someone's choice

someone's choice is determine on their lifestyle situation. Whether the fact of being in love is right or not, just to endure the struggles of being in a relationship with a specific partner. But in this world, choice is always corrupted with emotional feelings, being tricked by greed, jealous, lust and more can lead to a lot of drama in one's life.

= In this story, there will be many persons with different lives that are going through the same problem, this will tell how their choice might be beneficial or bad within life.


2. eposide: Ahn Seyoung





step sister


"Seyoung, could you get the sun cream in the car," my mother Hana said, while fanning herself seated on bath towel, on the hand my father Yoonji was busy sitting up the umbrella, "Do you remember, where it was park, sweetie?"

"Uh huh," Seyoung cheerfully beamed, "I'll be right back." She left and head straight to, where the vehicle was parked, unlocking the trunk grabbing out the designed cloth bag with the sun block creams then closed it securely. Even though, being an thirteen year old girl obviously dress in a cute summer swimsuit at the beach there's nothing more that Seyoung loved more than hanging with her parent since her older sister Minji graduated from university with her boyfriend Taemin and migrated to Seoul ever since she left it's been kind of lonely. Today is going to be great, Seyoung thought heading back to the area where her parent upset there things, suddenly she realizes that her parents were auguring.

"Yoonji, it's my fault that the business deal had fail in the first place," her mother stated, defending her myself meanwhile her father countered, "Oh, of course not Hana. Weren't you the one telling me, Yoonji just sign the damn thing will make get a major profit out this project which nearly bankrupted us."

Hana retorted, "I didn't said such a thing like that Yoonji, you're were one pushing this deal hoping it would go through," she glares at him furiously still fanning herself. Yoonji stopped fixing the umbrella and throw it away, "What are you doing?"

"I couldn't fix the damn, I won't waste my time setting it up again," Yoonji annoyingly hissed, " Why don't you fix it."

Seyoung approached her parents, "Mummy, I got the sun cream," she told her mother seemingly kept ignoring her and began shouting after her husband, "Aren't the man, everything that went to from success to failure was always your fault cause you didn't have any patience!"

"Mummy, daddy, stop this," Seyoung exclaimed, worriedly.

"Stay out of this Seyoung don't see grown ups talking," Yoonji warned, facing Seyoung, who got frightened at a instance sight her of father's facial expression.

"Yoonji, she's has the right to say this look us there's not one day we weren't stop auguring," Hana reminded him, but he didn't care.

"I'm sick you, this life we have together isn't worth anything," Yoonji said, "You're such a disgrace, careless women."

"Me, what about you, good for nothing mule, just had your lazy butt in the lazy twenty-four, seven chatting up that manager Sooyoung of yours," Hana retorted, with that Yoonji got cold feet, "Uh huh, you think I didn't know all these years, Seyoung doesn't deserve a heartless father like you."

While Seyoung were still deep conservation, she left for a swim, Nothing has change, all this preparing for family time at the beach was a waste, she thought paddling her legs forward in the water, This sure feels nice, to be away from anything I wish could stay like forever, Seyoung smiled in  thought spreading her arms in the water swaying them side to side and spinning around in it was so relaxing for her, as she swam furthered out into the sea her foot no longer touched the bottom all of sudden she got instance stroke of pain in her right foot, it seem to be a cramp with that Seyoung force herself to try and swim but she couldn't instead she start screaming out for help.

"Mummy, Daddy, Help! Help me !" Seyoung shouted, "Someone please help me!"

No matter, how much she screams the weight of her body began dragging her downwards into the water bit by bit until it was basically underneath it,  I don't want to die I want to live someone please save me, Seyoung thought, as her vision begins to darker while her eyes slightly closes with one blink, she saw a hand extending to her and with that she black out.

"Seyoung, Seyoung, Seyoung," a soft melodious voice called out to me, suddenly I cough up water and open my eyes to see my mother in front of me immediately embracing me in a warm hug, "I'm sorry, sweetie I have paid more attention to you."

"Who save me?" Seyoung asked, staring her mother who pointed at the life guard beside her, "Where's daddy?"

My mother instantly got quiet and angry, "He left us, Seyoung. Daddy isn't coming back," she explained.

A years later, Seyoung's mother Hana gotten remarried to Mr. Kim Taejong who has a son named Seokjin after the intense divorce she got custody of Seyoung. Therefore her father Yoonji just have to pay child support till she turns eighteen and visits only on the holidays just to strengthen his relationship with his daughter and also Seyoung is quite suprise he got remarried again  to women known as Oh Mimi who has a son named Oh Sehun. With that Seyoung haven't forgiven her parents for the pain they cause her to have.


= plotline wanted: step sister

+ full name: Ahn Seyoung

+ nicknames:

Sese - she got it from her parents as a term of endearment that they used when she was younger, but only her mother uses it now

+ birth date: 30 April, 1998

+ age: 17

+ nationality: Korean

+ ethnicity: Korean

+ birthplace: Daegu, Korea

+ languages: Korean (fluent), English (learning), Japanese (learning)

+ height: 50kg

+ weight: 164cm

+ blood type: A

+ background: Seyoung grew up in Daegu, Korea. She only had an older sister but she moved away as soon as she finished school with her boyfriend. Her parents had been divorced ever since she was 13. They don't have a very good relationship and before the divorce, were almost arguing every night. Her phobia of water was based around this when while swimming, she got a cramp in her leg and couldn't swim. Her parents however, were fighting over something pathetic when they weren't even noticing their own daughter drowning. She was saved by a life guard and since then, had been a little hostile towards her parents. After they broke up, she was in custody of her mother who then remarried a year after the divorce. She had a new brother and though he was nice to her she was mute to her new family and has been like that ever since.

+ personality: Seyoung is quite a shy and introverted person and just about invisible to everyone. She is one of those people who secretly do kind or helpful things and no one will ever know who it is. Deep inside she just wants to be like everyone else and speak up but she is too scared to. She will think things realistically and have so many strong thoughts but the words can't come out. She doesn't believe in fantasies, wrong doings and inappropriate things. But she was a strong will and can really keep a grudge.

+ trivias:

likes: flowers, kittens, iced caramel

dislikes: needles, mushrooms, parties

hobbies: reading, stargazing, gardening

faults/habits: covers her face with her hair when she is embarrassed

phobias: deep water/swimming, getting kidnapped

Has a pet kitten called 'Min'

she is a good cook

+ love interest: Kim Seokjin, BTS

+ nickname: Jin, Pink Princess, Jin Princess

+ his personality/ traits:





a little girly


+ his age: 19

+ short trivias: list some of his dislikes, likes, and other things to know about him.

likes: meat, computer games, Mario, sports

dislikes: things that are untidy, onions, oysters

obsessed with the colour pink

a whiz at cooking

has always tried to get Seyoung to warm up to him

+how you met/are you meeting him for the first time?: She first met him when her step dad brought him over to meet Seyoung before they got married.

+ wrecker: Oh Sehun

+ interview question: why did you join this fiction?: If you want an honest answer, I will tell you a honest answer, I decided to join this fiction because I came upon it while looking through my feed and I thought it looked interesting.

Alright, awesome whoo! thanks :)

+ message to author: Hi! So I hope you liked my form so fingers crossed! If I don't get accepted good luck for the rest of the story. I will be here supporting you so all the best!

I like you form it suitable for the plotline it's cool. Thanks for applying and I will do my best thanks again.

+ password: Adore U/ High Society

Accepted/Congrats/ Yes

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