someone's choice

someone's choice is determine on their lifestyle situation. Whether the fact of being in love is right or not, just to endure the struggles of being in a relationship with a specific partner. But in this world, choice is always corrupted with emotional feelings, being tricked by greed, jealous, lust and more can lead to a lot of drama in one's life.

= In this story, there will be many persons with different lives that are going through the same problem, this will tell how their choice might be beneficial or bad within life.


11. Chapter 4, "Motherly Kindness " Final







= plot-line (g) part 2: Kidnapped by supernatural species

The Living Room


What's with the sudden stop? I thought staring down at her beautiful undress body as Yixing whined, "What's taking so long, suck her already!"

Ara eyes widely open in surprise struggling underneath me, "Yah, Jongin I hate you, I hate you so much get off me," she cried so I decide teased her, "I'm sorry it's just that I can't help myself waiting for you to grow up into a beautiful women made me want you more Ara."

"Gosh Jongin you need to shut your mouth. Just lick her, it's that simple not rocket science," Yixing groaned.

Whilst I began crawling up and placing my thighs on either side of his head, Ara eyebrows rose and I felt him tense beneath me.

"Listen baby, I'll be careful but once. Since your big deeper is my only target," I licked her lower then upper lip she didn't responded, whilst she lowered myself closer and felt the nerves trembling through my body, her position was the most intimate I could get with, a little intimidating despite our current roles. Once Ara private part was spread open over in my face, for some reason it excited me even more as Yixing bit her neck graceful sucking her delicious blood trying to make her relax and when she did leaned back a little, staring down at me.

"What happens if my target isn't pleading enough for you," Ara asked curiously as Yixing whispered, "Hush just enjoy, what you are about to experience baby. Cause my time with you will be a lot softer yet rougher," he smirked.

I had no response, my breathing was shallow while I look up at Ara as I swear she smile when I shake my head, I couldn't control myself as she softly said, "Please oppa I'm begging you.....," Ara sighed, latching her hands onto the head of sofa seeing her knees tremble just made comfortable whilst I grinned, "You smell so sweet. Let me taste you."

I lowered my lips as I felt her gasped when my tongue finally touched her, I was steadily licking in all corners at first, holding her hips in place forcing my tongue against her clit. Suddenly I heard Ara pants above me while I speed up my pace. Out of the blue Ara moaned, "Ah, uh, feels so good."

Once I heard those words it excited me, seeing Ara lean back her head closing her eyes. I decided to give a wonderful experience of a lifetime pushing, licking, sucking her clit just because I want her to scream harmoniously it was so beautiful like sensational singer.

"That's more like it Ara, that's a good girl aren't you," I cheered, "Deeper," Ara breathed, grinding against my tongue somehow she grabbed her fistful of Yixing hair, "Ow, ow Ara it hurts.....," Yixing whined then furiously frowned, "You seriously going to pay me for this."

He smirked, pushing me over flipping Ara onto her back pinning her wrists to the bed, "Yah, it's you not turn yet Yixing," I whined as he death glared already piss off, "So, whatever," Yixing rolled his eyes leaning over Ara, his lips moist and chest heaving. He quickly pulled her legs pinched it and she groaned angrily.

"Yah what the hell was that for Yixing? It wasn't my fault you was holding your rack," Ara hissed as I laughed.


"Sorry babe," I chuckled whilst I thought, "Obviously not," then continued, "As much as I enjoyed seeing Jongin touch you, I'd much rather you like this."

I used one of my hands to pin both of Ara wrists together above her head, despite she was feeble against my attempts, I decided to let my other hand roamed down her stomach and to the center, where I thrust two fingers inside of Ara. She cried out, "The pain, I can't take it. Get out of me Yixing oppa," Ara screamed as I smirked.

"Isn't this what you wanted, princess?" Out of nowhere Jongin lips were on Ara neck, sucking hard onto her skin forming a heart bruise.

"Au, Hu...Jongin it ticklish," Ara blushed, How comes she didn't even blush for me, maybe she likes kai more than me well I better change that soon, I thought curling my finger in a circular motion and rubbing against her while my thumb worked her clit. I swear she was getting ready to explode close to the edge. Her body squirmed while Jongin kept her knees apart, working whilst my fingers steadily playing with her and then Jongin left kisses all along Ara's neck.

"Oh Yixing, fuck-Au," Ara moaned louder than before as wondered, "I should stop for now, don't want to wreck it just yet, although I have already fallen for her," I sighed.

"You're such a bastard," Ara bites her lower lip just turning me on whilst I smiled, "At least I'm your bastard sweetie," I couldn't believe her face just apparently turn a rosy flash of pink as I caressed her body whilst embrace Ara behind when Jongin and I said, "We will love forever, day and night," Ara hugged me, "Hold me tight," she beamed then Jongin snuggled her closely even though they looked good together, somehow I wanted kick Jongin off the couch. Being cousin's sucks, why does he always end up with the girl? I thought to myself and frowned.

"Cause I'm lucky, Yixing," Jongin smirked, as Ara looked at us, strangely, "What?"

"Nothing," We both answered.



In the middle of the city wondering where Taemin and Sehun flow off too, every step I took traveling through the sidewalks I just left out a sigh until I heard a calm voice said.

"Check the "Honey Caramel Forest", that's where they are."

Without any doubts, I walk into the empty alleyway then teleported there; once I arrive at the place. The magnificent sight of the honey river was just sparkling like crystals but it really smell sweet, when I was focusing on the view I heard wiggling through the brushes nearby as I thought "Don't tell me, two animals fighting again," I shook my heard approaching to the scene until my eyes landed on a half- nude sweaty muscular body; Sehun, who was laughing as he held onto Taemin who was the same as him.

Within seconds I decided to hide myself from them and gulped then wondered "How long were they at? oh gosh what am I thinking?".


