Nani thought, Oh my gosh, what I am doing? I'm even messing up the guy's shirt more. When, she felt a grip held the wrist of the right arm she stop and shyly raise her brow at the guy in front who was wearing a blue jacket, black jeans and boots apparently he was really handsome with a devious smirk at the corner of his lips that frown at the time.

"Could you at least, calm down, you didn't do it purposely, right," he angrily raise his brow, yet he was still settle holding back his anger, "Now, I can't be seen like this in public, you know."

"Gray, bro your shirt just got dope on," another guy dress in navy blue sliver jacket, black jeans, nikes along with his snapback on his head appeared beside him, literally laughing at the situation snapping a photo of him, "This is so going on instragam for the fans."

"Ya, loco! Don't even think about it," he warned, trying to snatch the phone out his friend's palm, before he could that do, loco had time ditch Nani and him disappearing into the crowd.

Nani swallowed hardly poking her index fingers together, "Do you have a phone?" He looks at her weirdly and answered, "Why, what for?" He took out his phone and Nani grab it from him and place her number in his contacts.

"Here's my number, I'll compensate for the damaging your shirt," Nani paused, "I hope it's not expensive."

"And if it is, then," He raise his brow at Nani who gulped, Oh men, this isn't my day I don't even have enough cash unless I ask mom for some, Nani weakly smiled, "Then, I'll just have to pay for it no matter how much it cost, anyway later," she swiftly dodge herself out of the club.


= plotline wanted: divorce wife

+ full name:  Lee Nani Simone

+ nicknames:

= Teddy Ni; close friends only

= Miss Piggy & Foodie ; older sister because likes to tease her a lot .

+ birth date:  22th december, 1995.

+ age: 20

+ nationality: african american

+ ethnicity: african american, half Korean

+ birthplace:  Seattle, Washington

+ languages:  Korean, English, French  learning is Chinese and Japanese.

+ height: 156 in kg

+ weight: 53 in cm

+ blood type:  O

+ background:  Lee Nani Simone, was raise in Incheon, South Korea. At the age of sixteen she migrate with her parents mother; Tricia and father; Chris, back to her homeland Seattle, Washington to finish up high school after graduation. She decided to travel to Seoul with her orphan cousin named Gina Charles. Meanwhile touring the country Nani decided to pursue a career in fashion and music production so she attend Seoul University for a year, during that time Nani discovered a club known as 'AOMG GHOST,' where music producers and DJ's and unknown rapper artists battle it out to earn fame to get sign into AOMG label which owned by Park Jae-beom 'Jay Park' and  Jung Kiseok 'Simon Dominic'. Nani alone within the club, she went on a little exploring to do some fashion sketches for a class project, she thought their ubran hip pop outfits reminded Nani about African American rapper artists style, Nani liked the vibe and beat of the dupset music being played along with the rapper inspirational lyrics. Sitting by the bar, Nani order a drink after she drunk she then turn her heel to walk and end up spilling her drink on Lee Sunghwa 'GRAY' and tried apologized to him, grabbing tissues to wip the liquid off his design shirt then she gave him her phone number explaining that she compensate for damaging for his shirt and left. Without knowing, Nani got a call from her mother; Tricia indicating that she and Gina would be staying in the same condo with best friend son Sunghwa 'GRAY' , that end up being her surprise fiance.

- mind pause, I need to rethink this background.

+ personality: Nani, isn't the type that would take nonsense from anyone. If she doesn't like something she will blurt whatever that's on her mind. She's humble, mischievous a bit, friendly and only caring to the one's she love the most like her family and close friends. Sometimes if she sad about a specific personal topic she tends to close down her walls and becomes a bit rude and sensitive while ignoring everyone hoping that she would find a way to relieve the burden by listening to hip pop and ballad music. Nani is humorous yet she's calm person that would give good advice and also knows how to have fun.

+ trivias:

- likes: hip pop & rap music, cooking, fashion sketches [art], creating music, watching dramas, clubbing.

-dislikes: liars, self-centered jerks, baby milk bottles and dolls.

-hobbies: watching action movies, fashion shows, going out and hang with friends, cooking, training martial arts; Qi Gong and singing while dancing to electronic pop music.

-faults/habits: biting lip when lying, smirks; because she plans to do something extremely insane, poking the tips of the index fingers when nervous and laughing when jokes aren't funny.

- phobias: fish guts and darkness; being lost in some dark alley

+ love interest:  Lee Sung Hwa

+ nickname: GRAY

+ his personality/ traits:

= serious

= Hard working

= simple, diligent

= playful

= quite blurt

= appreciative

+ his age: 28

+ short trivias: list some of his dislikes, likes, and other things to know about him.

- His interested in hip pop music

- Loves producing music beats/ Studio

- Likes singing, parties

- Hate dishonest people

+how you met/are you meeting him for the first time?: Nani met, Sunghwa in club somehow she apologizes about the accident she cause and left him with a her phone number, and if that wasn't enough to avoid Sunghwa. Her mother Tricia ends up setting on a blind date that leads to an a force engagement because before his grandfather dies he wants to see his son get married.

+ wrecker: Kwon Hyuk Woo [Loco]

+ interview question: why did you join this fiction?: Honestly, the concept seem a bit interesting I could think of a lot of wild things going to happen in this awesome story. I wanted a piece of the action too.

+ message to author: blabber, blabber, cookies, cookies and just going to my best with this story.

+ password: Loco ft. Gray Hold Me Tight/ Gray ft. Loco Just do It

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