someone's choice

someone's choice is determine on their lifestyle situation. Whether the fact of being in love is right or not, just to endure the struggles of being in a relationship with a specific partner. But in this world, choice is always corrupted with emotional feelings, being tricked by greed, jealous, lust and more can lead to a lot of drama in one's life.

= In this story, there will be many persons with different lives that are going through the same problem, this will tell how their choice might be beneficial or bad within life.


10. Chapter 3, "Stop."





= plot-line (g): Kidnapped by supernatural species

Underground Mansion


"What's happening? where are you taking me?" I hissed observing a tall guy in his mid-twenties with a cross tattoo on his neck with a scare revealing itself in the open on his bare sleeveless shoulder as he glance at me rolling his eyes in annoyance, while my wrist began to bleed in the old rusty cuffs.

"Ow..It's hurts! I can we stop already," I whined for the fifth time knowing that we would never reach the place where we're going too. Suddenly someone gently appears in the mist ahead of us.

"Taemin hyung did you get the boss trade-present," it was another mid-tall dude with wearing black suit, that has grey glitter eye liner around his eyes.

"Sehun it just arrive. But she's such a headache," Taemin complained, I'm guessing that's his name, it's kind of cute. What am I thinking? I need to escape from this place as soon as possible,  anyways who's their boss? I stopped in thought catching that Sehun was watching me, since I was uncomfortable dress in this white maid outfit.

"Yah, what hell are you looking at?" I spit onto his face within a blink of an eye something with such force heavily impacted onto my right face cheek causing it burn like hot peppers, Did he just hit me? I thought, the heat accumulating on my skin as I realized Sehun palm was extremely red, I began to rubbing my cheek to stop the pain.

"You little shit. Don't you ever spit on me again else I won't be afraid to use more force on you," Jonghyun threatened as I clenched my teeth death glaring him as I thought I'll defiantly kill you before I live this place death or alive, I smirked at him as Sehun pushed me furthered in to walk.

"Sehun don't hit  her. Do you want Jongin to hang you, for the seventh time," Taemin warned as Sehun pouted in frustration looking at me as I smiled but then wondered, Hang for the seventh time, what does that mean?"

"Sweetie, it means we aren't human," Taemin somehow read my mind; out of the blue Taemin made his throat spin countless of times in front of me as I began to scream.

"You, you, monster....let of me ah...!," suddenly Sehun fist punched  me in the stomach causing me to bend down in pain falling onto the floor groaning as I collapse.


Half An Hour Later; Inside the luxury living room


"You two bone heads!" Yixing scolded, " I told you not  to hurt her didn't I, she's a precious sister to us." Taemin began using a base ball bat slamming Sehun into the glass window but that didn't have much effect on him since he was a half dragon-werewolf. And Taemin is a blood thirsting dragon-vampire.

"Yixing it wasn't my fault, Sehun punched her," Taemin pouted, more like cried as Jongin furiously teleports beside them startling Sehun out of his pants as he flys up to the ceiling hitting his head, "Ouch,couldn't walk through the door!" He rubbed his head.

Jongin frowned, " Please tell me, you didn't do anything stupid," he notice Ara body unconsciousness, glaring at them as they back off slowly.

"Hyung, calm down she's alright. Just knock out," Sehun tried to explain as Jongin up roar fire into his face causing a sound wave  of heat surrounding him as he held up Sehun's collar dropping him onto the ground as Yixing spoke out sighing.

"Kai, Jongin, stop this now. I'll heal the girl," Yixing assured while Kai scolded them.

"You two Lucky time this. But if  this happens again there will be no luck that you'll save unless it's a miracle," Kai fiercely warned, making Taemin and Sehun gulped nodding their heads and both left taking off somewhere flying out the broken melted glass window.

Master bedroom


While Kai was probably dealing with Sehun and Taemin, I went in and check on our favorite sister-mate, entering the room where she was tire up lying against the bed with a blind fold. But the only thing my eyes capture was her beauty. It was really wonderful as my sight travel to all her innocent corners of her magnificent body, I can't help it but feel the rage in my soul wanting her so bad. It's insanely making me suffocate in madness, already I could feel her touches without being touch, within a few second I heard breathing slightly fading away as I thought out, You can't die on me like that, out of the nowhere Jongin appears though teleportation on the bed.

"Whoa! Why is this so comfy? Jongin said, always clueless to his situation. Not even realizing his hands was gripping onto little girl's breast as she released a loud moaned.

"Uh, uh, please don't," she pleaded as jump in shock losing his balance onto the girl.

"What the, I'm sorry," Jongin apologized as I sucked my teeth wishing it was me as I thought, Did it feel like jello mellow? I blushed.

"Yixing, what's with the cute blushing cheeks?" Jongin wiggles his eye brows at me as I turned another direction.

"None, of your business hyung. Let's just give her our special treatment you know what I mean right," I smirked at Jongin grinned lustily when Taemin and Sehun baby sitter Seyoung also known as Taeyeon because of her split personality, shows up in her cute nursing uniform.

"Master Kai-lay," Seyoung said in her sweet tone. Just made Kai and I melt as we answered, "Yes Seyoung."

"Have you seen Min-Hun? Those stupid kids of yours are forever a headache for me to after," Seyoung hissed swaying her hips left to right immediately transform into Taeyeon while our eyes were plastered on her body movements.

"Calm down Taeyoen. But, just do us flavor honey," I smiled as she caressed my cheek then Jongin removed her hand.

"Back off remember your duty Taeyeon, Seyoung, this is confusing sometimes," Jongin whined, "You are only our babysitter dad hired for us," he reminded her in a warning.

