someone's choice

someone's choice is determine on their lifestyle situation. Whether the fact of being in love is right or not, just to endure the struggles of being in a relationship with a specific partner. But in this world, choice is always corrupted with emotional feelings, being tricked by greed, jealous, lust and more can lead to a lot of drama in one's life.

= In this story, there will be many persons with different lives that are going through the same problem, this will tell how their choice might be beneficial or bad within life.


13. Chapter 6, "Only One" Final




Dinner Time, Dad's home.


Whilst Seyoung when down to meet dad being her peppy herself Jin and I quickly got wore our casual clothes then went downstairs where I saw dad.

"Boys are taking care of your little sister Seyoung," dad asked as Jin glance at me furiously swearing he wanted to rip my head off as he answered, "Yes dad, she's been an angel to us," Jin half-fake smiled, Well it's true somehow, I thought when dad said.

"Great to hear that, anyways set up the table for dinner we going to have a family night dinner, I'll tell you all about my business trip in Brazil," dad declared.

"Yay dad, but why did you come empty handed," Seyoung whined tugging my dad's shoulder as I thought, I wish I was dad right now", just looking at Seyoung tiny body just made dirty imagines troll throughout my mind as I blushed almost when Jin blurred out.

"Jackson don't waste time, prepare the table," Jin wiggled his eye brows at me as shake my head as soon as we did that dad, Seyoung placed all the plated foods on the table then Seyoung sat opposite to dad while Jin sat beside as I sat opposite to him as I thought, Payback time, I show off an innocent smiled assuring was alright between us but exactly flung a kick his leg as Jin groaned.

"Ah...Ow.", while did that and hold my laughter I saw Seyoung dead glare as I winked at her turning that glare into a silly blush then mouthed, You so cute when you blush, Seyoung giggled as dad realized something strange was going on between with us.

"So tell me how have kids been? Since I haven't been here for so long cause of work," Dad asked curiously when Seyoung spoke in a gentle beautiful voice that had my heart on feathers floating in her pretty sky eyes.

"It's been awesome with school lately, plus mom went on the cruise," Seyoung mentioned.

"Ah I see, I wish could have gone with her miss my honey bunny like crazy," Dad took spoons full of food into his mouth probably daydreaming about my step-mom.

"Dad, you're drooling again," I sighed as he wipes off the corner of his month with a tissue.

"Ah, thanks son anyway what about you two," dad smiled I blurred, "Got a new girlfriend." Immediately Jin sips out his orange juice as Seyoung panicked, "What the."

"Really then that's good, when I am going to her, Sehun?" Dad questioned.

"She's in this very room," I said, confidently claiming what's rightly mine, Jin clenches his fist slamming in the table.

"You better, stay away from Seyoung, Sehun she's our step sister, she can never be our girlfriend, though I dream about being my wife, it's never going to happen," Jin fiercely exclaimed.

"Jin, she isn't our real sister, love comes in all kind of ways so I'm saying yes that Seyoung, is my girlfriend deal with it or if not, get another girl that would fill the emptiness in your heart," I told him, suddenly dad coughs we face him there wasn't a bit of surprise or anger in his expression but a slight happiness.

"I knew, this day would come," Dad intervened, "But I didn't expect it to happen so early."

"Huh," Seyoung, Jin and I said, in confusion.

"Your mother and I, had already agree on one of you marrying Seyoung; cause we trusted both of you, we're were hoping that Seyoung would fall in love with only one, but as I can see she likes both of you a lot," Dad explained.

"I do," Seyoung questioned, "Wait, this all confusing dad. You're saying the one I like; I'm going to marry him."

"Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying, darling," Dad replied, assuredly.

Seyoung shook her head, staring at both Jin and I, "I don't want to hurt other one," without continuing she look at Jin more than me, I knew that she fallen head over heels for me, Seyoung why can't you see me like the way you do for Jin?, even though I thought selfishly, the goodness in my soul thought, "I rather see her happy with the one she loves than to have her regret the past with me." I sighed, "Seyoung isn't my type, I'm kidding with you," it pains me to say this, "Jin ahead and be her boyfriend, she had liked you the moment she walk in our lives, you know." I admitted, since it was true, but that I was blind at that time.

Jin gazes at me, in disbelief, "You're not going to argue about this? What's wrong with you, Sehun? Did you get a fever or something?"

"Shut up, before I change my mind again," I told him, smiling. Seyoung approached me, placing her palm of hand onto my ford head, "He doesn't a fever Jin, but," she stops watching me in the eyes and suddenly hugs me, "Thank you for your kindness, oppa."

