someone's choice

someone's choice is determine on their lifestyle situation. Whether the fact of being in love is right or not, just to endure the struggles of being in a relationship with a specific partner. But in this world, choice is always corrupted with emotional feelings, being tricked by greed, jealous, lust and more can lead to a lot of drama in one's life.

= In this story, there will be many persons with different lives that are going through the same problem, this will tell how their choice might be beneficial or bad within life.


9. Chapter 2, "The Visit" Final






note: this is the final, it's time for a next character!

= plot-line (d) part 2 : the student

The living room



KISSING SAEHYUN MADE ME FEEL SO COMPLETE. I missed her lips, since she was always busy with assignments; we barely had any time to hang out. And being a student teacher just made feel like I should quit and be a normal boyfriend for her, I thought, sucking onto her bubblegum flavor lips. Suddenly I felt my heart pumped up like an air balloon drifting through the midnight summer skies, once our lips release I smile panting a bit.

"Jungkook, why did you kiss me?" Saehyun scolded, "When you could have asked me, you know?" Her heavy breathing, made my ears tingle in pleasure as I notice she blushed even more, that delicious texture of her lips, I couldn't resist it.

"I don't need permission to kiss my property," I smirked, "And that's your lips, Sae." I winked, tipping her chin upwards, holding onto her waist closely to my damp body still cover in bath towel around my hips area, I swear that hot kiss just made my dick go a wild goose chase.

Staring into her eyes in the moment, I don't know what came over Saehyun as she crashed her lips onto simply biting it gently as it sting a little, without hesitation I grabbed Saehyun's butt squeezing it playfully. Meanwhile she began sucking onto that special spot on my collarbone already I felt tickles stinging my veins as heats up causing me to giggle. All of sudden I was digging my nails into her hips as her hands find in itself in my towel rubbing cookie nuts as I moaned, "Saehyun, I need you now, let's, let's just ah!......I love you, do it," I began ripping off her tank top and jeans revealing the pink and red undergarments.

Saehyun hissed, "No, this doesn't feel right Jungkook," she sighed, "You cheated on me, am I suppose to let off that easily." Her words kept ringing in the back on my head as I look down in shame and apologized again. Then thought to myself, I want her so badly, but because of what I did, I was so stupid.

"I'm sorry Saehyun. What I have done was wrong, I definitely mess up. It was stupid of me but at least you gave me this chance to prove you that I'm honestly sincerely sorry for this mistake you're the only girl in world that has my heart for eternity and I'll always love and care for you forever promise," I said as thought; Saehyun, I have fallen for you more than you ever know, I was just blind by Yoongi.

With saying that Saehyun lightly her hand caressing my right cheek, when I suddenly felt a heavy impact landed on my face burning up my skin, I blinked in shock with my mouth parted as she closes it and replied, "I didn't mean it...., it's just there was a mosquito," she lied.

"You should learn to lie, Sae," I frowned, rubbing my cheek, "Though, I deserved that, since wasn't a totally straight boyfriend with you," I sighed realizing how upset she was and that hurt me emotionally inside all I could do was embrace her tightly skin to skin.

Saehyun whispered, "Jungkook, if you truly love me then what are you waiting for? Just get over with it," she blushed referring to deep body language, "sexually touch."

I raise my eye brow then curiously asked, "Are you sure about this Saehyun, last time you didn't even wanted to go this far with me."

Saehyun sucked her teeth and pulled my ear lobe, "Ouch, ouch, ouch, Saehyun it hurts, it hurts, let go please," I whined and half a tear drop from my eyelid. As soon as she release, I felt relieved.

"It's been two freaking years since we did it Jungkook," Saehyun glared, "And right now, I want it, if you can't do it.......," I cut her off, "Come."

I held her wrist entering the bathroom an approached the shower opening the pipe above us as the water spring on us like rain as she scolded, "Yah, Jungkook couldn't it at least be little warmer, it's so cold," Saehyun hits my arm as I maneuvered her body onto the tiled wall pressing my chest against her bending besides her ear and smiled, "Shush Saehyun, enjoy the coolest with me." Saehyun's face brightens in reddish color obviously letting me know she's blushing harder than peter piper smoking weed.


