someone's choice

someone's choice is determine on their lifestyle situation. Whether the fact of being in love is right or not, just to endure the struggles of being in a relationship with a specific partner. But in this world, choice is always corrupted with emotional feelings, being tricked by greed, jealous, lust and more can lead to a lot of drama in one's life.

= In this story, there will be many persons with different lives that are going through the same problem, this will tell how their choice might be beneficial or bad within life.


15. Chapter 8, " His Back." Final





"When Yoon's upset, he can be very stubborn at times," Mr. Kwon sighed as I smiled, "I know, I'll go and check on him," I assured.

Then ran up the stairs, approaching the hallway taking the left corner on the right was Yoon's room as I began knocking as usually I would hear something like this;

"Wen I don't want your damn bubble tea," that's definitely it. Yoon's favorite sentence but unfortunately I didn't heard it so I knocked again. But there no answer turning the knob to realize it was open revealing an empty room without Yoon as I ran downstairs and announced.

"Yoon's gone," I shouted noticing Seolhyun came back soaking wet.

"What happen to you? Did a car drove by and slash you?" I teased, while Mr. Kwon death glared me as she handed him something in her pocket. It was damp letter as he read it his eyes open in shock falling on knees onto the ground.

"Father, Mr. Kwon," Seolhyun and I both blurred out.

"Seolhyun, where is he? Where's Yoon?" Mr. Kwon furiously asked as Seolhyun answered, "Nam-So Hospital," it's only a few blocks away from here."

Somehow Mr. Kwon grabbed his coat and car keys, quickly living us. As Mrs. Mimi took Seolhyun for a clean up. My sight caught hold of that letter as I started to read it, I recognize that hand writing was Yoon's own.


Yoon's Letter

Friday 31st, 2014

Dear Everyone,

There isn't much for me to say about but am sorry. I didn't tell you sooner that I have cancer these few pity hours I have left will only allow me to express my deep feelings of thanks and appreciation to you.

Mr. Kwon thanks, being caring over mom and I. even though I didn't like you mom show me how you sacrifice for us made understand that all love us, thanks Mr. Kwon the coolest father in law ever, tell my mom, grandparents and rest of my sibling take care for me.

Now Wen, shut up hyung don't even think about crying now. You know me and I know you, we been buddies for quite some time now. You always treated me like your real brother though we're just staff members that use to compete for employee of the month end up turning to best friends cleaning the kitchen together with Aria plus being scolded by Dasom wasn't so fun ha, ha but am sure that you will make Seolhyun happy, and I know she will make you happy too.

Seolhyun spending these couple of seconds with you was really comforting, I wish we could have hang out longer but its sad to said this. My heart has already fallen for you, anyways forget about the promise. When you see Wen at the aisle be the most cheerful bride okay Miss Sporty Rosie.

Well I guess that's it everyone see ya.


End Of Luhan's Letter

[Five years later]



"Ms. Seolhyun someone is here to see you," secretary Hana handed me a file.

"Alright then, let the person in," I ordered as she nodded her head introducing to me a handsome tall slim I already knew, "Wen, that son of a cheese, what does he want now?" I thought to myself covering up my frown with a smile.

"Miss Sporty, longtime no see. How have you been?" Wen sat down comfortably in the guest chair.

"What the hell do you want? Why are you here? Anyways tired of chasing broke women," I joked flicking through the files.

"Very funny, but your sense of humor still lacks style, Seolhyun," Wen smirked while I clenched my fist pouting.

"Shut up," I briefly rolled my eyes when dad's personal clerk also my brother Vernon walk in on us,"Rosie, dad's meeting was an hour ago, what are you doing still chatting?" he scolded.

"Seriously, Vernon get out now. Tell dad I'll be at that meeting soon enough," I glared as Vernon gulped and nodded living us alone.

"Now back to you Mr. Jun, what's up," I asked.

"It's about Yoon, his back in town you know," Wen smiled as my jaw drop, "Yoon," I thought.

"Wen don't lie to me. Yoon died a long time ago with cancer according to his stepfather saying that he was buried in the states," I hissed.

"That was a lie," Wen  laughed then added, "You believe such crap ,Seolhyun."

"Of course I do, not from you. Is Yoon truly dead or in a hospital taking treatment," I eyed him down.

"Be my guest Miss Sporty. What do you think?" Wen smiled.

"Just tell me already jerk face," I hissed when my supervisor Jackson arrives " Seolhyun your father's meeting."

"I'm only going to say this once tell my dad I say, I'll there a few minutes, okay Jackson and don't bother getting Vernon to fetch me," I warned while Jackson gulped speedily running back out of the room then Wen spoke.

"Seolhyun thank goodness I didn't marry you. Who knew you could be so mean," Wen fake cried.

"Wow aren't you so amaze speed balls. Where's Yoon right now?" I slammed my fist on the table.


"I don't like the sound of this one bit," I mumbled underneath my breath knowing that Wen probably piss off Seolhyun.

Out of the blue the secretary Hana approached me "Excuse sir, your friend seems to be having an argument with my boss who is exactly late for a very important meeting."

"Ah, this is all my fault. Wen has already upset her," I muttered as Hana scratched her head.

"Uh, oh I see, well it's alright hope it ends well," she sighed and that's when Seolhyun storms out the office.

"Ah! Wen stop testing my patience," she hissed as soon as her eyes landed on me it seems Seolhyun's expression sink in low towards her feet as she stuttered.