Just those words alone, had the power to melt my heart as I bite my lower not to cry and patted her hair gently, "You're welcome little sister," I smiled, feeling like there's a new brother, sister bond that's going to develop and last forever once Jin don't screw up.

Three weeks later,


I was assisted into my wedding grown by mother Hana, and my step brother, Sehun who's consistently teasing me about tripping onto the floor went I walk out to meet Jin at the altar, my mother kept fussing about my hairstyle to the stylist that she can do a bit better than this. But with all that commotion going on, I got annoyed,  ignoring them and focus on my reflection in the mirror as many thoughts run wild within my mind.

Is this the right decision for us, or me?

I wonder, would the future be a bright one for us?

What will our kids be like?

Would this marriage last forever?

I do, truly love Jin or dose even loves me?

I gulped, trying to get my heels on. However, my nerves got the better of me, as I kept shaking in fear biting my lower lips, hoping calm myself down when Sehun appears, snooping down besides me.

"You couldn't even put on your heels, right," Sehun smirked, slipping the heels on my feet like Cinderella, "There, we go."

"Thanks, Sehun," I smiled.

Suddenly, my mother Hana blurts out, " Now, now, Seyoung dear, inhale, exhale and everything we will be alright," she assured, I swear my mother is going to her own wedding just because of the panicked mood expression, I chuckled, "Thank you, mom. Remember it's not your wedding but mine, shouldn't I be the one freaking out," I joked.

"Yah don't say that, a mother fills in every moment of her daughter life," Hana mentioned, cheerfully yet with a sassy tone.

Once I was finally done, I look in the mirror one last time and thought, "What will Jin, think of me?" Soon I felt a tap on my shoulders , causing to jump and screamed, "Oh my goodies!" Turning to the right side, I saw Sehun holding onto his stomach laughing.

"Goodies, seriously you were that scare?" Sehun joked.

"I'm going to kill you, Sehun, honestly you nearly gave me a heart attack. Do you want Jin to have zombie for a bride?" I wrinkled my nose in frustration.

"It might as well, you two nerds love each so much," Sehun teased, I roll my eyes.

"Enough, the bride song is starting." My mother, Hana announced. We rushed, quickly towards the front entrance, as soon as the doors open, the song came blasting in and I blinked in surprise walking in, there stood my step father Yoonji, neatly dress in cream suit extending out his arm as I interlacing my mine within his, I tremble nervously.

"Hey, don't be afraid Seyoung. Just smile, cause you're a lucky angel from above," Dad smiled, holding back the tears, "The heavenly will be with you and Jin, throughout your life and bless it everyday with happiness."

A tear flow from my right eyelid, streaming downwards onto my cheek as I smiled, walking the aisle with my step father in law, as the everyone; friends, family stood up in amazement admiring me, suddenly my sight caught Jin, staring at me, wearing a white suit, He looks like my guardian angel, letting my mind cloud with his floating smiles as I giggle childishly, approaching beside him in front of the pastor, who's exactly my uncle Kwon Ji Yong.

"Who gives this young lady?" He questioned.

 "I did," my step father answered, releasing his arm from mine and went on then sit in the front row with my mother, Sehun and other guest. I found myself standing next to Jin feeling a bit overwhelm with joy  and still nacreous, while the ceremony move on, Ji Yong continued, "To love, obey, trust," skipping a few parts, "With this ring, I thee wed," skips a lot of sentences, "Cling to each as long as you both shall live."

Jin gently grabs, my left and slides onto it a white, gold mixture platinum diamond ring on my marriage finger, "I didn't believe, I would be the one standing in front of you, having the courage to do this," he said, smiling at me once Jin caresses my cheek, I sighed and thought out aloud, " I never lost courage in you, Jin."

"I now pronounce you husband and wife," Ji Yong blurted and then Jin held hand gently pulling into an embrace, "You may kiss your bride, Mr. Kim." And my head appeared to be holding onto the back of his neck, facing him with parted lips with eyes fill with compassion as he leans in swiftly sealing his lips with mine, as his arm wraps around my waist lifting up closely onto his chest as my feet untouched the floor tangling in the air. Our toughs entwine like ribbons and candy canes, loving every second breath given and take in, though the pleasant moment as soon as we pull away and it was over, with us blushing like toddles eating ice cream. Out of the blue, loud applause from the guest especially whistles from Jin and Sehun friends along with mine, congratulating us.


"Let your imagination take you there."

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