someone's choice

someone's choice is determine on their lifestyle situation. Whether the fact of being in love is right or not, just to endure the struggles of being in a relationship with a specific partner. But in this world, choice is always corrupted with emotional feelings, being tricked by greed, jealous, lust and more can lead to a lot of drama in one's life.

= In this story, there will be many persons with different lives that are going through the same problem, this will tell how their choice might be beneficial or bad within life.


12. Chapter 5, "double the trouble"





= plot-line (c) part 1: step-sister


Home alone; double the trouble


"What to do", I sighed myself then continued in thought, Nowhere to go, Sana and Molly on holidays with their family, I should have at least gone with mom for vacation instead of staying here with my so call step bothers Kim Seokjin and Oh Sehun, I shook my head.

Began rolling back and forth on my bed listening to Nicki Minji "Anaconda," which was a very catchy tune as I started singing the chorus on repeat all of sudden my stomach roared like a lion wanting its prey as I wondered, "Mmm..........did mom at least left us some snacks."

When walking out of my bedroom I heard a strange sound coming from the television room, since my step dad currently bought this mansion; anyways like they would say curiosity kill cat, I'm getting into mystery mood opening the door slightly whilst my jaw flung open like a bed sheet hanging on a line as my sight landed on Jin, Sehun in such a position plastering my eye sockets on their "You know what," (cookies).

"Oh.... My.... gosh, they.... Freaking... gay," I stuttered with that said, I end up losing my balance pushing the door open as I thought, Busted. When Jin pull out his tough gracefully out of Sehun's mouth, it was so breathe taking.

"Seyoung are you looking for something?" Jin calmly smirked at me, swearing my inner self was screaming like fan girl for his sexy abs as I bite my lower lip seductively then Sehun spoke getting my focus on him half naked only in boxers.

"Noona, don't be so shock think of it as a causally morning breakfast for us," Sehun beamed teasingly.

"You aspect me to accept you guys like that," I got my grip on my speechless cords responding harshly towards Sehun.

Whilst Jin hands was on his chest roaming playfully like he was playing soccer(finger-ball) touching Mark's bare skin delicately like he was flowing down a precious golden river, causing Sehun to breathlessly moaned.

"Hyung, stop please not in front of our baby sister," Sehun grinned naughtily.

"Oh my cheese and cracker get a room or hotel then Han River is always there for you to expose yourselves, you know," I advice them.

"Don't be such a party pooper Seyoung, we rather have it private, it's much better listening to your own body music in silent," Jin smiled still his bath towel as I wondered in thought, Please don't kill my passionate soul, his wow there isn't enough words to describe this master piece before my sight, then replied, "This is nonsense Jin, Sehun I am demanding you to stop this nonsense, now," I stapled my feet onto the carpeted floor.

"Ha, ha I like it when you're angry Seyoung," Sehun giggled as Jin continued kissing his shoulder towards his arm then entwine fingers in Sehun as I stated, "Oh my, I guess we have a problem oppa because you not my type sucker," I poked my tough at them exiting the television room running upstairs as they followed me as wiggled my butt.

"Hey, Hey morons you can't catch you big dump asses," I chuckled doing a silly face as I heard Sehun and Jin shouted.

"Oh that's what you think Seyoung," they said together somehow splitting up as I thought, Shit this isn't good, I panicked a little knowing this just turn into a game of "hide and seek", or should I say, "Tagging the bunny."

So with the two clowns on the loose I thought, Better find some place fast to hide, I continued running when I remember there was a storage room mom would normally go in, probably to think as I took a couple of steps inside the dark place since the lights were off I felt something grabbed me and covered my mouth so I couldn't scream at all.

"Hush, Seyoung.....I don't want Jin to hear us," it was Sehun bending down low crawling into a corner with me as I gulped heavily.

Storage Room


"Sehun, let go of me...Jin," Seyoung startled by presence since I was impersonating Sehun.

