someone's choice

someone's choice is determine on their lifestyle situation. Whether the fact of being in love is right or not, just to endure the struggles of being in a relationship with a specific partner. But in this world, choice is always corrupted with emotional feelings, being tricked by greed, jealous, lust and more can lead to a lot of drama in one's life.

= In this story, there will be many persons with different lives that are going through the same problem, this will tell how their choice might be beneficial or bad within life.


14. Chapter 7 , " Memories."



=plot-line (e): Arrange Marriage



"Yoon, what's this?" Wen asked

Turning around to see him holding up my medical documents for my leg injury, he seem really worried as he said, "Answer me, please Yoon hyung is this real or a joke are you trying to get out of your arrange marriage with Seolhyun," Wen raise his eye brows.

Unfortunately my stepfather sells his company and me to another firm obviously it seems they forcing a contact that I must his daughter in order to clear off my step moronic father debut , but that's not the issue it's simply that I'm diagnose with cancer that's damaging my body piece by piece.

"Nope, it's not Seolhyun," I half lied, "Obviously she is a lovely girl but I rather did marry a baby in diaper," I thought to myself.

"If you're not going to tell me Yoon, I guess," before Wen could finish his sentence the anger that was developing inside cause him to walk out of the locker room slamming the door in my face.

"Damn it, he never gives me the chance to explain," I muttered packing my things into my bag back wondering "Why he is so angry now, it's not like we are together or something," I have known Wen for five years his not the type that would show off any emotion but this isn't the first I remember when he throw me a birthday surprise with the café staff members.


"Can open my eyes yet Wen", I asked.

Wen held his hands over my eyes while guiding me into a warm room, with the sounds of giggles, shushes made me smile little embarrassingly then he answered, "Be patient Yoon we almost there," hearing his chuckles just made a tingle up my spine, the aroma of sweet delicious food in the air, just cause my stomach to do the tango with curiosity my mouth began to watered as I gulped.

"Wen what's going? Is that," I was cut off by Wen "Okay, 1, 2, 3 Happy Birthday hyung," once Wen hands were removed off my eyes revealing all the café employees in their uniforms singing the birthday song for me plus what that caught my attention more was the set up table with all my favorite food dishes seriously I felt like a caveman, first time seeing all these I food wanting to dive in and eat.

"Wen, you guys, thank you so much," I bowed as they all came to hug me, than Dasom our supervisor also my sister in law announced, "It's all for you Yoon, but this is only half the surprise," she smiled facing Wen as I raise my eye and mumbled.

"Only half," I look at Wen and mouthed "Wen hyung," suddenly Aria shows up with a huge cake with soccer player that look like me placing it onto table and said.

"Yoon oppa make a wish," Aria beamed as Wen patted her head lightly, "Silly beans, get going now," he teased her while Aria kicked his leg as soon as began groaning in pain I started giggling all the way back to the kitchen.

"Serve you right Wen," Aria poked her tough out as I laughed "This is the best birthday ever," after all the celebrating turning twenty-six years old, Wen and I head out with Dasom while Aria went home.

"So Yoon did you love Wen surprise for you,"  Aria blurred out.

"You did this all for me hyung," I exclaimed anxiously as Wen cheeks were lightly touched with a hit of pink.

"Don't tell me you blushes oppa," Dasom wiggled her I eye brows as Wen shouted, "Mind your own business Dasom," but she just sucked her teeth.

"What of it Yoon? The question is did you like it," Wen seriously glared as I smiled

"Of course hyung, thank you," I hugged him, but literally arm locked his head wiggling my fingers playfully through his hair.

"Yah Yo, Yoon let go of me," as Wen struggles Dasom said in sing song, "I smell Yo-Wen  couple, you guys are so right for each other," she joked while Wen blushed and I,  immediately released him backing off.

"Dasom! Come here," I ran after her as she grabbed Wen running towards a toy store.

End Of Flashback

"Those days, he wasn't that mean I guess," I muttered walking out of the locker into the jammed up café, thankfully my afternoon shift was done, I can go home, Wen and I usually stroll in the park but he was nowhere to be found in the café all sudden of Dasom appeared.

"Yoon looking for Wen? He went home already," she yawned "Hey Aria, Kevin these customers aren't going to serve themselves you know," she scolded.

"Wen went home, that's strange," I said enough for me to hear, then I waved Dasom and them bye. Two minutes gone by slowly strolling the sidewalk to see Wen nearby the same toy store he and Dasom went into on my birthday but he seems very distance.

"Wen," I called out but he didn't even turn to see who's calling him.



Since I decided to go home by myself it felt weird not having Yoon around to talk with, walking down the sidewalks stopping in front of the very same toy store Dasom and I found while Yoon was chasing us on his birthday suddenly I zone out into a vision.

Day Dream:

"Why didn't you tell me," I saw myself auguring with a figure that seem familiar to me while I continued to watch daydream.

"Wen not now, can talk about this some other time," he replied harshly, "That voice it sounds like Yoon's own," I thought to myself.

