someone's choice

someone's choice is determine on their lifestyle situation. Whether the fact of being in love is right or not, just to endure the struggles of being in a relationship with a specific partner. But in this world, choice is always corrupted with emotional feelings, being tricked by greed, jealous, lust and more can lead to a lot of drama in one's life.

= In this story, there will be many persons with different lives that are going through the same problem, this will tell how their choice might be beneficial or bad within life.


7. eposide: Kim Ara





Kidnapped by supernatural species


Sometimes, being an orphan comes with a great deal of thoughts; about why did your parents you brought here? In this case, Ara is a victim of this situation along with her orphan siblings but it isn't so bad as she learns to cope  with the lifestyle as she works in the farm center, planting all various type of healthy fruits and sales them in downtown. Even though the orphanage is located in the outskirts of Seoul, Ara finds a special time to visit the owner of the fruit store by helping out in the back packing the boxes of fruits into the storage room.

"Ara, it's for lunch time," Kibum calls out, the store owner appears beside the  door's entrance sipping onto an apple soda.

Lunch, already it's been half," Ara cuts herself off in thought and at stare her wrist watch realizing it was two minutes to twelve, "That's fast," she uttered underneath her lips and replied, "I'm coming left just finish place this last box in."

"Fine," Kibum replies, "Hurry up, before I eat your cookies it's getting cold Ara," he smirks while chuckling.

"Kibum!" Ara shouts, pouting, "I'll be there in a second, okay."

Kibum smirks, "Whatever you say, Ara," he runs inside laughing.

Suddenly Ara thought, I swear one day I'm going eat a whole box of chocolate chips cookies in front that guy and don't give any till he begs me too. She placed the last box of fruits on the shelf then exit the room, locking up.

"I hope that's all of the deliveries, I have to do for this weekend," Ara mutters to herself, out of the blue she heard people screaming, she ran towards the commotion and saw a huge red and black dragon scaring off the people suddenly it faces her and Ara jumps stepping back, No, no, no don't come here, she thought and ran back inside of the alley. The dragon smelt Ara's scent was quite attracted to it and follow the smell into the alley, where it saw Ara running shouting, "Don't come near me! I'm not delicious, there are many fishes in the sea right now watching for you."

No wonder the fortune cookies was right, 'It won't be your lucky day, but you'll receive a supernatural lover,' Ara the remembered the exact the words and frown in thought, Stupid Chinese shop, stupid cookie I'm too obsess with that fortune about my life. Still running for her life as the dragon breathes fire above at the sky, Ara trips onto a few cobbles of stones onto the hard cement, pave ground and plays dead, Did it go away? Where it go? Ara bites her lower lips in thought, holding her breath peeking through her side at sees the dragon was nowhere to be found, but a young man dress in a red leather coat, black jeans, red beanie and black all stars raising his eye brow at her, gripping onto wrist.

"Miss, are you okay?" He asks, curiously.

Ara settled at his handsomeness, stopping herself from drooling and swallowed in answers, "Yes, but there was just a dragon here, a while.," she explains, the young man chuckles, "Where did it fly off  too? It was just here, I'm not crazy!" she stoops her feet and puffed her nose.

"Alright, but if there was a dragon here wouldn't you be eaten already?" He questions, in a smart way, as Ara glare at him.

"Well, as you can see it didn't eat me," Ara states, "Wait, it didn't eat me? So I wasn't good enough for you to taste me, it seems that dragon have eye sight in choosing yummy foods," she pouts, while laughing, the man beside just smirks.

"Maybe it just wanted you to be the main course," he suggests.

"Me, I won't taste that nice after all not I'm those cutesy girls that have everything, I live in an orphanage and work for a living, so it's better this way," Ara answers, with a smile but the young man laughter cease into a serious concern expression.

"I'm sure, one day there will be someone to give everything that you needed" he said.

Ara smiled, "That would be wonderful, maybe one day," she sighs and heard Kibum yelled for her name as she turns back, Ara uttered, "Couldn't have call me,another time. Anyways that's my boss, I guess I'll see you later," once she turns to face the young man he disappear at out sight.

"Where did he go now?" Ara questions, "Just my day to be avoided by a cute guy and a live breathing fire dragon," she frowns, shaking her head, Today was the most weirdest day in my life, Ara thought smiling, But it was good.

"Ya! Kibum, don't my cookies or I'll stuff your shoes with tooth paste again!" Ara hissed, entering the back door into the fruit store.


= Plotline wanted: Kidnapped by supernatural species

+ Name: Kim Ara

+ Birthdate: January 14, 1994 (the same with Kai)

+ Age: 21

+ Nationality: Korean

+ Ethnicity: Korean

+ Birthplace: Seoul

+ Language: Korean learning is English

+ Height: 170cm

+ Weight: 50kg

+ Blood type: AB

+ Background: Ara is an orphan girl who lived in an orphanage located in the outskirt of Seoul with her orphan brothers and sisters. She worked in the farm planting fruits and sold them in town.

+ Personality: bubbly, love children, caring, oblivious to man's feeling

+ Love interest: Kim jongin

+ nickname: Kai, Kim Kai, dance machine, Mr. whiney pants

+ short travia:

- A prince who needs to marry a girl who was born at the same day with him in order for him to win the throne (as he competed with the other princes in his kingdom)

+ His personality: childish, dominating (never want to lose)

+ His age: 21 (January 14, 1994 - born at the same day with Ara)

how you met/ are you meeting him for the first time?: One day when Ara was selling fruits in the market, a dragon suddenly came making all people terrified. This creature caused a chaos. But then when it found Ara, it took her away in his grip. Ara was unconscious all the way. She had no idea where she was taken to, until she was finally awake and found herself lying on the bed in a chamber with a handsome man smirking at her.

+wrecker: Lay

+ interview question: why did you join this fiction?It's just because I want someone writing a story for me.

Best answer, cool.

+ message to author: you may develop the storyline to your liking sis

Alright, this will be awesome!

+ password: let out the beast

Accepted/ Congrats/ Yes

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