" you," she ran forwards pulling me into an embrace sobbing away onto my shirt like a wet pillow.

"Hey Seolhyun Sporty, good to see you too," I smiled hugging her back tapping her head lightly "Don't cry I'm here as promise."

"Wait a minute I should be mad at you. What are you doing? I mean father...," I immediately cut her off.

"I told him to lie, about my death aboard. Exactly, I was in surgery for the past couple of months, finally the doctors found a solution to my cancer, which was not cancer, it was diabetes that I had so by eating healthy it help me recover my strength back," I explained.

"Really," Seolhyun hissed, "It's been five years and a long with that, its was diabetes," she sighed then Wen walk out flirting with Dasom, his wife and there came Aria.

"Rosie, aren't you coming for lunch", Dasom blurred out, "Wen stop being a womanize," Aria punched Wen, and ran after her like old times.

"Yep, Yoon how about you and Wen's not hanging out with us," Seolhyun offered as I nodded, "What, Yoon...," Wen whined.

"Okay, but Wen comes too," I smirked as Seolhyun rolled her eyes but Dasom seems happy about the situation and Aria shook her head as Hana informed Seolhyun about the meeting again she sighed, saying that she will meet with us later.


"Wait Seolhyun," Wen grabbed my wrist, "I'm coming with you. We haven't chat in so long."

"Uh yeah, I guess," I said getting into the car as he sit besides me while the driver drove over to the building where the meeting was being held Yoon began telling me about his journey.

"A lot happen back then, the doctors had me under intense care and some medical treatments were painful it cause me to get dizzy, vomiting so many things," Yoon groaned.

"Well that's the past I'm glad you're feeling better Yoon. So, what about the university? Your career life?" I exclaimed checking my phone for the time, it was almost 2pm the meeting is at 2:35pm.

"After a couple two years rest. I head over to Oxnard University graduating with PHD-degree then got into sports program teaching students to play soccer for Korea's world cup team, I even made some good pals named, Joshua, Seung Cheol, Woozi and Mingyu, "Yoon laughed.

"That's wonderful, you always wanted to do that didn't you," I smiled then driver the stop once we got off, and both Yoon and I ran upstairs the building taking the elevate and continued our conversation from there:

"So tell Seolhyun. What have you been up too," Yoon asked.

"As you can see, I'm late for my dad's construction project meeting that I was suppose give a personal speech for," I chuckled embarrassingly, already knowing that dad would kill me or suspense my credit, debuts cards.

"Late Business women you are, ha, ha Seolhyun," Yoon giggled suddenly the elevate stopped the lights went black.

"Oh no, oh no you got to be kidding," I kicked and slammed my fists on the door shouting, "Someone help, help we're stuck in this stupid elevate."

Meanwhile Yoon seem scare yet calm, "Hey dump head, we'll be alright Yoon, so relax," I smiled but exactly shaking in my fear out of nowhere he took hold of my arm wrapping his arms around chest and whispered.

"Can we stay like this for a while until the lights come back on," Yoon gulped as I began feeling my cheeks heating up in his arms cause my heart to beat faster than lightening.

"Yoon...okay...aren't you suppose to be manly Mr. Yoonie oppa," I teased.

"I am, but not right now, just hold me Seolhyun," Yoon mumbled trembling but it was different, the feeling, I was experience with him made me sad without thinking I force a kiss onto his lips.


Soft teddy bears lips appeared on mine, like a rainbow shinning in light into my worldly sky just form fireworks in my line of sight realizing it was Seolhyun kissing me. I couldn't help myself but do the same. The temperature in the elevate went from zero to thousand, our bodies caress each other like nor stop, my hands took a sightseeing trip underneath her polyester blouse touching a silky yet watery skin gave me shivers in my spine. Suddenly Seolhyun's leg was wrapped around my hips as I walked backward pressing my back against the wall slowly drifting down into the dark then groping her breast, kneading them and pinched her nipples while I was at her back, grinding to her butt.

"Yoon," Seolhyun moaned.

I smirked, stucking of my  finger into the girl's mouth, making her sucking it and coating it with her saliva before I pulled away and brought down my hand back under her skirt. I slid it through her panty and instantly rubbed her clit harshly.

"Couldn't be a lot gentler," Seolhyun frowned, "Yoon, just make it special for the both of us."

"Don't be so bossy about, I like teasing you ever seen the day I laid my eye on you, I knew you were the one, I wanted the most in my life," I admitted, stimulating my hand against her by sensually circling on her waist while I kept groin grinding her back.

"Oh," Seolhyun bite her lower lip, in pleasure.

"I knew, you would love it this way, Seolhyun," Yoon smirked, swiftling kissing her one more time, she almost bit my tough when I pushed anther finger inside spring field. Seolhyun whole body was trembling from the penetration until I four fingers. And kept thrusting it in and out, hitting her spot on until she came out, her legs were wobbling and almost passed out from being high.

"Yoon, are you trying to wreck me," Seolhyun scolded.

"I wasn't, I wanted to be wreck by you," I confirmed, I kissed her lips sweetly, this time Seolhyun had me under her control, all of sudden the lights went back on and the elevator opens apparently Mr. Kwon and his fellow members seem quite surprise.

"Yoon, what the hell?" Mr. Kwon hissed punching me the face when I thought, "Love hurts, right?"

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