someone's choice

someone's choice is determine on their lifestyle situation. Whether the fact of being in love is right or not, just to endure the struggles of being in a relationship with a specific partner. But in this world, choice is always corrupted with emotional feelings, being tricked by greed, jealous, lust and more can lead to a lot of drama in one's life.

= In this story, there will be many persons with different lives that are going through the same problem, this will tell how their choice might be beneficial or bad within life.


16. Chapter 9, "Simple Attraction."




= plotline (f) part 1 wanted: innocent / clubbing little sister



"Jiho, there's a new club opening tonight want to come," I announced exiting the balcony with close friends; Yejin Lee and Haji Won.

"Tons of my friends going too," Yejin went into the kitchen and grab a drink while Jiho couldn't bother since his eyes were glue to his laptop screen.

"Jiho, Jiho Cho, Jiho," I shouted that's when he turns looking at me annoyed, "Taeyeon I heard you guys already," then he added, "I'll think about it".

Without any hesitation, Haji nodded grabbing his jacket then Yejin pulled Jiho by his ear and demanded.

"Get ready, no excuses gay boy," Yejin teased as he pouted, "Taeyeon remind Yejin and Haji that I'm straight."

"Aren't you supposed to be at the night club doing the remix session theme?" Why are you slacking off now?" I asked. Jiho sucked his teeth lazily, flicking off the television placing the remote on the coffee table.

Haji, Yejin and I watched him curiously when he answered, "I told dad that my good buddy Jin would handle my shift, while I stayed him and chill a bit before; I go back tonight to take the rest of the music for the teenage festival," Jiho explained.

"At least come with us Jiho, instead of being home alone," Yejin pouted, Jiho blushed awkwardly scratching the back of his neck and then Haji butts in, "You're coming or what?"

"Whatever, I'll get my stuff," Jiho mentioned, pushing Haji aside and walk upstairs to change into proper clothing. Then all of us head downtown Seoul for a sweet night of fun and games. When we arrive at "Color Strike," the new opening night club which a few blocks away from my dad's own, there was already loud trendy music blasting throughout the streets.

We pulled our official ID card and showed it at the door, the security allows in as we escorted ourselves into the crowd that jam pack the place; literally young adults were grinding, humping each other going wild dancing, while the strong smell of alcohol took over the entire room as the electronic pop music was echoing the room and vibrating the walls, I even felt it crawling up my skin.

Yejin instantly went to the counter and order a few drinks on the house from the bar attendant Leo who's her good friend, there she meet up with some friends and began to introduce Jiho, Haji and I to them.

"Guys this is Taeyeon, Haji my best friends and this idiot is Taeyeon's older brother Jiho," Yejin smiled.

"Hey Taeyeon, Haji, Jiho," they waved as we replied, "Yeah, nice to meet you all," then Yejin paused watching  as the handsome bad boy came walking towards us as she screamed, "Taehyung," jump hugged him.

"Sis, let go of me," Taehyung sucked his teeth as his eyes strolled onto me then Jiho steps in,"Taehyung, we didn't settle our score last time you know," he smirked but Taehyung seem piss off about something else.

"Jiho well, well, yeah I know but it's not the time for that," Taehyung warned as Yejin pitches in, "You punks know each other?" She curiously watched her brother Taehyung while he smiled at me as I bite my lower lips turning away from his gaze.

"Yep," Jiho said then Taehyung explained, " We met the casino, I lean Jiho money but he didn't pay me back so we fought about it."

"No wonder," I sighed with laugh then the bartender provide the drinks as I took one and drank it I groan as the alcohol burnt down my throat.

"Ah, wow that's hot," I rubbed my throat as Taehyung smiled.

"So Yejin this is your friend Taeyeon. You were telling me about, right?" Then Yejin rolled her eyes, "More like ease dropping Taeyeon."

"Hey while you guys chat, we're going to dance," Yejin  friends  said and went onto the dance floor where the crowd were moving as one like colorful beams of lights. Moving to the rhythm of the music beat throughout the night club, the Disco ball was the highlight of the room.

"Whatever, okay," Yejin replied with a smile, then continued, "Come on Jiho, let's dance babe," grabbing his collar with her hands around his neck disappearing into the crowd as I heard.

"Taeyeon help, I'm so getting murder here," Jiho voice jokingly trails as I giggling noticing I was left alone with Taehyung and as time went by slowly, more people appeared to fill up the place and then it had become even more harder to pass through the crowds that were getting drunk, mingling while laughing with one another.

"Hey if you want get out of here, we can go some place quiet, you know," Taehyung offered but the back of mind was like, "Hell no, I'm living not here without Jiho, Yejin and Haji."

"It's okay Taehyung , I guess we still have time. Let's just get into the beat and dance off all night long," I joked as he smiled.

"If you say so Taeyeon, well come on, then show me what you got cutie," Taehyung smirked as I blushed moving my hips to the beat entwining fingers in his  around his neck, as he span me around onto his chest then pulls away dancing while randomly moving into the crowd of people, I saw brother Jiho  making out with an individual, I finally, I realize it wasn't Yejin but someone else.

It practically seem that girl was sucking off his face, soon after I began to felt myself getting angry as I thought "I shouldn't be kissing Yejin like that, she has had a him so for long," realizing my heart was crying out loud for Jiho to stop it, or least push her way suddenly Yejin appears staring at them; with her mouth open in surprise, once she shook her head, she ran away.

"Yejin!" I called out, through the crowd hoping that she would her me, but she didn't, then Taehyung spoke up.

