someone's choice

someone's choice is determine on their lifestyle situation. Whether the fact of being in love is right or not, just to endure the struggles of being in a relationship with a specific partner. But in this world, choice is always corrupted with emotional feelings, being tricked by greed, jealous, lust and more can lead to a lot of drama in one's life.

= In this story, there will be many persons with different lives that are going through the same problem, this will tell how their choice might be beneficial or bad within life.


4. eposide: Kim Saehyun








It's winter, the cool air surrounding the streets at nights; Saehyun's family has finally arrived in the city of South Korea, Seoul for the second time because her father, Yunseok  has been promoted with a better deal offered job as a surgeon in the most famous hospital. Though being back in this country, Saehyun is bit anxious hoping to begin her new life once more,  even though she left Australia she will always remember the great memories she made there.

"Sae, could place these in the jeep," her mother, Tracy handed Saehyun the suitcase.

"Shouldn't Taesung be helping us, instead of texting of his girlfriend," Saehyun scolded, "Mom, his eyes have left the screen even once aren't going to stop him, I'm tire and also jet leg." Obviously, when will this packing stop, arg, Saehyun thought, placing the suitcase in the trunk of the vehicle.

Taesung signed, meanwhile Saehyun's mother had alright given him the warning with just one dead panned glare and so forth, he pocket his phone and began helping and once done they left and drove towards the new house. It's time like these, I don't want to go anywhere and of all the days it's Friday the last day of the week and literally my nightmare, high school, Saehyun frowned, "Are we there yet?"

"Unfortunately no, within ten minutes we'll be there," Yunseok, her father answered, "It's kind of good to be back here, I mean Australia was a wonderful homey place but Seoul is just comforting since it's my home land, you know kids."

I nod, Taesung yawned and went texting his girlfriend once more again, "Aren't your fingering hurting?" Saehyun asked him, Taesung laughed shaking his head.

"Why jealous? Cause you don't have one," Taesung teased, Saehyun glared, "Oh, literally I'm begging for cheese rather than being in a stressful shit, wreck relationship with some air head moron."

Taesung smiled, cause of what Saehyun, "That's whay you're my baby sister," he teased playfully poking my right cheek, "Who knows, what the future will bring."

He can just forget it all, because it's never happening, Saehyun smirked in thought and all of sudden her father Yunseok stops the jeep besides a coffee shop called, La Blu. "Why did you stop here Yunseok?" Tracy, Saehyun asked in curiosity.

"Thought that we might by something to eat, cause I'm starving for some donuts," Yunseok mentioned.

Tracy chuckled, "You aren't never going to live that habit, are you?" Saehyun's father, Yunseok replied, "Nope," then exited the jeep. With that Saehyun's phone rang, she observed the caller identification and saw it was one of her best friend's, Chunhwa.

"Hey Chunhwa," Saehyun answered, "How's it been?"

Chunhwa replied, "Good, are you here yet?"

"Yeah, we're just got here," Saehyun explained, "Where's Jihae and Juhee?"

Chunhwa responded, "They're beside me," suddenly Juhee pops in the background, "Yah! Saehyun what the hell! Oh my gosh I miss you come back and hang out with us the libary isn't fun anymore since you aren't there to help us prank Mrs. Piper again, so hurry up." Then Jihae commented, "Chicken manic when everything is settle, calls us you miss you so much Ace, Sae! Sae! we love you yay." Saehyun could how much Chunhwa was annoyed, "Could you two at least take turns to talk you're killing my freaking ear off," before she could continued, Juhee grabbed the phone.

"Sae, Chunhwa is having a melt break down as ever as ways, anyways your Taesung's girlfriend Yoona isn't the right girl for him, she has been sneaking off with other guys to parties, I know she's my consin but after all I did warn him not to date Yoona," Juhee signed, "Now, it's the time for this Juhee, Taesung shouldn't have taken interest in her after his my crush I'm going to kill Yoona if Taesung cries for this nonsense," Jihae screamed in the background.

Saehyun was shock yet upset cause she knew that her three best friends, wouldn't lie about that Taesung's relationship with Juhee's cousin Yoona,  I knew she was bad news from the start to begin, with, she thought, "Tell Jihae to came down, Juhee don't worry I'm sure he can handle this,'' Saehyun assured, looking at her older brother happily texting, but his lips end up into a furious frown, "Taesung are you okay?"