"Yoon, you lie to me again. Why didn't you tell me that you have been in the hospital? These medical bills shows that you have some of kind cancers. What's going on with you hyung," I hissed yet with concern.

"Sorry about that, don't worry okay. Its fine Wen," Yoon answered coldly but the fear I realize on his expression showed that he was scare then he added.

"Just don't tell my stepfather, mother, siblings, close friends and especially Seolhyun. I love them very much," he smiled placing his hand on my shoulder shaking all my nerves giving me a sign of regret already.

End Of Day Dream

"How long have I been standing here?" I muttered until I heard someone called out to me but I just ignore it shaking my head and continuing strolling. When I arrive at the house, I sat down on a bench in Mrs. Mimi flower gardens she's the house keeper, anyways I wondered, "What was that day dream about?" and sighed, until Mr. Kwon appeared with Seoulhyun; his daughter.

"Wen you're here where's Yoon isn't he with you," he asked when I was about to speak the front door open and just so, Yoon walks in.

"Oh, stepfather, Wen, Seolhyun good afternoon," Yoon beamed.

"Son, I have great news for you and Wen", Mr. Kwon smiled, we both of us thought, "Great news more like double trouble".

Mr. Kwon continued, "Yoon, you will no longer be marrying Seolhyun, but Wen will." Once he said that Seolhyun, Yoon and I mouths went open, meanwhile Seolhyun gulped looking at me since we didn't have a such a nice encounter during our sports club competitions along with Yoon.

"What! Are mad father? I'm not marrying that guy or Yoon I don't care if their father agrees to this but I'm out", Seolhyun surprised us with her tone of voice, we knew that she wasn't a soft light spoken girl it's the first time seeing her fire up like this.

"Stepfather, what happen did you, my father and our grandparents fought over something about this issue," Yoon bite his lower lip somehow he felt relief to me, on the other hand not so much.

"It better be that, cause I'm not going up with this craziness, Yoon would have been the best person to handle with her," I said, clearly referring to Seolhyun as she back fired.

"How dare you ugly ducky crybaby, you're so worse than me, you know," Seolhyun rolled her eyes.

"Kids come on, this will be good for your future, plus Yoon can attend Harvard University to get his master degree in sciences," Mr. Kwon confirmed.

"That's if my time not up yet stepfather," Yoon sighed living the conversation heading upstairs to his room as I stood there in silence looking at each other like, " What's wrong with him?"



"Father again, I'm sorry, good bye," I bowed still rolling my eyes at Wen because his just keep pissing me off.

As soon as I exited my home, I notice someone climbing down a tree branch it was Yoon, "What is he planning?" I thought deciding to follow him, once we were a couple blocks away from the neighborhood that's when I remember, "There's a hospital in this location", I mumbled.

Soon he arrives at the hospital, entering the place. When walk he in, I saw Yoon eyes met mine as he asked firmly.

"Miss Sporty, if you're looking for a secret, I don't have one," Yoon gave me a stern glared, with a raise of an eye brow.

"I just came here to check my blood pressure, since my temper is about outburst in rage," I nervously lied as he approached me wrapped his arms around my neck and exclaimed cheerfully.

"Who you kidding, tough girl? Let's take a seat and I'll explain everything to you," Yoon winked.

"Uh, sure," I agreed as we sat down in the waiting room then he began.

"To tell the truth, I have no idea why stepfather would have you marry Wen but its good I think you and him have some similarities," Yoon smiled.

"Oh you don't say, like killing each other," I nodded.

"Ha, ha aren't you so cute when you're sarcastic Seolhyun," Yoon complemented as I blushed.

"Yah it's not about me, I meant why are you here? In this hospital are you ill or something?" I curiously watched him.

"I guess you can say that, but don't tell your father, Wen or anyone else. What I'm about to say wouldn't be so pleasant," Yoon cried, "I'm diagnose with cancer I don't have long to live Seolhyun but promise me," with saying that all I could do is snaked my arm around his neck leaning my ford head on his and blurred out.

"Yoon I know, we haven't hang out a lot, but please be strong don't let go of us yet, what I mean it doesn't have to be this way, what am I saying Yoon don't live me," I cried.

"I thought Wen was the crybaby. But you're one too," Wen joked then that got serious, "Rosie I only have a few hours left at least let me write down a simple letter to everyone I'll miss," Yoon hugged me tightened then I released him sniffling.

"Alright," I wiped tears as Yoon went over and ask the nurse for a pen and a piece of paper and he started writing long paragraphs it hurt so much to know that guy I didn't like so much, is someone that I love with all my heart was going to die in a couple of hours, once he was done he hand it to me and said.

"Seolhyun promise me, you'll live a happy life okay. And tell everyone maybe one day they will see me again," Yoon smiled patting my head like puppy as I nodded.

"Okay," Yoon hugged me again, "Now go, bye Rosie," he waved as I left the hospital watching the doors with him inside it was like looking my heart being flash down the toilet.

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