"Taehyung, I'm sorry you had to see your best friend; my sis getting a broken heart," Taehyang covered my eyes then wrapped his arm around my waist while I remove his hand and replied.

"Don't say that and worry about Yejin, knowing her she might go and do something stupid," I said firmly about to walk away from him until he grabbed my little index finger.

"Wait Taeyeon, don't live yet," Taeyeon  gulped while I wondered, "What's wrong with him now?" And  he added, "Go out with me? Let's grab a bite, I won't bite you."

"You wouldn't even dare try to bite, so I'm not good enough to eat," I joked laughing as he blushed while I mumbled underneath my breath, "Awe, his cute."

Without knowing Taehyung places his chin onto my front head and whispered, "So are you pussy-cat?" When I look up, he was already smirking at me as I blinked blankly caught in a silly stupid embarrassing blush of my life.

"You can't say things like that to me Taeyeon, I'm your sister's best friend," I warned, rolling my eyes.

"That's what makes you interesting cutie. You just my kind of girl I need, you're like beautiful butterfly," Taeyeon seductively licked his lips as I slowly back off bumping into someone as I quickly apologize noticing it was Jiho and that girl sucker, he was making out with as I hissed.

"What the, I mean Jiho what do you want? Did you have a nice time letting that moron eat your face while Yejin stood there speechless watching her first love being stole away by some dip shit," I rudely frowned, then went besides Taeyoen who placed his arm onto my shoulders that's when I got a little nervous.

"Uh, she did," Jiho shockingly muttered, "Even so, she wasted a little of time scolding than trying to flirt to my heart. I think you should mind your own business Taeyeon. Why did you let Taeyeon put his arm on you, get it off right now young lady."

"I'm not your child. You aren't dad, so don' tell me what to do Jiho. You know what, I'm fed of this, I'm going and find Yejin, I hope you apologize to her about your mistake," I blurred out pushing Taehyung away from me as I ran into crowd making my way towards the exit door and left. I heard Taehyung shouting my name but I didn't answer but ran down the sidewalks looking left then right hoping that I would see Yejin.

"Where did she ran off too?" I panted, turning the corner and kept, when I thought, "Maybe she's at dad's night club." Immediately I ran there, finally arrive entering the place where I father Jaebum fixing up the mixer since Jiho didn't to bail with us, "Dad," I called out and smiled, "Hey."

"You're here, I need you work Claire shift tonight; can you handle it?" He asked.

"Sure, I can, dad," I hugged him, "Have you seen Yejin?"

"Oh yeah, she came in bursting into tears what happen to Yejin?" My father stared at me, "Did it have something to with my moronic son."

I nod through laughter awkwardly as the usually guest obverse me, "There's nothing to see, it's just father and daughter jokingly chats," I assured as they chuckled going back there normal stuff, "Where i she?"

"Upstairs in the balcony taking some air," my father informed, "Just make things right again, between them sweetie."

"I will, dad," I confirmed, walk pass him upstairs into the hall then turn the right corner to see an open door, where I saw Yejin railing against the railing probably in thought as I entered, "What's on your mind?"

Yejin weakly smiled, "Just thinking to myself, that Jiho isn't worth the problem. Because I fall in love with him senselessly without knowing I would be crush like this."

"Yejin," I pouted, "Love will come and fill your life with frustration before it let the real miracle happen."

"How do you even know? It's like you're dating anyone, Taeyeon," Yejin answered, though she did have a point since I'm a single pringle.

"It's not about me, Yejin, I know that because I used to like have a stupid crush on your brother Taehyung after a while it went away. But in your case you and Jiho had something special," I told her, as she sighs shaking her head.

"Not anymore Taeyeon, I guess I'm done with Jiho," Yejin fakely smiled, "Anyways don't you have work to do, I'm willing to help out."

I didn't want to force her to change her mind about Jiho actions but there was noway of that happening, "Yeah, but you're going to set up the glasses, right?"

"You knowing it," Yejin rolled her eyes in excitement. We left the balcony and head downstairs into the club and approached the bar counter opening the front door flicking aside and enter it then close it from behind. I grab the towels, Yejin set the glasses down as more weird customers came us ordering drinks like crazy fowls. Suddenly a bunch of guys; came walking in talking.

"Yah, I didn't it was all Hoseok fault," the blonde hair guy frowned.

While the red hair smirked, "Yeah right, Yoongi. You that strike," he smiled.

"Whatever, it's like Seokjin did any better, you know," Yoongi teased.

The blackish hair whined, "Hey, what about Jungkook?"

"Get off my case," Jungkook raise his brows while smiled mischievously, it's seem that cocky red hair left them and decided to hit the dance floor; flipping, popping, locking all in one, the way he bite his lower lip, had me mumbling.

"Who is he?" I questioned, watching dance a smile crack up onto my lips, "He's amazing."

"Who?" Yejin asked.

I gulped, whispering in her ear, "The red hair guy," I directed her eyes where he was, "Huh, I don't anyone Taeyeon."

"What, but he was just," before I could continued my sentence someone said, "Looking for someone?" A male voice questioned, as I turned front to see him in front of me, smiling.

"What no, you got to joking," I placed my hands onto my hips as he eye smiles at me, "Whoa, that was hot," I thought, blushing a little.

"Defiantly going to come here often," he informed.

"Why?" I asked, he smirks.

"Just because, I want too," he smiled, " There's this female bar attendant that can't get enough of me."

I blushed, "Isn't that so." Placing the wiped glasses aside onto a trait, "Tell me sir, what would you like?"

"Call me Jimin, sweet," He introduced himself, "What's hot on the menu?"

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