Taesung watched back at Saehyun and shrugged, "It wasn't meant to be after all, you was right about Yoona," he finally admits it, which made Saehyun give him the 'I told you so look' but she smiled, "Taesung you know you're Jihae's number one crush," she said to cheer him up, as he smile laughed.

"Of course, no other fifteen year old but her would consider me as a crush," Taesung joked, "But it nice to know that, Sae."

"Saehyun, don't tell Taesung that Jihae has a crush on him," Juhee said in the background, "If she did, I would totally have a heart attack! Sae!" Jihae shouted, Opps, I did told him though, Saehyun blinked in thought and smirked, "What done is done", she uttered underneath her lips, "Anyways I'll call you girls later."

Chunhwa butts in, "Okay, bye Sae," she ended the call.

"Anyone, wants lattes?" Yunseok, Saehyun's father entered the jeep handing lattes to his wife, as Saehyun smiled, "Sure, why not dad." Taesung signed, "Yeah." "I guess being in Seoul, again won't be so bad," Saehyun muttered.

= plotline wanted: student

+ full name: Kim Saehyun

+ nicknames:

Sae – shortened 'Saehyun', people I'm close to

chicken mania – i'm a chicken lover and was named 'chicken mania' by my classmates

ace – i'm called 'ace' by many that see my talents/hobbies like dancing, singing, playing instruments, and playing sports

+ birth date: 25th september, 1997

+ age: turning 18 (int.)

+ nationality: australia (moved to seoul)

+ ethnicity: half korean, half australian (mom is aus)

+ birthplace: gangnam, seoul

+ languages: english, korean, learning french

+ height: 163 cm

+ weight: 45 kg

+ blood type: O

+ background: i moved to australia with my older brother and parents when i was 8. since my mom, tracy, is australian, it was easier for us to adapt quickly. we lived in melbourne as we used to live in gangnam. my brother, taesung, and i have a close relationship and our family don't go through struggle in relationship. i had only a few friends back when i was a kid and we were still living in gangnam. my dad, yunseok, has been given an offer for a better job back in seoul so we moved back when i was 15 and there, i met more friends like jihae, chunhwa, and juhee.

+ personality: i'm rude when i feel comfortable around you (as close friends usually act around each other), i like to lay back and chill but also care a lot for friends and put them first, i look like the cutesy type but once you get to know me, i'm nowhere near there and yet, i'm not boyish

+ trivias:

i'm claustrophobic

• habits;>unknowingly bites lower lip

• likes; >animals>food>music>sports, etc


•hobbies; >playing sports such as badminton and football (soccer), just shooting hoops once in a while too>dancing>playing on the drums and piano>skating (rollerblades and boarding)>swimming>listening to music>singing, etc

+ love interest: Jeon Jungkook

+ nicknames: Jungkook, Kookie, The Golden Maknae, Jeon Jungkookie, Mr. Spreading LegsJungkook's

+ his personality [as is already? I don't need to change anything at all but i will list a few points too)]



confident, etc

+ his age: turning 18 (int.)

+ short trivias:

• hobbies;>dancing>singing/rapping>producing music>listening to music>playing games>drawing

•habits;>unknowingly licks lips

• likes;>children (no pedo way ㅋ)>music>dancing>art>talent>anime

• dislikes;>hypocrites>haters

+ how you met/are you meeting him for the first time?: we met during first day of school, we're classmates and have more than half of our classes together but we're not close yet (i guess that part's all up to you now :D)  [this might change to student and teacher relationship]

+ wrecker: Min Yoongi

+ interview question: why did you join this fiction?: i enjoy the idea of applyfics because other people get to have the chance to be apart of something, meet new people, get to have their own selves in a story, have fun, not only that but it's a very creative way to connect to others and writing.

I agree, there's so many unique plots that's what to make you jump up and try something with your character it in and making new friends while reading and commenting on the story, it fun. Cool and glad to hear that.

+ message to author: i hope i get in (: but i will respect your decision whatever the result may be.

You will and thanks for applying.

+ password: I'm Gonna Lose You /UNIQ's EOEO/ Pinocchio

Accepted/ Congrats/ Yes

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