Within the Shower


Why doesn't he have to be so handsome, I thought to myself nodding at his words, Jungkook facial cheeks were as red as peppers also his body was emitting waves of chills onto me as soon as he presses the button behind me the water literally became warmth temperature relaxing my skin nerves when I sighed in enlightenment, Jungkook chuckles at my face expression.

"You really like that, uh," Jungkook asked as I smiled, "Jump for me." He instructed.

I gulped, "For what reason Kookie, you want me to jump?"I gazed downwards at your feet surrounded by the water out of the blue Jungkook held up my chin and forced me to look at him and said, "The reason doesn't count but the pleasant dose," he assured.

I glance at him and then wondered, 'What am I getting myself into? I am ready for this? With that said in thought, I grabbed hold onto his shoulder before jumping, as soon as feet went up wrapping around his waist, Jungkook pushed me up against the wall firmly. This time, holding my weight up, there was no doubt about how strong he was, his strength sometimes caught me off guard. Jungkook bites his lower lip in concentration, reaching in between us guiding his cookie buts into my vanilla ice cream parlor, slowly easing himself, inside of me, in the meantime my head fell backwards on the wall as I felt him filling up completely in me.

Jungkook gasped, "Sae, loosen up. I won't bite you," he teased me, "This isn't our first time, that's if you remember what happen last time we did it," he smirked, letting me adjust myself before I spoke.

"Shut up, you don't have to remind me," I whined, hitting his chest. Junkook went on ahead inside me strolling back and forth, once his jaw was clenched, he began thrusting, only using one arm to keep me place as the other was firmly placed on the wall behind me, the warm water attacked my skin while Jungkook pelvis rubbed against my clit, and soon I was moaning.

"Jungkook, take it easy. The slower, the better you know," I bite my lower lips, "Yes, yes, good," I chuckled in between as he smiles at me.

"I know baby, let the professional handles this," Jungkook seductively kissed my ford head, as my hands were grasped firmly on the back of his neck, holding Jungkook face close to mine, both of you were gasping and moaning, trying to race to the finish line. Jungkook always made sure I came first, but this time, he wanted both of us to be there the same time.

Jungkook groaned, "I'm almost- ah," I gasped as his hips thrust in an upwards motion, rubbing against my clit perfectly controlling me with all his might then he placed his hand on my butt again, slapping it hard while he grunted into my neck.

"Finally babe," he choked out. "Come to me, please. I'm right here Sae- fuck yes, yeah!", Jungkook moaned, I swear the neighbors could hear us pounding our bodies together, I thought feeling about bit embarrass, when suddenly it hit me that I crying out loud, "Gosh, kookie you're too much ah!" Whilst his hips thrusts sloppily inside me he started lingering two of his fingers into my butt I swear it was a paint brush stuck in me steering it into the hole like he was driving a vehicle then pulls it out and force under his cookies inside pulling and pushing I realize the second orgasm wasn't as strong as the first but still it managed to catch me off guard as Jungkook released his scum inside of me, burying his face into my neck licking it and living love bites all the way towards me breast, sucking onto it thrusting even harder than before, "No! It's has stop, please no."

Jungkook smirked, "I can't control myself, you're everything I needed in the first place," he wiggling himself around in a circular motion against me slowly, "Saehyun, I can live inside you forever? You so warm and cozy, soft like a teddy bear, my teddy bear."

His words kind of sound weird but it made me happy as a birthday, obviously I want to yes, but my body is already at it limits, "As much as I know you'll love it, I'm going to have to decline that request Kookie."

As soon as Jungkook remove cookie nut out my body immediately I became relax. But I was still a gasping mess against the shower wall. The warm water left goose bumps on my skin, as I glance back at a breathless Jungkook; he leaned towards me catching my lips in a heated kiss. His tongue darted across mine meanwhile his hand caressed my face cheek; slowly I released my legs from around his waist and stood in front of him, letting him kiss away whatever breathe I had left in me, the kiss just felt right.