"Whatever Kai, but anything for you my baby Yixing", Seyoung step in and did a silly cute face for me as I blushed a bit.


Hearing all these sounds freaked me out a little, as I thought, What's going on? I can't see a thing, even under the blindfold on my face I felt uncomfortable not knowing what's going to happen to me this was a hold new different scene for me , somewhere I was aware there were three figures in the room.

"Seyoung, undo the blindfold." A firm male voice commanded.

Revealing my sight to a luxury room, fill with antique quality stuff but eyes landed on the young maid beside me dress in black, blue and white.

"Hi there," she smiled, "So I'm guessing, she's the one," she blurred out kindly smiling at me when I asked.

"Who are you? why are we here?" That's when I saw  him, the same guy. The most amazing handsome guys  I have ever seen in my entire life, How can they be so cute? I thought out of nowhere a voice said "Thank you, so are  you cutie," I blinked my eyes, looking around.

"Huh, who said that?" I exclaimed curiously as the brown hair guy approached bending down only a few inches away from my lips.

"I did, sweetie pie," he beam yet sexily licking my lips as I decided to bit his lower lip.

" little brat," he groaned rubbing his lip and stood up straight as I glance at the another with a black bob hair cute realizing the brown hair guy was about to slap my cheek somehow apparently something happen within a blink of my eye the black hair dude appeared in front of me grasping onto the other's hand and spoke.

"Jongin stop this, she might not like," He teased.

"Shut up Yixing, I'll make her like me, okay Lay. Seyoung live us, go and find Taemin and Sehun they are somewhere in the human city," Jongin ordered as she nodded vanishing before my sight as I exclaimed.

"Whoa.........what is she?" I asked, finally I heard ticking coming the clock near the coffee table that's when Yixing, I assume replied.

"She's a vampire and half pixies dragon, my dear Kim Ara," Yixing explained all of sudden gulped in nervousness, So these morons aren't human, but monsters? I sighed questioning in thought.

"Yah, don't call us monster brat. Yixing I can't take this anymore let's just hurry up punish her," Jongin whined.

"Bare some patients Kai, in due time we'll have fun Jongin. Let's get to know Ara first at least so we can make things interesting between us," Yixing winked at me.

"How do you know me?" I asked as I wondered, Punishment oh, oh, I saw Jongin smirking at me whilst Yixing reminded calm walking towards me and sat down on the edge of the coffee table, his long legs parted just enough for me to stand between them and then he responded,"We had our eye on you for a long time Ara Miss Goody Fruity," he smiled in confirmation.

"Miss Goody Fruity," I repeated, "Hey, I'm innocent then you and that idiot Jongin," I hissed rolling my eyes. Seeing Jongin flipped a mess of straight curls gathered on his head and a few strands dangled closely over his ford head while began I to admired the scruff on his jaw line and chin suddenly he lifts up chin with his hand.

"So you want be little Miss Innocent eh....," Jongin seductively placed his fingers onto my thighs strolling up my shirt.

"Yah, stop it you freaking nerd!" I screamed, about kick him in groin when Yixing held my leg tightly.

"No, no that's not the way Miss Ara,"  Yixing warned, smirking his charms in a sensitive voice just flow flower petals all over my body despite his baby tone I find it really sweet and resistible. When I notice Jongin lips were wet and pouty, waiting for me to make some kind of move.

"Are you nervous?" Yixing asked me.

I scoffed. "Why would I be nervous? I'm furious as hell here you punk!"

Jongin laughed and shook his hair slightly with a grin, stating, "Because! You and I both know this won't last very long Ara."

"Shut up Jongin, let's get started with this," Yixing announced.

"Soon you'll be begging me to fuck you naughtily, baby," Jongin sighed, pushing me downwards onto my back on the sofa sliding cushion underneath my head.

"Just crying out for daddy to-," Yixing smirked as I snapped, "Stop please, I don't want this as my punishment."

"Aw....Don't be afraid Ara. We aren't that scary, when comes to being loving," Jongin smiled, grabbing wrist pulling into is such an affectionate tough kiss. While my month went open in shock watching them down strip me shirtless. It was like a scene in a romantic movie, the next is an action battle with the main male couple caressing each aggressively. Somehow they had ignited a spark inside me, that was both extremely aroused and annoyed. I watched Jongin licked Yixing lips again before scanning over Yixing naked torso already noticing the air conditioning was turn off staring at them, there was nothing more sexier than  Jongin's and Yixing bodies glistening in sweat once Jongin stopped he faced me.

"That wasn't cheap love Ara. So how can you give us something expensive more than that? Jongin  chuckled as Yixing blushed.

"I can't offer you anything, so stay away from me pervert-freak," I raised my eye brow out of blue Jongin straddled me, making sure to grind my lace panties against his briefs already I felt in peace yet complete chaos as a moan escape my lips, "Ah, uh.....oppa stop."

He giggled, I could see the breath hitch in his throat as he swallowed, hardening beneath me. Yixing hands shakily grabbed my shirt off throwing somewhere on the floor, looking up, I noticed Jongin was grinning, "What's so funny you idiot?" I sucked my teeth glaring at him.

"Nothing, babe," he smirked. "Don't hide love, hold onto happiness as long as you can be honest, oh baby."

My cheeks burned. He was taunting me on purpose and I wasn't doing enough to shut up his stupid mouth. Quickly I pulled his hair tighter grabbing onto his wrists, causing him to flinch a little. Jongin shifted beneath me, earning a stifled moan from my lips as he emitted friction between us, he laughed again then Yixing rolled over quickly under me, pulling off my printed blue happy clown panties and flying them on the television screen. Without thinking being under Jongin's control I straddled him again, an idea popped into my head which  couldn't seem to escape.

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