"Hi babe shush, you don't want caught, do you?" I beamed wrapping my arms around her waist as I felt her shrugged her shoulders onto my chest in uncomforted.

"What's the matter Seyoung?" I asked then thought, "I like Sehun but my heart just can't let go of my first love, it was you Seyoung and all of sudden Seyoung stood up.

"Yah, Jin why are doing this with Sehun. He's a freaking dude, if my mom and your dad knew this they wouldn't for give you guys," Seyoung muttered seriously.

"He won't find out if you help me," I gazed into her beautiful eyes somehow she made my body stiffened with her chocolate eyes it had became hard this time for me to resist myself from kissing Seyoung lips while kissing her my lips and moved from her mouth to her jaw line, licking sensually then towards the neck, Seyoung was breathing heavily as I said.

"Quiet down, I don't want us to get caught, plus Seyoung, Sehun won't like it," I seductively whispered before I nibbled her earlobe.

"Stay away from me Jin, I'm starving I want to eat," Seyoung breathe out as I took her lips again feeling a familiar sensation as she moaned.

"Oppa, I'm hungry...," hearing her stomach growl it just made me giggle while Seyoung pouted.

"I'll give you a wonderful treat my Sese bunny," I smirked crashing my lips onto hers as she snaked her arms around my neck deepening the kiss, pulling back licking her lips tasting the water melon bubble gum with a slight tang of sourness.

"This isn't a treat Jin, seriously I want a main course dinner, you know," Seyoung whimpered when she pulled my neck licking so erotically and she was so damn close to my face as I felt my heart beating loudly in my chest while I wondered out loud, "Wow didn't know you were such a naughty kitten babe," I blurted out but when she saw my facial apparently she went timid reddening.

"Well there's a lot things I did in my past that wasn't pleasing, but now as I'm thirsty and annoyed I guess you just have to be my snack," Seyoung passionately bite her upper lip in a way I can't explain what it just did to me as I thought, "Calm down Jin you shouldn't do this....what the heck shut up just make love to her," I grasped onto her thigh raising up my fingers as I replied.

"How about we take this to the next level Miss Chef," I teased pecking her lips.

"Alright that's what I want to hear honey pink princess, Jin," Seyoung grinned as I began to blush as she hop up onto me as I held her butt and tenderly kissed her lifting up still being tempted for her lollipop toughie that when we heard Sehun.

Finally I remember Seyoung mom, my step mom words, "Treat your sister well, who knows she might be someone very special to you." Immediately I turned facing him, Sehun in surprise alongside Seyoung.

"Jin, how you do this to me," Sehun shouted slamming this fist on the wall frightening Seyoung, "Sehun, calm hyung you scaring my cutie baby Sese," I cuddled Seyoung in my arms.

"Oppa, tell him to go away. He isn't any fun you know like I am," Seyoung stick her tough for Sehun.

"Oh yeah, really then noona," Sehun took Seyoung from my arms then French fry kissed her lustfully as she struggle through his force then he drop it, somehow she end up loving it.

"Never thought you were this good Sehun," Seyoung complemented as I felt anger exploding inside of me as I fist punched Sehun face in front of her.

"Yah Jin what that's for," Sehun whined as Seyoung seem shock my reaction.

"Jin, why did you hit him?" Seyoung asked, her eyes sadden as I felt a little guilt ran throughout my veins.

"It's okay sis, it doesn't hurt now you're my girlfriend," Sehun stated cockily, more like teased hoping to provoke me.

"Girlfriend," I repeated, "You got the wrong girl hyung, she's mine not yours you." Suddenly we heard the door bell rang.

"Seyoung, Sehun, Jin I'm home." That voice said, as we mumbled in shock, "Shit dad's home", we began running separately while Sehun and I were still half naked, Seyoung went downstairs into the living room trying to spare us some time to dress properly for this heartwarming family occasion.

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