"Jungkook," I gasped, pulling away with a silly timid giggle. His eyes were widened with lust and his lips reddish from the kiss.

Jungkook stared at me with complete adoration. "Men, I could literally fuck you forever in this shower, than correcting assignments."

"That's quite the waste of water," I said, "But don't you owe me a A+ for my music project teach," I cockily raise my brow at his silly expression.

Jungkook teased, "Not with the way you squirt," he smirked, "Of course not. You earned that B- fair and square Saehyun," he winked poking his tough out as I pouted rolling my eyes in embarrassment as we erupted into a fit of laughter. "Kookie, I hate you sometimes."

Jungkook shook his head and leaned in to kiss me again but he stopped, blurring out "Nah, you love me Saehyun," within seconds my cheeks were completely heating up as I pushed him away out of nowhere a voice called out.

"Hyung, are you home? Or playing video games again!" he exclaimed. It was Yoongi as we both settle frowned.

"Shit! This isn't the time."


Inside the apartment


"Hyung, why weren't you at practic....," the door cuts me off revealing a half-dry shirtless Jungkook in trousers but then my line of sight gaze onto Saehyun who was in his bath towel drying for her hair as she greeted me.

"Yoongi, hey oppa", Saehyun smiled sweetly seriously I knew something was up the minute I look at them as I thought, They make up again. Shit I'm screw; there goes Min-jung ship.

"So you guys back together?" I asked as Jungkook watched me strangely.

"Yoongi we didn't broke up, it was just my time out, you know," Jungkook replied walking into the kitchen as Saehyun switched on the television like nothing happen

"So what are you guys up too?" I yawned entering the apartment approaching the living room and sat down beside the table.

"Nothing much, but I guess coffee and sugar won't hurt right Saehyun," Jungkook smirked as she nodded sucking her teeth which totally turned me on and I thought, What the!, feeling tingles crawling over my body just for Saehyun's reaction.

"Saehyun how's music class? By the way; Jihae she's seems happy with Namjoon hyung," I smiled as Saehyun faced me while Jungkook handed her a mug with minty coffee but it smelt like hot chocolate my favorite.

"Uh, well it's fine until someone gave me a B- for my music project," Saehyun rolled her eyes then paused making a silly face as I just chuckled still feeling the sensation when I thought to myself, Don't tell me I like Saehyun now. Seeing her smile, spark a deep bond of fire in me suddenly I was snapped by Jungkook's voice.

"Yoongi, sorry about last time about saying you're being a mistake and all;" Jungkook apologized rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly as I raise my eye brows in amusement.

"It's okay, you weren't that good, anyway," I smirked as Saehyun jaw drop loose like a neck tie when Jungkook hissed, "What, I gave you rides upon rides you should be glad." Saehyun burst into laughter.

"Oh my gosh Kookie, awah.....for you, you couldn't even give Yoongi a good taste of paradise ha, ha," Saehyun joked as Jungkook eyes well up into flames and suddenly he grabbed her waist it became silent.

"Hope you know......," Jungkook lips pressed onto hers sucking it gently as he pulls away with lustful gaze then continued, "That I made you feel like a goddess."

"Cut the act, I hate seeing this," I gritted my teeth as Jungkook smirked "Jealous anyone?" He cockily teased as Saehyun pushed him off her and hugged me.

"Don't worry Yoongi, you'll find someone that will give you a rollercoaster ride better then Kookie oppa's own," Saehyun giggled as Jungkook ignored us.

"Thanks Saehyun, my fairy god sister," I said, without knowing placed a kiss on her cheek once Jungkook's back was turn living her surprise by my touch as she blushes then Jungkook faced us, we awkwardly to each other and laugh.

"Whatever at least Yoongi didn't kiss my girlfriend," Jungkook blurred out as Saehyun ran towards his side as I bite my lips in guilt but it felt good when I smirked in thought , What you don't know, won't hurt you right, Jungkook.


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