"Don't worry, babe," Sehun said, stroking himself, once his briefs were on the ground. "You'll get to come soon."

I stared at him hungrily, waiting for his next move. I thought about sucking him off, given how hot he looked in that moment. But he had other plans, instead crawling over and lying down beside me.

"Ride me," he ordered.

It was stupid how fast I obeyed him. My body was weak but the only motivation I had left was knowing that at some point I would get my release.

I straddled him. Sehun held my hips firmly, guiding me over him. I was about to lower myself onto his cock when his fingers dug into my skin and he held me in place. When I looked at him, he shook his head, instead rubbing himself between my folds, taunting me.

My hands squeezed his shoulders. "Sehun, I'm not fucking around," I warned.

"You're so cute when you're frustrated," Sehun winked.

"Just let me fuck you already," I whined, sounding like Jongin when his annoyed.

I hated how desperate I sounded, how much he made me want it. I was begging for him and he still kept me on edge, not letting me get what I wanted. It was only after a torturous amount of teasing did he slide himself inside of me, stretching me in the most satisfying way. I sighed out in relief, my nails digging into his shoulders.

"Be a good boy for me," Sehun muttered his eyes hazy with lust while I began to ride him. I was slow at first, worried I would release too quickly like an awkward teenage boy. If I did, I would blame Sehun.

"What are you scared of?" Sehun cooed, reading my mind.

I bit my lip, giving him what he wanted. I rode him harder, up and down while his pelvic bone rubbed against me. I gasped and closed my eyes, my hair falling over my face while I felt my orgasm rushing closer. Sehun pushed the hair from my face and held me closer, egging me on.

"Come for me," he said, "Don't hold back anymore, Taemin. I need you."

I was caught off guard by how fast it hit me. My body shook with pleasure while I struggled to keep my pace against him, moaning and riding out as much of my orgasm as I could muster. The sweat on my back would've otherwise disgusted me if I hadn't been so caught up in the pleasure.

My high had only just died down when Sehun flipped us over suddenly, pushing my knees apart and thrusting inside me. I cried out and gripped his biceps, my body sensitive from the last orgasm.

"Can you do that for me again Taemin?" he grunted, thrusting in and out of me while our toughs worked was just sword fighting.

I squirmed beneath him, shaking my head. There was no way I would come again that quickly, especially given how sensitive I was. But Sehun was determined, leaning down and sucking on my neck, his hips crashing against mine while he fucked me.

"I know you can do it, Tae-Mini," he groaned. "Come one more time for daddy."

It was that damn pet name. My body shook and I felt another orgasm closing in on me, my legs squeezing around his waist and pulling him closer. Sehun curls were matted to his forehead while he stared down at me, his chest sweaty. I was silent, my mouth forming an O while his thrusts got sloppier. I felt him twitch inside of me and my vision blurred one more time, my second orgasm sweeping the breath out of me.

Seyoung-Taeyeon+ Taemin POV:

"That was so intense, I need to get out of here fast", I mumbled

Still in shock, realizing how Taemin and Sehun were serious about them being truthful lovers although it hurts me heart to see two men am in love with make love, I sigh not even noticing my tears were running down my face clueless, I lost my balance falling down my butt as I blurred out

"Ouch," I stood up dusting off my pant when Taemin whose facial expression exactly still in glory land appeared before me.

"Seyoung noona, what are doing here?" Chanyeol stared at me surprise out of the mist Sehun behind me grabbing my shoulders.

"You know Seyoung it's really bad to peep on your oppas, of course if you want to join us we don't mind right Tae-Mini hyung," Sehun blew onto ear causing chills to form an ocean in my body already find myself shaking in fear as I gulped heavily then compose myself together stating.

"Don't you even think about Mr. Tae-Hun, you guys just aren't my type," I shove his hands off me when Taemind gripped me arm tightly.

"Ow...........stop it Taemin, remember I'm just like your mother I have watch over you guys and Jong-Yixi for ages so I'm demanding you to have some respect for me," I informed.

"What a big joke Seyoung, mother......if you wanted to be our mother won't you have play with us," Taemin smirked as Sehun my grabbed my waist.

"Let go of me Sehun. I have a boyfriend have you forgotten," I reminded him.

"Don't know, don't care who was he again? nobody right hyung," Taemin grinned.

"Yep that's right Taemin," Sehun mischievously smiled somehow crashing his lips onto mine living his genlte kisses into my mouth twirling his tough with my like a candy stick whilst Taemin place a soft kiss every corner of my neck making me giggle immediately Taeyeon appears; personality change.

" like it right Seyoung", Taemin smiled placing other on my shoulder as I gulped.

"Nope, this is wrong! I don't even love you guys," I push Sehun off me trying to catch my breath.

"Well we have always love you Seyoung, should I say Taeyeon," Taemin muttered whilst Sehun gaze into my eyes I swear I was feeling his beating heart; somehow my unknowing love for them just made me cried.

"Please don't cry we won't do it again promise Taeyeon," Sehun assured as he cuddled through his strong already I feel his bare chest resting on mine whilst Taemin placed a simple kiss on my ford head.

"I'll keep the promise if you give me a cup cake kiss, Taeyeon," Taemin smirked as I chuckled.

"Seriously Taemin, can't you be like Sehun. Just a hug will do," I sighed.

"Come on Taeyeon noona please," Teamin beagle puppy doggy eyes just shot a soft spot in my heart as I held my cheeks.

"Aww............don't do that alright," I replied kissing his nose whilst Sehun mumbled something to himself pouting as I thought, "Silly Kid," then I kissed his cheek.

"This is fine with you now Sehunnie oppa," I beamed as his teeth grinned in colours, "Yeppy," he embrace me whilst Taemin did the same.

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